Why Cultivating Feminine Magnetism™ Will Make Him Putty In Your Hands


When a woman is radiating feminine magnetism, she is a man magnet.  It’s the natural law of physics. Two opposite poles attract each other.  The greater the polarity, the stronger the spark, passion and attraction are.

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Today I’d like to talk how powerful our femininity is.  If you want to be with a masculine man, there is no other way but to be feminine and operate from the feminine energy.

A man is not drawn toward a woman who looks or acts like him, instead he is instinctively drawn to a woman who COMPLEMENTS him: i.e. his polar opposite.  He needs feminine presence in his life like a fish needs water, and that’s why a feminine woman who understands what makes a man tick never feels the fear of abandonment so many women acutely experience.

She holds the card that makes him stay in love with her forever.

Post-feminism, a lot of women are under the impression that feminine traits are a liability and a weakness.  It is backward and anti-modern.  It also means bondage, enslavement and degradation of a woman’s dignity.  While a lot of good things relating to women’s rights and emancipation have sprung from the feminist movement which many modern women including myself have benefited from, the excess needs correction.

My current relationship with my boyfriend belongs to that category.  I ignite his masculinity like no other woman has ever done, simply by being a feminine woman in and out.  It inspires his protective and provider instinct to shine ever so bright.

He feels energized, alive and like a man and in the process his masculine and adoring response makes me feel like a woman and inspires that side of me to shine even brighter.  The polarity deepens and our connection can’t be stronger.  From this place of perfect polarization, everything flows smoothly.  There is no game or power struggle.

I feel so cherished in this relationship like I’ve never felt in my entire life.  And he feels respected and understood.  That’s the highest form of love for a man.  When a man sees this in a woman, he’s not going anywhere.

You will never have to worry about losing him ever again.

Being feminine doesn’t mean being weak, insecure, all-emotional and needy either.  Au contraire, women who radiate feminine magnetism is a very strong, confident and powerful woman though she embodies genuine and addictive softness, playfulness, youthfulness and soaring emotional maturity simultaneously.

She’s so secure in herself, it’s impossible not to fall for her.

A woman who is solid in her feminine magnetism operates from a place of LOVE and FREEDOM, instead of FEAR or ATTACHMENT.  She’s free-flowing and life-sustaining like air.  She makes a man feel NEEDED without needing him (on the most fundamental/emotional level that is).   See the difference?

Needing a man is obliging him to be the source of your joy and happiness, the lack of fulfillment of which will make you deeply anguished.  A lot of women operate from the place of obliging their men to be what they want them to be instead of ACCEPTING them for who they are.  Allowing a man to be a man that he is with his unique strength and shortcomings makes a man feel safe and emotionally attached to you.

That’s the one secret that escapes so many women and the brief history of why many relationships fail (remember most divorces are initiated by women).

Feminine Magnetism™ is the answer to most of your relationship problems.  When you understand the principles, very few relationship problems will arise in the first place.  You will become a woman that a man seeks for a commitment it opens up a whole new world to you: a wonderful world full of options and possibilities.  It will change your view of men and relationship.

It will simply change your life period.

Imagine the world in which you will never feel anxious, needy and insecure ever again in your relationship with your man because he keeps leaning forward and giving you the assurance you want without you ever asking for it!

Imagine a relationship with a man in which he’s so totally, completely enchanted by you.

I have come to this place of completeness within myself through trial and tribulation as many of you have gone through.  It is the time for me to teach what I have learned and accomplished.  If you want to become a new woman radiating irresistible Feminine Magnetism that will attract a quality masculine man who will treat you like a queen, this is the program for you.  In this program you will learn everything about how to become a feminine Goddess and how to attract and keep a man you adore with your feminine magnetism.

You won’t find a comprehensive program such as this anywhere else.  You will see why what I teach has been the most successful thus far in creating a fertile ground for a health and functional relationship.

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  • how does one know when they are giving off feminine energy, I rarely get asked out, and when I do get asked out its all ways the bad boys, players, who will approach. Men just tend to stare and stalk me, had this happening to me from age 16 to 40, I dont even know what it actually supposed to feel like being feminine, I give up now looking for a Mate.

  • Gosh..this all seems so darn just COMPLICATED. I’m already really feminine and work in a female-oriented (helping) field, try to look my best all the time, etc. yet I am NEVER asked out. It’s exasperating to the point where I feel like either giving up or just going back to my old relationship with an abusive person (to avoid growing old and dying alone).

    • S, please don’t give up. There must be a blind spot a coach can help you uncover. Sign up for my Journey Inward or Leaning Back Workshop or both and I might be able to unravel that mystery for you. And please no going back to an abusive ex. Do you know why you were with him in the first place? Have you worked on healing it?

    • I feel the same way! Am beginning to wonder if there really is this radiant magntic feminine energy or is it a matter of how physically atrractive someone is?

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