Valentine’s Specials To Turn Yourself Into Goddesshood

“Do Kat’s classes for YOU on Valentine’s day instead of focusing on some guy. I think Four Components of Melting His Heart would be helpful for you too because if you understand how guys work and how much you HAVE to sit back and let them take the lead rather than pushing something, maybe you’ll stop stressing about them.

Journey Inward and Four Components of Melting His Heart will make you infinitely more attractive to men. I did it when I was just starting to date again and thought it was perfect. It dramatically reduced my stress around dating by helping me to understand for the first time how men work, how to let men lead, and how to show honey to the guys I really liked without leaning forwards.

The inner work part helped me be more at peace with what is. It also helped me be really clear on what I need in a man. If I meet a guy now that I realize I can’t completely trust to take the lead or really respect, it’s easy for me to move on. Before I would try to keep making it work even if I wasn’t really happy with his lead or maybe didn’t totally respect him if I otherwise liked him.

Then of course, I’d end up taking the lead when I wasn’t happy with his lead or I would try to compensate when a guy “didn’t have time or energy” to invest and keep things going. We all know how that ended up…

I think if I had waited to do it, I might have ended up in a relationship with the wrong guy.

I have done a lot of things correctly but also a lot of things incorrectly and those keep me up at night. I am trying to forgive myself for my mistakes and let go, i know they weren’t so bad that if he was ever truly interested it would be deal breakers. Starting to warm up to looking for his rivals too. He has a lot going on (doesn’t everyone) and I started leaning in with requests for time and attention. Things were “left” on a good note thankfully.

(I didn’t know he wasn’t gonna call no mo though, 11 days since we had contact)

Because of Kat I knew not to lash out or throw out any ultimatums or hissy fits while he is processing his issues. No drama from me thanks to this group. 🙂

It’s soo hard! I was in a similar boat when I came here and my EUM never called (2.5 months ago). But I now know why every one of my past relationships failed and I feel like I’ve got super powers to snag the right guy when he comes along.

I’m also much more at peace and cured the last of my codependent tendencies. So I’m thankful he brought me here and he has made it clear he wasn’t willing to fight for me… so I’ve moved on to the guys that will.

I’m so thankful for this incredible group of women… I’m excited to stay updated on your next chapters!” ~Hattie, Nebraska


It’s that time of year again when you are loaded with expectations of what you should get.  And if you are single it’s just a reminder of what you don’t have.

Well, it doesn’t have to be that way.  If it’s a consolation to you, I don’t think much of Valentine’s Day myself.  Joey is more concerned about what to do on Valentine’s than me myself (obviously he wants to please but it’s only because I don’t make a big deal out of it).

It is just another day.  Don’t let society define how you should feel in any given day.  You are LOVE every day of the year and because you are love yourself you don’t need a holiday to express and receive it.

The next consolation is these specials I just create for you all in relationship or not (and mind you my programs are the real deal cause they have produced  AT LEAST 211 engagements in the last 5 years (60 last year and five already this year), save many marriages/relationships, helped women get their exes back into a much more functional new relationship and turn EUM into most EAM.  And needless to say you can’t find this super solid track record anywhere else on -or off- the net).

The Feminine Magnetism Valentine’s Day Specials $400 OFF

Get the entire program (scroll down to the very bottom), put the coupon code VDAY OR pay with full price and get the entire 5 series of Goddess Interviews, valued at $249/each so total $1245 consisting of 20 interviews at 60-90 mins each!!!  I never made this offer before and you’ll lose out if you miss it.

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Or sign up per module, you can choose one series Goddess Interviews for each Module valued at $249 from this list or put the coupon code of 50OFF to get $50 discount. 

Save Your Marriage/Relationship Package, 1569 ($513 OFF!!! <<<< GREAT VALUE and WAS NEVER OFFERED BEFORE!!!)

If you are aching over your breakup and have been trying to get your ex back or putting your marriage back on track to no avail, this is your last resort.  Over the year I have helped so many women save their marriages/relationships, get their exes back and you can listen to their stories in this package combined with my proven method.

1.  Module 1 Journey Inward (22 hours of teaching), VALUE: $699

2.  Module 2 Understanding Men and Four Components of Melting His Heart, VALUE: $499

2.  Module 3 How To Lean Back in Dating And Relationship (8 hours of teaching), VALUE: $389

3.  “What Does A Path Of No Resistance Look Like and How It Paves Success In Both Career And Love,” monthly membership class (90 mins), VALUE: $97

4. How To Save Your Relationship/Marriage Alone Even If He Has Checked Out, VALUE: $97

5. What Is Authenticity and How to Be Authentic With Men, VALUE: $97

6. Are You A Codependent And What To Do About It, VALUE: $107

7. Goddess Interview: Gemma, How To Get Him Back And Propose After He Broke Up With You, VALUE: $97

“We have spent day 1 celebrating our anniversary in Vegas. My husband has surprised me with a beautiful anniversary gift from Pandora, our stay at the beautiful Aria Hotel and a Spa Day on Saturday. Is this real? I feel like I need to pinch myself. A month ago my marriage was pretty much over. He told me today how in love he is with me and never stopped loving me but he loves the ‘new me.’ A word of advice, he told me last night, “Knowing that I can lose you at any moment for not stepping up to do what I am supposed to do to keep you happy keeps me on my toes and I like that. It motivates me.” Words of advice straight from a man’s mouth that I felt I should share.” ~Layla, Florida

These offers are valid till February 16, 2019 at midnight PT.


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