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1. You Are The Powerful Creator Of Your Reality

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2. How To Deal With Men With Issues…Or Men


3. How These Women Get Their Exes Back


4. What Being An Empty And Boundless Vessel Means


5. How To Soften Your Boundaries So You Become Non Reactive And Irresistible


6. How To be High Value And Easy To Lose And How It Can Inspire Men To Step Up


7. How to Lure With Honey When What You Want to Do Is to Kick Him in The Balls


8. What To Do If He Never Takes Me Out?


9. How Rotation Can Bring Out The Goddess In You


10. How To Turn Jealousy Into An Opportunity To Inspire Him To Fall Deeper In Love With You


11. How To Manage Your Emotional Investment When He’s Been Stepping Up But Hasn’t Claimed You


12. How To Breakup Proof Your Relationship After You Get Your Ex Back


13. Why Talking Less Makes You An Enigma To Be Unwrapped That Makes Him Smitten


14. How To End The Cycle Of Toxicity In Your Relationship


15. Goddess Interview: Anabelle, How To Get Your Ex Back And Not to Become A One-Down After He’s Back


16. What Is Polarity And How to Keep Your Relationship Polarized


17. Goddess Interview: Pamela, How She Ended An Abusive Relationship And Got Engaged Twice In A Year


18. What Does A Path Of No Resistance Look Like and How It Paves Success In Both Career And Love


19. The Healthy Approach To Sex That Is Attractive To Men: It’s Not What You’ve Been Told All Your Life


20. Goddess Interview: Layla, How She Saves Her Marriage Alone


21. How To Detach From The Grip Of The Ego And Why Detachment Is Key


22. How To Let Go And Why Letting Go Is So Hard To Do


23. Why You Are Anxious and How To Overcome It


24. Goddess Interview: Kimi, How She Got Her Ex Husband Re-Propose After 5 Year of Divorce & No Contact


25. Goddess Interview: Wendy, Relationship Timeline: When His Is Much Slower What To Do?


26. I Made A Blunder….I’m Freaking Out, How Do I Fix This?


27. Goddess Interview: Kellie, Why He Still Dumps You After Being A Goddess And What To Do


28. How You Play Out The Movie In Your Head And This Is Where All The Drama Comes From


29. Doormats, You Need To Bitch Up!


30. How To Go Through A Crisis And Stay Grounded At The Same Time


31. Do Men Love Alpha Women As Widely Believed?


32. Goddess Interview: Jenna, Dating A Recently Divorced Man, How She Got Him to Marry Her in A Year


33. Goddess Interview: Renee, How To Deal With Anxiety And Depression Without Medications


34. Seven Conditions Of How Men Fall In Love


35. How To Observe Our Reactions And Heal Our Inner Wounds In The Process


36. Goddess Interview: Kara, How To Turn Your EUM into EAM And Be His Muse


37. Manspeak: What He Actually Thinks/Says And How To Respond As A Woman


38. How To Pick Your Battles With Men