Losing the Self Is One Of The Scariest Things You Will Experience in Your Journey to Awakening

the awakened woman

“Enlightenment is the absolute cooperation with the inevitable.” ~Anthony De Mello

My client Natalie recently wrote me this heartfelt email worth sharing.

“Hi Kat,

Thank you for the amazing work you do and the life changing experience that you give which allows others to undergo a phenomenal journey of personal growth and spiritual transformation.  What you’ve dedicated your life too is truly incredible. 

Kat, i would really like to get your advice on this.

I have always been a charmer for as long as I can remember: very charismatic, vibrant, enthusiastic, very loud and always appearing VERY confident. I knew how to “woooo” my audience and was able to win the hearts over of men and woman, younger people and older, children and elderly. I knew how to make people really like/love me. (I now see how this was a behavior my ego developed to give me what I wanted). I also have been described by friends and family as a very attractive woman… so if you can imagine, I got a lot of attention. My ex’s use to describe me as a “source of light” and another as a “vibrant energy” that made me extremely attractive and “stand out from other woman”. I rarely was jealous of another woman

However…most of my teenage and early adulthood years where ridden with anxiety and mood swings. When I was high, I felt like I was on cloud number 9 and when I was low, I felt like I was dying. I use to think of myself as most of the time an extremely happy person but when I would ask my mum what her thoughts were, she would say that for most of my teenage and early adulthood years, I have been very unstable and she would never know what new mood I would be on any given day. Life was challenging but I just accepted that this was my personality….and then I met you. 

I did your programs and boy oh boy, did I get a wake up call. When I  did your Journey Inward program…at first- I felt like my whole world came crashing down (in all honesty). I felt like my whole identity as I knew it was a lie- an illusion. I couldn’t believe that I was not my ego,  that I am really just the observer.

Your program and this awareness has given me freedom. Never have I felt so free. But at the same time I am quite scared. 

Since completing your program, I’m struggling with my confidence with guys. I feel like I am no longer as attractive to guys as I once was. Or as attractive to others as I once was. I no longer have this great desire to please men, to please everyone, to make everyone fall in love with me as I once use too. Its really funny because I have a friend who is absolutely gorgeous and is exactly what I use to be like- a charmer, people pleaser, extremely flirtatious- able to win any guys heart over….able to win anyone’s heart over for that matter!! But when I watch her, I think to myself—oh my god, I cant believe I use to be like that!! How annoying was I, how much effort and energy did I put in, just to make myself feel good about myself, by trying to win over other people admiration. Now I have no desire to even try anymore. But Kat, when I am with her, all the guys flock to her and barely any guys ask me a question or even look my way. I feel like I not only lost the person who I use to be, I lost the magnetism and pull that I use to naturally have that drew people to me.  I’m really scared that I will no longer be desired or loved the way I am now as a passive, non reactive observer. I feel like I lost my mojo, my humor, my passion, my life energy and also feel like I lost the ability to experience extreme joy like I use too. I just feel very neutral all the time. I learnt that being a neutral observer is actually quite a masculine quality, not a feminine one. How does being like that draw a masculine man?

I cant recognize myself. When Im sitting in the car driving and I’m watching my crazy monkey mind in a non reactive way and Im just watching surrendering, i honestly feel like I am sitting in a completely different person’s shoes—like I swapped bodies and shoes with somebody else.

I am happy but I am scared that I’ve lost  the qualities that use to make me stand out from the rest and that attracted so many men in the past.  I love how I have changed but my ego is scared that I will not be loved anymore by a man in this new me.

I would love to hear your advice on this. Please help.”

My response is in the video above (and I will appreciate it so much if you can like/love the video so it gets into the newsfeed and more people will be able to watch it).  Natalie signed up for the latest version of Journey Inward which is Module 1 of this program.

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