When He Sends Mixed Signals – Is He In or Out?

he sends mixed signals

Are you confused because you feel he sends mixed signals.  Many things feel like mixed signals when it comes to men.  Maybe he acts like a boyfriend when you are together but said he doesn’t want a relationship.  Perhaps he confessed how much he likes you, then disappeared for days or weeks.  Maybe he texts but rarely makes plans.

So Why do Men Send Mixed Signals?

It’s not always that men send you mixed signals.  Sometimes it’s just your interpretation.  If you are one of these women who dissect and analyze most of what he says and does, you may just be confusing yourself.

When a woman is interpreting his actions and words as mixed signals. she doesn’t know where she stands with him.  She will play his actions and words over and over trying to find evidence that he is interested or in love or falling in love with her.

Gosh, I know women who will even study the zodiac sign of a man they are seeing or involved with for evidence that the stars and planets somehow are responsible for his behavior.  I can assure you, his Zodiac sign has little to do with if he is into you or if he is not.

A truth in these situations is that if you are analyzing things to death, searching for meaning in his so called mixed signals, you are more invested into him than he is into you.

Janice and Mike started going out about 6 weeks ago.  They had a few dates, then the dates turned into nights in at his place and some last minute invites. These couch dates began to get further apart yet when they were together, it was fantastic.  He was very attentive and a great lover, so passionate.

Mike was also still sending her texts almost everyday. We call this e-tethering by the way.  Janice sees this as evidence that he is interested in a relationship. Mike likes Janice, no doubt about it.  That doesn’t mean Mike wants a relationship with Janice.  Mike is nice to Janice.  He is smart enough to know he won’t get the fringe benefits that Janice gives if he isn’t.

Janice decides to ask Mike how he feels about her.  Mike is not ready for this kind of talk.  He tells Janice he isn’t ready for a relationship.  Janice feels hurt, and that Mike led her on.  If you flip this coin, perhaps it’s Janice that was giving mixed signals.  By accepting this relationship all along on Mikes terms, she showed him with her actions that she was okay with it, when the truth is, she wanted more.

Men typically do exactly what it is that they want to do.  If he is wishy washy, back and forth, hot and cold which feels like mixed signals, you can trust he is just living his life as he pleases and you haven’t secured a place in that life yet. It’s not that he is intentionally leading you on.  Believe it or not, men don’t lead us on typically on purpose.

When we really like a man, we tend to want more.  If he is not there yet, his everyday normal behavior may look like mixed signals by you.  You are possibly searching for something, some kind of sign he is into you.  Trust me on this, if he is into you, you won’t have to search for the signs.

What do do When He Sends Mixed Signals

When he sends mixed signals or rather you aren’t clear on his intentions, it’s best to just lean back and accept what is.  Pushing for clarity or pushing for anything is only going to cause him to pull away.  Step back and stop analyzing.  Remember you are a high value woman.

A high value woman doesn’t waste time on emotional energy on a man that she doesn’t know where she stands with.  She keeps it moving and keeps her options open.  She knows that she doesn’t have to prove her value and that when a man recognized her value, she won’t be left wondering where she stands or how he feels.

A high value woman doesn’t even pay attention to his mixed signals or rather they just don’t occupy her thoughts.  She knows better than to make a man a priority who has not yet demonstrated to her in clear actions that she is a priority.  She may still see him and have a good time with him with zero expectations, but he will not get access to her heart until his intentions are clear.

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