When My Boyfriend Broke Up With Me The Magic Began

my boyfriend broke up with me

It’s been a while since my boyfriend broke up with me, years actually.  This break up however is one I probably won’t ever forget.  It was probably my most painful breakup and at the same time, a big pivot point in my life unknown to me at that point.

At the time I sure couldn’t see any magic happening in my life.  All I could see was my pain and what I wanted.  My life in those following months was filled with thoughts such as:

  • How can I get him back
  • Can I make him regret his decision
  • Can I make him miss me
  • Will I ever love or be attracted to another
  • How can I fix this
  • How can he turn this off like a switch

Did I go a little crazy, say and do things that I later regretted after my boyfriend broke up with  me?  Oh yes I did. I even bought a book on how to get your ex back and followed this instructions.  Some of the advice was good, like staying in no contact until my emotions calmed.  Some of it not so good like texting him after 30 days and asking him “Are you sure you want to lose me forever”.

I wish Katarina had been around in those days.  I sure could have used her wisdom back then.  I am sure she would have gotten me on the fast track of what took me years to learn.  That trying to control a particular outcome is just pointless.  In hindsight I shiver to think that this wonderful life I have may just not be had I controlled that outcome and gotten what i wanted back them, my ex boyfriend back.

The day after my boyfriend broke up with me, I was also fired from my job.  I literally felt like I was in a dark hole.  Lucky for me, there was the internet and that is where my magic story began.  I found on online forum much like Katarina’s fantastic Facebook group.  I shared my story and before I knew it there were hundreds of other women showing up in that thread supporting, lifting, inspiring and crying with me.

I didn’t feel so alone.  That thread carried on for years and I healed through giving back to others going through the same thing.  I became known as Queen of no contact.  Over 30,000 posts later, the forum was closing.  I jumped on the opportunity and created my own website, blog and forum and began a blogging and online career.  About 90% of Paige Parker’s followers went with me.  Yes it was the Dating Without Drama Forum where I had become a moderator.

When Your Boyfriend Breaks Up With You Don’t Close Your Mind to Other Possibilities!

my boyfriend broke up with meOh the people I met and the doors that opened for me.  I was in awe daily.  I sold that website and started another one, teaching others how they too can make money blogging about anything under the sun.  I have been touched and have touched and helped change many lives and there is no one love in one man that could ever take the place of this.  I see this now.  There is so much more to me than just having the love and adoration of one man.

Had I controlled that outcome back in 2009, I am positive this wonderful life of freedom would not be mine.  This wonderful life where magic happens everyday, would not exist.  I can’t see that boyfriend that broke up with me back then sticking with me through the ups and downs I went through to get here.  In hindsight,  his mind was pretty closed.

If you are going through a break up, right now your ego is in control.  All it sees it what it thinks it wants.  The reality is everything you want is really inside of that place of self love.  It’s not in what he can or can’t give you, it’s what you can give to yourself and others.

There is magic waiting for you too when you let go of control, when you let go of how you think it should be and accept what is. I have loved again since that boyfriend and lost again and that’s okay.  It’s likely i will do it again, and maybe even again and again.  I surrender to not knowing how, who, if or when it should happen and live in the now.

Katarina teaches about this peace, this letting go of control, this leaning back and just allowing life to unfold.  When you learn to do this, the magic in your life begins. If Katarina was had these fantastic programs and products available back when my boyfriend broke up with me, I would have jumped all over them and probably been able to let go more easily.

If you are going through a break up, don’t go through it alone.  It is in your control to come to peace with this.  When you let go of control, who knows, perhaps he was meant to be and he will come back, but first, let go of that control and lean back.

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