Using The Law of Attraction on Love

the law of attraction on love

If you are using the law of attraction on love, you are practicing the art of allowing. The law of attraction has nothing to do with control or attachment to how this love will come to you. It’s about letting go or resistance, and simply getting your feelings into alignment and shifting your focus from lack.

A few years ago I coached a woman who told me all about how she was using the law of attraction to get the love she wanted in her life. The love she wanted was this one particular man. She created vision boards that were full of pictures of this one man. She just knew that if she shifted all of her focus to him and her visions that he would manifest into her life and give her the love she so longed for.

This is not using the law of attraction for love. This is using control and calling it the law of attraction. Do you see the resistance she had to love? She was attached to how this love must come to her by focusing on this one man. She blocked the path of love into her life with these rituals. Did she get that man? Oh yes she did. He cheated on her, lied to her and treated her poorly. She prolonged her misery by 3 more years. To my knowledge, she still hasn’t found love.

Thoughts Activate the Law of Attraction on Love

If you want to use the law of attraction on love, the first step is to become aware of your thoughts and tune into your beliefs about love. Do your thoughts dwell more on the absence of this man or lover you desire in your life? Do you believe he really exists, or do you subconsciously find evidence that he doesn’t. Maybe the last five dates you had were terrible. You feel tired of trying. You see though, the law of attraction is not about trying, it’s about letting go of resistance, and just allowing. Katarina calls it caring less, but it’s really the same thing. Caring less is letting go of resistance.

Do you have this list in your head of what he must be. It usually goes something like this. He needs to be honest, attentive and not cheat. Don’t you see just by stating these things you actually bring the opposite into your life. By putting so much emphasis on things like he must not cheat, it’s like telling the Universe that you believe most men do cheat. By putting such emphasis on he must be honest, you are telling the universe you don’t really believe men are honest. Guess what you manifest with thoughts like this.

You see the law of attraction doesn’t respond to words, it responds to your feelings. If you feel you have to state qualities like honest and won’t cheat, you are really more aligned to men that aren’t honest and that cheat.

Belief is a big part of the law of attraction. You have to believe that it is already there and it is already there. A belief is just a chronic thought that you think. Examine the thoughts that you think about love.  Do you have thoughts that he is already here?  To activate the law of attraction in love, you have to feel that he is already here and this can be as simple as changing what it is you think about.

You Must Let Go Of Past Pain to Attract Love

Law of attraction for loveThe law of attraction in love is activated when you feel the bliss of things to come.  It happens when your vibration is high.  If you are dwelling, reliving or retelling the pains of your past there is no way your vibration is high.  When you go to that place of pain, you get out of alignment with the law of attraction. You will continue to attract painful relationships when your vibration is with the pains of your past.

Heal your past wounds and leave them in the past. They don’t belong in the joyful love filled future that you are trying to create.  Katarina has a program, The Journey Inward, that will help you do just that and prepare you to manifest the love you desire into your life.

You see all of Katarina teachings are about using the law of attraction on love.  She tells you to care less, which is letting go of resistance.  She tells you to lean back, which is the art of allowing, She tells you to let go of outcomes and release control which is again, letting go of any resistance you may have.

This is why she is fast becoming the best dating coach on the planet.  She teaches you these things in a way that you can relate, in a way that you understand and she helps you manifest the love into your life naturally!

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