When You are Worried About Never Getting Married – Biological Clock Ticking

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Is your biggest fear the fear of never getting married?  Is your biological clock ticking and you spend your nights worried about never getting married or finding love and having a family? Is this the dream that you have that you feel you have no control over whatsoever?

Fear actually blocks love from entering into our lives.  Our energy is one of desperation when we live in fear and that energy repels love.  Society is partially responsible for this fear, for society teaches that marriage and a family are the normal. The fact however is love comes in many forms and normal has nothing at all to do with it.

When I was 29, I acquired an instant family.  As in I become pregnant.  The Father was not exactly husband material.  Society or rather those around me talked about me as in “poor thing, she has to raise that baby alone.”  People in the church I attended treated me like I was a leper.  They would ask the most inappropriate questions.

Lucky for me, I really didn’t give a crap.  I had found a form of love in this new child entering my life.  Was I to be sad because I didn’t have a husband or was I to rejoice in this miracle that was about to unfold.  I had a choice.  I choose the later, not the former and never looked back.  Total acceptance.

I could focus on what I didn’t have and be miserable or I could focus on what I did have and be joyful!  Which one are you doing in your life?

Everyone is in a Relationship But Me!

fear of never getting marriedWhen all those around you are in a relationship and you are alone, is it a reminder again to you of what you don’t have?  Do you look at it like, it will never happen to me and cause you to be more worried about never getting married?  Or do you look at it with hope, it happened for them, it can happen for me.

Do you feel despair when all your friends are in a relationship and getting married but you?  Do you look at it from the mindset of abundance or a mindset of scarcity?  In other words do you see it as your chances for love are slimmer now, scarcity, or this means if they have love, there is more love and i can get it too, abundance?

Coming from a scarcity mentality, again, your energy is that of desperation, and that is negative energy.  Negative energy is not going to attract love into your life.  If your mentality is that of abundance, your energy and vibration is high, and this energy attracts love in all forms.

Fear Blinds You to Love

When you have a fear such as the fear of never getting married, you become blind to love in other forms. You are so focused on the romantic love, that you may be missing the love or taking the love that is already in your life for granted.  You are so focused on what you don’t have that you aren’t happy in what you do have.

To truly open to romantic love, it’s important to open to all forms of love.  Love is abundant and knows no limits. To view it otherwise may be the thing keeping love from finding you.

I haven’t worried about weather I will get married again or not in a long long time.  I have experienced much love in my life and my life is full regardless.  I can’t image going through my life longing for things that I don’t have.  That is what I call living from a place of ego as opposed to just being.

The Root – Fear of Being Alone

scared never get marriedThe root of the fear and why you are worried about never getting married, other than society brainwashing, is the fear of being alone.  The fear of growing old alone, the fear of dying alone.

I saw a post in Kat’s group a week or so ago about 2 older women and how one of the ladies in the group had spoken to these older women and the women shared their regret about never getting married and growing old alone.  At the risk of an unpopular opinion on this subject, I have to say hogwash.

Are you telling me these women measured their value in life by their marital status?  At the end of their lives they are really living in regret as opposed to the joy they experienced in their lives?  What a sad say way to reach the end of your life, by thinking of what you lack as opposed to what you have.

If marriage and a family your main purpose in life?  Is there not more to you than this.  Does weather you are in a relationship and headed for marriage define you?  Is that who you really are?

When you overcome this fear of being alone, regrets will cease to exist. You will stop being worried about never getting married.  Perhaps you need to journey inward and explore these fears and exactly why you have them.  Kat can help you with overcoming these fears and anxieties in her program, The Journey Inward

In her Leaning Back and Cultivating Feminine Mystique workshop, she teaches you how to shift that energy from a place of lack to a place of abundance and from that place, love will find you, love in all forms!  .

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  • Excellent, thank you. I am 24 and sometimes think to myself that my dream is to get married with someone I truly connect with. I have other dreams too, but I am learning to let go of the fear of being alone.

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