The Gift To Yourself This Valentine’s Day: Invest In Yourself

love affair with self

“Guess who just got claimed!! We went on a date last night and he told me he wanted me to be his girlfriend, to be “his” only and no guy can get near me. He asked if I had been on dates since we started dating and I told him yes. He was really jealous asking if I got physical with them. He said he’s crazy about me and will never let me go, that me being busy and not around as often as I was caused him to get scared he might lose me. 

We were incredibly open with each other about what we wanted out of life with no pressure on him but given the age difference I told him I would eventually wanna get married and have kids. I said he’s free to do what he wants but that I didn’t wanna get hurt if we didn’t have the same intentions in mind given he has already had kids whereas I haven’t. 

I told him I didn’t wanna hurt him intentionally or not and I don’t wanna end up hurt so that’s why I wanna start the relationship without any assumptions or expectations. He said he still wants all those things and that he wants me to be his “forever”. 

We had a very sweet and affectionate night and I’m so happy we were both finally able to get these things off our chest and realize we both want the same things in life and within a relationship. 

He said he’s never felt so supported and accepted with anyone else but that it took him awhile to step up because he was worried about me and what people would say about the age difference and also fear of getting rejected by me down the road given i’m much younger. He could hardly let me go at the end of the night. 

And now I am officially off the market thanks to Kat’s teachings. I couldn’t have gotten here without all of you wonderful ladies advising me along. Thanks so much! I plan on sticking around and continue learning with everyone here;))” ~Sheryl, California (participant of Cycle 2 of Leaning Back Workshop)


How is your love life been doing?  Are you dating?  Are you in relationship?  Or are you single and not having a clue on how to return to the dating scene?

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner.  My client Sheryl will sure be wined and dined that day by her new boyfriend.  But if you are still single or just dating around with no special someone yet to give you the special care this Valentine’s, there is no reason why you can’t enjoy the day by giving yourself a gift that will get you many steps closer to the relationship you want.

Everyday feels like Valentine’s Day for me because I hold the sacred secret that makes a man mushy and putty in a woman’s hands.  If you want to attract the kind of man my boyfriend is, this is the chance to recalibrate your dating and relationship skills with the kind of offer that will have your jaw dropped.

First of all…here’s my FREE gift to you.  I will hold a free teleclass on February 1, at 5 pm EST with the topic of “How To Overcome Triggers And Anxiety Without Pushing Him Away.”   Sign up for my newsletter for more update and detail as well as to get access to the replay if you can’t attend.  This audio will also be a part of my ebook’s bonuses so if you haven’t read t it, this is the chance to get it together with other offers at a deeply discounted rate (the book -and all the bonuses- itself will soon be priced at $67 so hurry….).

And so these are my Valentine’s Day Specials…these are a steal:

1. Valentine’s Day Special Package 1 $149: Four Weekly 2 hr Teleclasses that will start on second week of March (Value: $47/each = $188) that will jumpstart your love life or move it to the NEXT LEVEL.  These are four components of melting a man’s heart that I teach all my clients without which your relationship will remain STAGNANT and/or volatile and with which their men become so madly in love with them that they step up to the plate WITHOUT URGING or NUDGING:

  • Week 1: Trusting him.  Trust inspires a man to rise to the occasion.  He feels accepted and connected to you as the result. This class will explore how to trust him anyway even when you are feeling shaky inside.  Without trust your relationship will crumble in no time.
  • Week 2: Thanking/appreciating him.  How to encourage good behaviors that get you more good behaviors and how to overcome your displeasure of things that bother you by shifting your perspective, and thus energy.
  • Week 3: Respecting his leadership.  How to be comfortable in the feminine role of following a man’s lead and respond in a feminine way when you disagree with him and need to veto his decision.
  • Week 4: Communicating to him in a non-verbal way that he understands and appreciates when words have fallen on deaf ears.  Learn the secret of why and how men would listen to you.  Women often follow generic advice out there on how to communicate with guys that do more damage than helping them getting what they want.  This class will reverse that.



2. Valentine’s Day Special Package 2, $309 (Value: $456):

  • The four weekly teleclasses above (8 hours of coaching) (Value: $188)
  • Cycle 3 Journey Inward Audio (5 audios, 2 hrs each) OR you can choose the cycle you want (Value: $149)
  • Cycle 2 Leaning Back And Cultivating Feminine Mystique Audio (that is responsible for Sheryl’s getting claimed by her EUM above) (4 audios, 2 hrs each) OR you can choose the cycle you want (Value: $119)



3.  Valentine’s Day Special Package 3, $339 (Value: $503):



4.  Valentine’s Day Special Package 4, $209 (Value: $307):



5.  Valentine’s Day Special Package 5, $189 (Value: $268):



Additional support after learning all these principles and how to apply them to your specific situations, add $80 for a month of unlimited email coaching (VALUE: $155).



These incredible offers expire at midnight February 18, 2014.

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