Stop Being Emotionally Unavailable and Attract the Love of Your Life

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A non-committal man needs a non-committal woman for the non-relationship to continue.  When you stop being emotionally unavailable yourself you’ll easily be turned off by a lukewarm man.  And emotionally available feminine women always tend to be more drawn toward a man who is pursuing them. We are naturally melted by a guy’s active investment, not the other way around. That’s the way of nature for millennia so don’t go against it.

“NO MORE EMOTIONALLY UNAVAILABLE MEN! I found the person who is completely into me and wants to be with me because I decided to stop being emotionally unavailable!  I was with andEmotionally unavailable man in the past because I was an Emotionally unavailable woman.  I complained and complained, but it did not get any results and I was at fault.

When I had the strength to start to date others that is when I met my now fiancé.  Last week, I told my EUM(emotionally unavailable man) that I am getting engaged to be married and that I will not be seeing him anymore.  He thought I was telling him this so he can step up.  I think he is still in shock.

Not my problem anymore, he was given a million chances and someone else came along who knew my worth and valued me.  For a long time, I thought I was in love with both guys at the same time and it was so confusing. Then, I saw my fiancé battle for me.  He had to battle his family and mine to have me.  He was wiling to go to extreme measures to have me by his side.

At first, his constant attention was annoying, then I realized that this is how it is supposed to be. Not the absentee partnership I was used to.  I was too independent and did not need a man by my side.

When a man wants a woman, he is willing to fight for her.  That alone made me value him more. I was chasing and yes ladies, I was chasing my EUM.

At first I was initiating our dates and sometimes that made me very frustrated because everything was on his terms. Then, I joined this group and started to learn about my own frustration. So, to lean back, I would let him go and then we would come back stronger. We built a a very good caring friendship, but I knew down deep he was not into me as much I was into him.  At one point and I think it was around June, I got fed up with the roller coaster and his Peter Pan antics.

Then I stopped initiating and leaned really back and considered dating others. I told him that I was going to see other people and I was not satisfied with our current relationship. He asked me for more time and came back at first with initiating our dates, calling me every day and wanting to talk and so on. Then he fell back to his absent routine that is when I decided to date others for sure and that is when I met Adam.

I resisted Adam so much at first until I decided to stop being emotionally unavailable. . The attraction was there from the start, but we both wanted different things from a long term relationship and it was discussed on the first coffee date. He wanted more children and I could not and would not have any more even if I can.

So I wished him good luck and did not contact him. Two weeks later, he called me and asked me out and I gracefully declined. He did not give up. He convinced me to see him again. I told myself, just go out there and have fun.

At that time, I was still spending time with my EUM and helping him with his career. I refused to see Adam as much as he wanted to see me , but the more I refused the more he wanted me and pursued.

On my birthday, I got a happy birthday text from my EUM and a little crystal figurine two weeks later that he was given by someone else. He re-gifted me the gift. LOL LOL

Adam showed up at my house the day of my birthday with a beautiful gift and before he went to work. Later that evening insisted on taking me out on a romantic evening. From that point on, I started investing more time with Adam and the relationship was getting better. Not that much frustration and no pull and push tug games I had with the EUM. It was actually easy.

There was one time, we got really into it and later we resolve it. He helped me realize my self worth and I was able to help him get closer to his children from his first marriage. He also realized, he really does not want more children, but was missing his children because they lived in a different state.

So, last week he asked me to marry him again for the 5th time and went to my dad again and asked for his blessing. I said yes!

Somewhere in between August and now, I have realized, I love this man and truly I want to spend the rest of my life with him. He is proud to be with me, it is like he wants to shout to the world that I am with him. He brags about it to anyone that listens. He says Great! George Clooney has nothing on him because he is truly marrying up. I am not longer emotionally unavailable!

I look back and think, what was wrong with me to to be with a man that wanted a part time partner vs. a man who wanted a full time partner? There was nothing wrong with me. I was just not emotionally available to be with anyone full time and I always want to fix broken things that is why I was attracted to the EUM.

EUM/ Peter Pan is still working on himself and his career. Adam is established in his career, knows what he wants, and is very loving. So Katarina was right about that EUW will attract EUM, at least in my case it was so true.

Katarina Phang, no one will outshine you and you are loved believe me. You have brought more out of me than all of the other books and relationships counselors’ materials ever did.  Thank you, even though I probably fought against your teachings most, I am now a true convert to your teachings.

Your teachings and philosophy is not just on how to deal with guys, they are extended to how to deal with life. I am not fearful of fear nor am I scared to face the the unknown anymore. In fact, I am welcoming the change and looking forward to the future and not looking back.

I am stronger because of your teachings.

Again, thank you for everything and I am so sorry I gave you a hard time on some of your teachings. I had to adapt and modify to fit my life style because of the cultural issues. Hey, they still worked. :)”

Linda was resisting leaning back so much at first.  She thought it was ludicrous and only invited abuse from men.  And like many women, she was reluctant about the idea of rotation as well.  She came from a very strong patriarchal Middle Eastern culture she reacted against men left and right.  She had been a female warrior all her life.   And within the same culture, the idea of dating of several men at the same time was repulsive.

