7 Texting Habits of a High Value Woman

texting habits high value woman

Texting is about how every relationship starts.  Your texting habits can reveal a lot about you. A high value woman knows how to use this tool to her advantage. She recognizes texting as just that; a tool in her dating arsenal.

Not a measuring stick of if and where the relationship is going.

She knows texting can fan the flames of attraction or throw a wet blanket on it.

1. High Value Women Don’t Text Constantly

One texting habit of a high value woman is she knows less is more when it comes to texting.

It only stands to reason that a woman that values herself highly also values her time.  She has friends, a life, a job/career and doesn’t engage in all day textathons.

She understands that texts are just words and it’s actions she values.

This is especially true for men that she has yet to meet or men who text more than put in an effort to actually spend time with her.

I know women who will texts with men for weeks or months and have yet to meet them or only actually been on a couple of dates.

They mistake this E-tethering for genuine interest when actually all it is is electronic maintenance that requires little investment.

A man that wants to text her all day long non stop sets off warning flags in a high value woman.  Does he have a life?  What is his hurry? She isn’t in a hurry. She isn’t starved for the attention.

One of the fastest ways to put yourself into friend zone is to text all dang day with a man you have never met.  You are offering up zero resistance, following a lame lead, and there is no mystery to you.

You are always there, like his best bud.

A high value woman is not going to be worried what will happen (or not happen) if she doesn’t engage in this all day texting.

So next time you get caught up on the instant gratification of attention do as Charlotte often says in Katarina’s group.  Slow your roll.  Stick your feminine energy (check this blog post to know what feminine energy is all about).

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2. Texting is a Pacing Tool for High Value Women

When you don’t engage in frequent texting, you are pacing the man, slowing him down.  This is the fastest way to see his true colors sooner rather than later.

Ever been busy, maybe at the gym working out or out with friends and just didn’t hear or answer a text from a man?  How did he handle it?  Did he question you or start double, triple texting or even worse?

Maybe you tried cutting the conversation off, or ending it(politely) and keeps on texting.  Seeking your attention.

When you use texting to slow down or pace, his reaction is telling.  You will know if he is a good man or one of those thirsty nice guys.

Ever woke up to a text that said something rather smart assy like “Guess you aren’t interested”.  (If you get this kind of message, I hope you aren’t interested much longer).

See the thirsty nice guy link above for further explanation.

I am not talking about game playing or just ignoring texts. I am talking about have a life that doesn’t revolve around a textaholic.

I am pretty clear with men that I am not a phone person.  I forget to charge mine, leave it at home by accident and don’t turn around and go home to get it if I do. The horror of such a thought for many.

It never makes it to my bedroom with me and usually lives a lonely life in my purse.

Men learn this fast about me and those secure in themselves don’t mind.  I have had men that want more contact with me buy me new phones or a a charger for my car.

That may not be you, but I am sure you can find some way to drive this point across in a easy nice way.

One good thing about pacing a man is you are also pacing yourself.  You are assisting yourself into not getting attached to a man you don’t really yet know.

You are giving your brain less opportunity for those jibber jabber, anxious thoughts that many women seem to have.

3. Anticipation Builds Attraction

When you do 1 and 2 above he can feel the mystery around you.  You aren’t anxious, you aren’t hanging onto his words and you aren’t prioritizing him…. yet.

He becomes curious.  You aren’t like the other women.

When you do text, you are flirty, light, interesting and receptive to him.

Less is more.  If you are texting constantly with a man, there is no room for anticipation for the next encounter.

That lull in between builds that anticipation and anticipation is a huge attraction builder.

Ever had a man you like make a date with you for Friday night and it’s only like Monday.  Think about how that feels.  You have an entire week to work yourself up.  Something to look forward to.

Give him time to have something to look forward too, build that anticipation and attraction.

4. High Value Women Text Men That Text Them

If he stopped texting or hasn’t sent you a text in a week or more, there is no need to reach out and remind him you are still breathing.  He knows.

This one is pretty simple.  A woman that values herself won’t wonder if she did something wrong and she is certainly not going to text him and inquire about what happened if his pace slows or stops.  She simply observes.

She is well aware that if he wanted to keep the lines of communication open, he would. As long as she has been open and receiving his efforts without going overboard, she isn’t concerned.

She doesn’t initiate or put in effort when he isn’t or when he stops.

A little note here.  Men can only keep up the pace of constant texting for so long.  They can and do get bored and move onto a not so easy target.

5. Timing of Texts

As stated earlier, a high value woman values her time.  This means that she also values and respects his time.

She isn’t going to text him when he is working, or out with the guys.

She doesn’t stress if her text is not answered right away.

She gives him space to live his life as well and she gives him the benefit of the doubt as opposed to jumping to assumptions and conclusions.

She also recognizes a man who doesn’t consider the timing of his texts.  If he is texting late at night, or trying to keep a conversation going when she is working or out with friends, she sees a flag.

I took a two day trip to see a very good friend that I hadn’t seen in years. The guy I had just started dating was constantly texting me. My friend, a high value woman, asked me wtf was wrong with him?

I had years of life to catch up on with my friend and eventually just turned off my phone.  I wasn’t scared of losing him.

He stuck around for 3 years.

6. Do High Value Women Sext

high value woman texting

If you have done any online dating, you have probably encountered the men that lead in with sex.

The question I ask myself “Is this the behavior of a high value man?”.  Many believe that all men are going to try.  I have evidence that this is not always true.

If you met this sex leading man online and he wants to start off with sexting, chances are good you are not the only one he has thrown that bait out at.

If you engage in sexting, it’s going to be difficult to cut that off if you want more.  Back peddling is hard.  You are telling him it’s okay.

If all you are looking for is a hookup, then fine engage.

If you desire a little more, don’t do it and watch and see how he handles it.  Better to know sooner rather than later.

If you engage, refer back to #3 in this post.  You are killing the real life anticipation or setting expectations that may not manifest once you go live.

On the other hand, sexting once a connection has been established and you are actually moving forward together, sexting done in moderation can build anticipation and attraction.

You know what turns him on and how to push his buttons.  It can be fun.

To summarize, always leave them wanting more ladies.

texting habits of high value women7. High Value Women Don’t Text Deep Stuff

One of the top texting habits of a high value woman is she doesn’t text about serious things.  She realizes that tone can’t be heard in a text and things can go south fast.

She isn’t so anxious to solve a perceived issue that she has to text out paragraphs of how she feels or what she thinks.  High value women aren’t anxious.

A friend of mine who had recently been dumped by her boyfriend was sitting with me talking at my kitchen table.  At the same time, she and her recent ex were texting one another long feeling messages.

Feelings and blame, back and forth.

Between all this texting I convinced her to stop.  Just tell him “I am not talking about this over a text” and stop responding.

They are married now.

Let go of that fear that you will lose him, you be the one who is easy to lose.

Save the deep feeling conversations for in person or at the least over a phone call.

A  high value woman’s texting habits are flirting, light, fun or to say hey I am running late.

Texting Habits of a High Value Woman Summary

You see when you text with a man and it’s a good experience he craves more of the same.

Less really is more.

Ever had a guy that texts you and you just roll your eyes because he is so predictable?  Like the guy you aren’t that interested in but he texts you good morning and good night every single day.

Don’t be like that guy.

Maintaining high value texting habits will assure when a man sees it’s you texting, he will feel good.  Men fall in love with how you make them feel.

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