Is He A Narcissist Or Am I? Four Signs Of Narcissistic Traits

Is he a narcissist or am I?

How many of you label a guy as a narcissist without even bothering to look at your own neuroses?  Unfortunately, it has become a trend nowadays and I want to correct it, once and for all.  Maybe you’re the narcissist after all. I have noticed as of late this trend among women to very handily psycho analyze guys as narcissistic. 

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How Mind Perception Shapes Your Reality

The function of the mind is to divide, to impose limitations and restrictions, to box and categorize. The more mind oriented a person is the more divided, divisive and conflicted he/she is. Thus mind perception creates distortion but it shapes your reality in the most determinant way.  In the quiet mind resides all possibilities. In the quiet mind the whole

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