But clearly her ways hadn’t worked for her so something’s gotta change.  She began to relented slowly but surely and finally she became a true convert of my teachings after seeing results how much better she felt about herself in and out of the romantic context.

She shared, “Just experienced a weird moment. I was on the phone with my on, off, on, off, on, off guy, AKA number 1 in my rotation.  We were chatting about marriage, and I said I don’t want to get married and I meant it. I was shocked when he sounded disappointed and asked me why?  I told him, I am not ready to commit to anyone right now.  

A few weeks a go, I decided to do my rotation again after he disappeared again. I have my rotation and all were previous EUM and EAM.  Three of them offered marriage last week and one last night. I don’t know what is going on in this world?  It is me who has become EU!  I have no idea if that is good or bad either.  I am enjoying my days as they go. I simply do not want to marry anyone right now.

Had my number 1 asked me a few months ago to marry him I would have jumped at the chance, now I am like whatever. Really, why do I need to get married? What is the big deal about marriage. I did it before and for 20 years. Right now, I am trying to find myself.

I myself am in bewilderment as to why I have become like this. I don’t know if it is all the stuff that has been happening, I am just evolving, or am I becoming desensitized. I have no idea. But I am loving my “I don’t give a shit” attitude.  Even my family commented on how calm and relaxed I have been.  I am not depressed and I am not feeling anxiety even though money is very low and I don’t have a steady job, first time in over 24 years. It just like, “ehh whatever.” A few years ago, my poor family would have to scrape me off the floor.”

She is also a prime example to the ladies here that once you truly want a healthy relationship and heal your own emotional unavailability as well as the wounded female warrior syndrome it will happen effortlessly.

A non-committal man needs a non-committal woman for the non-relationship to continue.

It shows that a relationship that thrives is always with men who are more into us than vice versa in the beginning. And emotionally available feminine women always tend to be more gravitated toward a man who is putting in the effort to be with them. We are naturally melted by a guy’s effort, not the other way around. That’s the way of nature for millennia.

She also understands now that leaning back isn’t about getting a guy, but it’s about letting go of control or the illusion of control and going with the flow. It’s how you stop being emotionally unavailabe.  When you stop, you no longer resist what is. You roll with the flow.  She is now even practices leaning back in every aspect of her life.  That gives her peace of mind and inner freedom as she mused above.

In quite the same way, Jessica attested at about the same time:

“Hi all lovely ladies, I am in a happy relationship now after I read Kat’s book and I learned a lot about how to be a feminine woman.

From time to time I still spent some time to read the postings here.  At times I found some of the “old me” on some posts (the insecure me…)

Just to share: try to think it this way, if you have tried too hard doing and planning anything for a guy, and he’s still an EUM, maybe it’s the universe way of tying to push you away from getting more hurt and wanting you to understand that he’s not the right man for you. The right one is ready and has been waiting for too long to meet you while you’re wasting your time here messing with a wrong one…  

Let go and cultivate your feminine energy.  As per the law of attraction, you will meet your Mr. Right just around the corner when you are Miss. Right yourself!  Don’t be desperate and be happy always.

I was struggling with an Emotionally Unavailable Man for a year before I found Kat.  I learned how to be a feminine woman, stop being emotionally unavailable, and looked inside myself. I strongly agree that if you fall for an EUM, you are very very likely emotionally unavailable yourself.  So I found myself to be EU at the time after reading Kat’s book and signing up for Journey Inward and the Leaning Back workshop.

I then tried to focus more on myself and be feminine. I worked on myself instead of working on the technique to attract men.  Then I met my bf now who is a very loving and caring man.  And I let him lead all the process.  So we are still doing good and even better after 4 months.

So, it’s about to change your and to discover your true self, not about strategy or technique on texting or dating.”

I reveal the secret to melting a man’s heart in this important program (plans are available).  My miraculous method has been proven time and again to work wonder on any man (at least the men we are attracted to which are masculine guys) that makes me the most successful dating/relationship coach out there with daily testimonials to prove it.

Just like Linda and Jessica, you too can heal your own emotional unavailability through self-discovery. You can’t walk away until you have done this inner work.  Find out the old wounds that have caused you to chase one EUM after another. We have just recently finished cycle 5 of this program in which I shared my awakening experience that profoundly changed me like no other in my life. I was already happy and successful both in romance and career before that turning point but today I am vibrating at the highest energetic frequency I’m unstoppable. And you can too. Plans are also available.

Last and not least, stay tuned for the exciting news of the upcoming Feminine Magnetism Bootcamp, a 3-day retreat in LA tentatively scheduled on a long weekend in February.  This will be the most influential event in your love life you don’t want to miss.

UPDATE:  Linda married her fiancé with 30 guests in attendance on December 13, 2014 in Illinois.  Congrats to the happy couple. This is my 4th wedding!

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