Huge Savings And A Free Vacation On My Programs So You Will No Longer Be Alone Next Holidays

It’s this time of year again when engagements and weddings are happening, but so are breakups, heartbreaks, loneliness, sadness and despair.  Treat yourself to a new way of seeing things so you don’t have to go through another holiday alone and broken-hearted. Another year has come and gone, are you done hitting brick walls after brick walls?  I’m offering once

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New Year New Love Starts with Rewiring the Brain!

new year new love

New Year New Love is your desire. Why most New Year resolutions don’t pan out?  Because they come out of the same brain.  So first of all your New Year resolutions should be to get a new brain first. How was your love life this year?  Has it been same ol’ same ol’ (read: going nowhere) or have you seen

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Holiday Relationship Hell! You Will Survive!

holiday depression

Holiday season is a tough time for single people or those who are in “complicated relationship,” especially women since we always attach so much meaning to Holidays.  But you will survive! This will be my fourth winter holiday season in Katarina Phang’s Feminine Magnetism Group. I joined after purchasing her book He’s Really That Into You, He’s Just Not Ready.

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Holiday Blues? Not With These Magnetizing Men Mastery Gifts To Yourself

“OMG Katarina Phang. He just told me over Microsoft communicator that he has been window shopping for an engagement ring! I am crying happy tears right now. I can’t believe it! Kat he was the most EUM I have ever met and here I sit in tears just in shock at the mention of a ring. Wow! I am leaning

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How To Deal With Holiday Blues: Let Go Of Your Holiday Expectations

This time of year is the high time for all our insecurities and abandonment issues to come up.  It’s necessary to let go Holiday expectations. We associate anniversaries, birthdays, Holidays and Valentine’s, and the fact that guys remember them and do what’s necessary to celebrate them with us or to make us feel special on those days, with love.  It’s true

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