Why Men Pull Away And How To Keep Him Interested

why is he pulling away

There are many reasons why men pull away.  When you come to a better understanding of men as opposed to reacting out of fear and lack of knowledge, you begin to understand why men pull away and can avoid the behavior that will cause a man to pull away for good.   “Hi Katarina, Thank you again for emailing the

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Importance of Space in a Relationship -Room To Flourish

I stress to my clients daily the importance of space in a relationship.  Clinging to your lover doesn’t give the relationship room for growth and depth. I just got back from a 6-week trip in Asia just less than 2 weeks ago.  Starting with the Phillipines, I visited 4 countries including my home country Indonesia and the last leg of

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Why Men Pull Away – Or Do They, Really?

Why men pull away has been the biggest source of anxiety for women. Often women in their anxiety assume that a guy is pulling away when what he’s doing is just living his life.  This is a normal rubber band effect that most guys go through.  He has his priorities in order, and relationship isn’t on the list at the

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