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Make Money with Katarina Phang!


It’s easy to become my affiliate and start making up to 50% of most of my products.  Every customer you refer to me will be linked to you for LIFE!  That means for every purchase he/she makes WHENEVER you will get your cut.  It’s fair and square.  No ifs, no buts, it’s all done on AUTO PILOT.  I am adding more and more products and you can potentially make tons of money since this niche is EVERGREEN and a matter of life and death to most people, not to mention the highly reputable quality of my work and my high success rate as a relationship/self-improvement coach.

You will get your payment through paypal with the treshold of $100.  Contact me if you’re serious.


  • Threshold of one hundred dollars means that I would get paid if my commission is less than a hundred dollars?

    • You will get paid when it reaches $100. But I can change that depending on situations. Since commissions are high, it shouldn’t be too long for you to attain that goal.

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