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“OMG our date was incredible. Didn’t make it out the front door without a kiss. He wanted to talk immediately when we got to dinner. He told me he was in love with me that he just panicked because things were going so fast and he was stressed over other issues in his life at the time. He asked me how I had been and I told him about my life change, doing meditation and self-care but I also told him that he had really hurt me. He didn’t really get that because in his mind it was just a break.

I told him if there had been some discussion about what we were actually doing that it would have been easier. He wants to move forward and his 5 year plan is now a 2-3 year plan lol. We are just taking it as it comes. He told me how much easier and better his life is when I am in it how much he loves me, told me all the amazing qualities I have that he loves, that I can completely trust him, how fun I am…I was just gobsmacked.

We had a great time at the concert. He told me how beautiful I am, how amazing I looked in my dress (remember the brown and white polka dot dress from Pretty Woman?). I wear dresses usually anyway, he always liked that. I am still protecting myself but was able to sit back and listen. The sex was amazingly tender and loving.

I see the 2-3 year plan shrinking but I am in no hurry. He is so proud of my business and doesn’t want to hold me back from that. He had asked me to meet him at his house to go to the concert but I said I would like him to pick me up, which he did. I am guardedly ecstatic. Guardedly. I am so busy he will have to fit into my schedule.

I did meditation daily….and checked with Kat when I wasn’t sure about something. She always responded right away. It is really difficult to get going, but with the practice your mind starts clearing and you get begin to get control of yourself. When I started I was all over the place and had absolutely no self-esteem, was so anxious I though I was going to explode…I can’t image being like that again. When I listen to myself in the first class I can’t believe what a mess I was, how weak I was and how I didn’t believe in myself. I couldn’t do anything but the fetal position in my room for days. The change is incredible. I feel great and my guy is back for good I would bet!

Bless you, Kat. Have not signed up for your leaning back workshop yet. Still on the roadmap hopefully can get to it today. Hugs and gratitude!” Jessica, California, participant of Journey Inward group coaching


(UPDATE: You still can sign up and listen to the first class’s replay as most participants did.  The next class will be Sunday Sep 22)

Jessica turned her life upside down attending my Journey Inward group coaching. She started an emotional basket case, extremely anxious and unable to tame the Gremlins in her head since her bf wanted a “break.” She worked on herself and her business while attending the 4-week coaching. She raised her vibration so much her slacking business started to pick up the same month. Six week break from her bf made her focus on herself. And last weekend they reunited again and that was her story above.

If you have the tendency to push the men you love away, this workshop I have just created is for you.

The first cycle will commence on September 8 (Sunday) at 3 PM EST.  And like all my group coaching programs, this one also is a recurring one.

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