How to Land a Filthy Rich Man

how to date a rich man

Many women dream of dating a rich, wealthy man. For some it’s the thought of no longer having to worry about money.  For others, they long for the social status.  The perceived life of glamour.

Katarina has received quite a bit of inquiries recently, “Would your stuff work on billionaires?”

She responded quite self-assuredly, “If there is one method at all that will work on very rich men, it’s mine.”

Truth is her teachings work on ANY man from any color/background, rich or not.

While some may see this as shallow, there is some biological reasoning for women to prefer financially stable men.  Without going back through evolution, basically women want a man who they feel will provide resources for them and their children and keep them safe.

Way back when, that may have been a man who was an excellent hunter and gatherer.  Today it equals social status and money.

I recently met a woman who had been married three times, all to millionaires.   No clue how or why she fell in my path, but she did. Probably because I talk about it, to everyone in my path.

This woman was elegant, finely dressed and not a hair out of place.  She was in her early 50s and was very reserved. At least that was my perception.

She is now dating an electrician and living at home with her mother.  After 3 marriages with wealthy men she said one of the main issues, is the competition.

Between his work and every beautiful woman throwing themselves at her husband(s), they had little time for her.  So though she felt financially safe, emotionally her take is there was a lot left to be desired.

A wealthy man does not get rich by doing nothing.  He has worked hard and is likely highly motivated.  Most are workaholics.  Their careers are their first love.

Where to Meet Rich Men?

That’s the most pertinent question, naturally.  If you’re so adamant to only date filthy rich men you need to know where they hang out. But let’s get into this sobering reality first.  According to google there are 36 million Millionaires in the world, barely 1% of the world population.  I would imagine a good chunk of them are probably taken or married as well.

To some women even millionaires aren’t rich enough so they aim even higher.  Currently we have 2,208 billionaires in the world.

So imagine the probability of any woman meeting a single millionaire/billionaire who is also functional in the emotional department (and has everything else in place to perform in a healthy relationship).

So yeah needless to say competition is tough, not to mention it’s a bit tricky to be casually noticed by these men because it’s not easy to have access to them.

There is a millionaire country club you can hang out at, ultra luxurious hotel lobbies/clubs/bars/restaurants or millionaire match makers and dating or even sugar daddy sites.

Unless you’re a millionaire yourself or have connection to wealthy people you don’t usually get to hang out with this clique.  If you have already been around these people, then practice Kat’s Feminine Magnetism principles and stand out from the rest of the women who undoubtedly will throw themselves at these men.

That if you find them physically attractive…and my experience has been that most wealthy men aren’t remotely physically attractive (but I guess since money is the main attraction you can scratch that objection off).

So take that into account before continuing on….

What does it Take to Date a Rich Man?

As mentioned above, millionaires and billionaires make up a very small percentage of the population.  Even the less attractive of them have no shortage of women to choose from.  Wealthy men however, want love just like the rest of us.

Rich men have a very wide and deep dating pool.

Wealthy men are also guarded as they are well aware of the gold diggers in the world and most have had more than their share of women who are only interested in their money.

Wealthy Men Prefer Independence

While you don’t have be to wildly successful, independence is a plus.  A woman that has a career or a job that is important to her is a plus. She could love kids and be a teacher. She doesn’t have to be rich, just a woman with a purpose.

A woman that can take care of herself and make decisions is important.

Wealthy men are competitive.  They have had to be to get their current status. Independent women are more of a challenge and a competitive successful man will gravitate towards this type of woman.

In other words when seeking out a partner, he is not on a search and rescue mission.

Wealthy Men Like a Woman that Knows How to Take Care of Herself.

A woman that takes care of herself physically and emotionally is attractive to rich men.

On a physical level he appreciates a woman who takes care of herself and keeps her appearance up on a practical level.  He prefers beautiful women.

A woman however who is too high maintenance may be a turn off.  If your beauty routine takes up hours and hours of your life, this could be a turn off.  If your life stops because you broke a nail, and you feel you may die if you don’t get it repaired immediately, you might not be for him.

On an emotional level, he needs a woman with emotional intelligence.  This means low drama, and the ability to manage her own emotions.

A wealthy man has meetings, social obligations and usually doesn’t need to be bothered over simple things like what’s for dinner. An independent woman that can trust her own decisions is important.

Rich Men and Security

Women desire security and a wealthy man can certainly bring that to the table.  Security comes in many forms, but if financial security is top of your list, a rich man is desirable.

To land a rich man first you need to be secure in yourself.  Rich man or poor man, you won’t feel secure with either until you are secure and happy in yourself.

Your anxieties will still creep in and sabotage any relationship when you don’t feel secure at your core.  The knowing that all will be well regardless.

I have dated rich men and poor men but at the end of the day, my happiness was within, not without.

Happy women content with themselves attract all sorts of men and yes that could be a filthy rich man.

It could also be a man that makes YOU feel like a million bucks.

Regardless it’s an inside job and a journey worth taking to find that security inside of yourself and not seek it outside.  So if you follow Katarina’s teachings and do her profound inner work Journey Inward, you’ll be so peaceful and joyful you will realize that it doesn’t take a rich man for a woman like you to be happy in a relationship.

Hence, rather than making yourself so scarce to the vast majority of great men who are not filthy rich or billionaires by aiming at an extremely small pond of less than 1%, you will just let go the very stringent financial standard that will keep you single way longer and realize the deep bond and healthy functional relationship a great number of men offer that, at the end of the day, is what really matters to the quality of your happiness.

It’s simpler and easier, and works way better than searching for a needle in a haystack.

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