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So today, there are 2 specials.  One, two, three, GO!!!

1. Erin just wrote this in the secret group (you can be included when you get any of my products): “Thank you, Katarina! This year is my 20th wedding anniversary. My man and I married when I was nineteen years old and far too young to really know who I was and what I wanted. We have been together ever since through ups and downs and a bit of a non-traditional relationship.

Very long story short, I came to Kat because I have been anxious all my life and in relationships, and very avoidant and EU. I came to Kat because my life was generally a big mess. This prevented me from fully giving him my heart and I was unhappy, living in a scarcity mindset, dissatisfied with everything and depressed.
Add to that I was leading the relationship and deep in my masculine energy. I did, fixed and organized everything I could not let go and let him lead. He adores me and is masculine and very EA but of course he retreated into lazy man mode and let me lead because it seemed to be what I wanted and he didn’t want to leave. He stopped leading, found other interests and we essentially lived like amicable friends. Our polarity died through habit and familiarity.
I started working with Kat two years ago. I stopped nagging, controlling and mothering him to start with, I talked less, I stopped planning everything. I appreciated every little thing he did that I liked. I was already busy and had my own life so that wasn’t an issue. But really it’s no different to what Kat teaches generally. The basics are the same.
I bought her ebook, Module 3 Leaning Back Workshop and Module 5 Salvation Through Relationship. Also the dropping your expectations class. I also plan to do the Module 4 on feminine sexuality!
Since working with Kat, I have learned to calm my anxiety, lean the hell back and let him lead. Little by little he has picked up the reins and started to lead us again. Our passion has picked up again, he treats me like a goddess, waits on me, cooks for me, is kind to me, tells me he loves me every day takes me out again and thinks of nice things for us to do. I do almost nothing except make me happy and he loves it!
We have just returned from a romantic weekend away together where he bought me the diamond ring I never had when we were young, but always wanted, to celebrate our 20th year together!!
After a lot of inner work, gradually I am learning to trust and surrender more and more deeply to my feminine energy, and this is spreading out into my whole life and my work. I am kinder, more compassionate, passionate, I have self esteem and I trust the universe and what it has planned for me so much more. I love my job and I have dreams for my business.
I now truly believe that I was always where I was meant to be, I just couldn’t see through my neurosis to allow myself to be happy and to appreciate the masculine EA man I so badly wanted but couldn’t see that I already had because I had so many wounds I needed to heal I was pushing him away.
I now realize he was right in front of me, waiting for me to find myself. I’m still working on me but truly feel so happy to be right where I am. Katarina doesn’t just help you to find love she fixes marriages too.❤❤❤
Thank you Katarina Phang ~ just to prove your teaching works in any situation. You just have to be ready to hear it ❤??”
Results like this are commonplace in our community.  I am a soul healer.  I help you tap into your inherent potential to heal yourself and in return you heal your relationship.
Compare this to marital counseling that doesn’t work for the most part.
This kind of expertise of helping women saving their marriages alone is extremely rare in this world.  It’s a true gift from the universe.  It’s my life calling.
And just on the virtue of working on yourself you save your relationship/marriage!!!  You don’t have to require him to do anything.  The minute you change, he will also has to change.
So as part of Today’s Specials use coupon code 40OFF for Module 5 Salvation Through Relationship
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So get it here and start turning the dynamic of your relationship with your husband/man!!

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Happy shopping.  I want nothing else but for you to be one of my many success stories. We just had engagement #13, 14, 15 and 16 this year reported and of course Kat doesn’t only claim but she also provides PROOF of such tally. She doesn’t have to lie and exaggerate her accomplishments.
And you will be my success story because what I teach is the highest truth about human nature, men psychology and relationships.