When You are Scared You Will Never Find Love Again

scared I will never find love

scared i will never get married

If falling in love again, getting married and having a family even is part of your life’s goal, yet love is no where in sight, you are likely in a state of fear.  The irony hear however is it’s likely your fear that you will never find love again that is keeping love at bay.

I recently read an article about two sisters.  They were in their nineties and upon being interviewed their biggest regret was never finding love and never getting married.  Oh the comments on that article and the pity these two older women received.  Oh how sad was the tone of the hundreds of comments on that article.

I thought wow, what’s sad is that these two women lived life that long with a feeling of such a loss and missing out.  It’s sad that at the end of their life they are still defining their life by what is missing.  Perhaps they weren’t and perhaps that was just the author’s spin on the story.  Another media piece to invoke fear into women and drive home what life should be like.

Are you judging what your life is like from the lens or perspective of what you think your life should be?  In other words are you not fully enjoying your life right now because you are focused on the absence of something?  Is this fear that you will never find love again stopping you from living the now?

Imagine Never Finding Love, Really Imagine It!

What if, just what if you could see in the future.  What if what you saw did not include ever getting married, ever having a family and having your happily ever after?  What would you do.  Would you jump off a bridge?  Live the rest of your life in despair?  Choose to be a miserable old bat?

I would like to think that you would find another way to be happy and stop waiting on something to happen like romantic love before you give yourself permission to live your life to it’s fullest!  Would you see this as chains or liberation?

What would you do?  What places would you go?  What paths would you follow?  What mountains would you climb? What oceans would you swim in? What dreams could you chase with the knowledge that romantic love would never be yours?

Would you open your eyes more to the love that you do have?  Your family, friends and even strangers?  Would you become more aware of love and develop a deeper understanding of what it truly is?  Would you become a better you?

Don’t get me wrong, love is grand but if you are waiting for love before you claim your happiness in this lifetime, may I remind you that you don’t really get a do over on life.  Best to make it count now!

What does your picture of Love Look Like?

never find love againI can remember a time when I too thought I would never find love.  I would spend nights just depressed over it.  Usually pining over some man that was not pining over me.  Hoping this said man would suddenly realize he loved me and my life would be happily ever after.

The reality is there is no guarantee that I will find love or a partner for life.  The reality is that I am blissfully happy anyway and feel there is nothing lacking in my life.  I have so much love in my life and to me love isn’t limited to the vision of a romantic partner.  I am not attached to the glass slipper.  I am perfect with a pair of flip flops.

I journeyed inward and discovered how to let go of what I thought love was supposed to look like.  I let go of it having to be a certain way before I gave myself permission to be happy, truly happy.  I suspect that I will find love out there again and I can anticipate it’s arrival without any angst.

Move Your Focus from Lack and Fear

If you are scared to death you will never find love again, what kind of energy do you think you give off.  When you are so focused on what you don’t have and what is missing in your life, your vibration goes to hell in a hand basket.

This energy and this vibration keeps love from finding you.  It’s a universal law. The law of attraction. What you focus on only brings you more of the same.  This only makes sense for a woman operating in fear sends of signals of desperation, neediness and puts pressure on men. She attracts fewer men or less quality men or men that can’t give her what she needs.  She is focused on lack so lack follows her.  She has made lack a home, a place to dwell with her constant attention to it.

A woman at ease in her life as is, free of anxiousness or fear, omits a high frequency of feminine energy and attracts more love into her life. The more at ease she becomes, the more love she attracts!

If you are scared you will never find love, Your first step is to release this fear.  Katarina takes you on a Journey Inward and helps you overcome this fear that you will never find love again and let go of that which holds you back. You learn to tap into your true feminine energy and get the love you deserve!  .

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  • So beautifully and simply put Katarina! Just this morning I was thinking about a woman that I know. She is only 4′ 8″ and has a disability. She is one of the busiest and happiest people I know. Her life is full and even though she doesn’t have love, she doesn’t dwell on it or even mention it to others. She’s content with the life she has.

    I need to absorb this. I go on lots of dates and I never seem to connect. I suspect that I’m projecting a “sad” or worried energy. The law of attraction is bringing me what I’m putting out.

    Thank you!

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