I Divorced Him And I Want Him Back, Here’s Not What To Do

marrying your ex husband

You want to get back together with your ex husband?  And not only that he also has a girlfriend!  Here’s not what to do.

My client Kimi who recently announced that her ex-husband proposed again after 5 years of divorce (and no contact) shared that they had set the wedding date, “Well…. Save the date now… For August 20, 2016!!!!

The 5-year wait is now worth it!!  It took me 9 months after our reconciliation to get the ring,  now we’ve set the date.  I have SO much to do, in short time!!!  I never dreamed this time last year that I’d ever even seen him again!!!  Then I took the risk of that first call, that brought him back to me, for good this time!!

So NEVER give up, with anyone!!!  Guys actually LOVE a woman who knows how to lean back!!!  It will turn magical if you do it right!! Keep reading if you want to get back together with your ex husband!

Kat will show you how to do it!!  She’s such a Pro with fixing any relationship!!  Trust me… It’s all worth it, however much you spend fixing yourself inside, more so than the outside!!  Anything is possible, if you have the right tools!!

You can read my whole story that Kat posted about 2 -3 weeks ago that will make this mean more to any of you!  The Best money I ever spent was paying to be one of Kat’s girls, from 1st day she joined and posted something on FB!!

The journey I took with her was the map I needed to get me where I am today, and that I’m gong to marry my ex husband again on August 20.  That is my fairytale coming true!!  You too can have yours!

Yes Kat, I’ll think of you. The whole time I’m doing this, remembering how blessed I am, to have found you 3-4 years ago at least!!  But now I’ll really think of you for your birthday the next day on our way to where ever we go for honeymoon!!” 

This will be my birthday present this year indeed.  There is nothing more exciting to me than to know that my clients are succeeding in whatever they desire in their relationships and she’s special because I really didn’t expect this to happen this fast and smoothly.

You can listen to her Goddess Interview how she got back with her ex husband here.

Actually I didn’t expect a lot of things that happened to my clients.

I didn’t expect that my teachings were so magical.  I didn’t expect the daily glowing testimonials coming from the heart from so many women around the globe.

I’m still dumbfounded by how my life has turned out to be in 3 short years since I published my book.  If you don’t believe all these things I write here or on FB, ya know, I don’t blame ya!  I wouldn’t have believed it myself had I not seen it with my very own eyes.

I’m blessed.  And thankful.

Now, I’d like to address the fact that Kimi actually reached out first.  If you read her story, she kinda used a situation he was facing as an excuse to make a contact.  I know many of you have done or will also do that.  The difference is she went back to 100% leaning back after that.  She let him lead.


If You Want To Get Back With Your Ex Husband You Don’t Do This:

  • She didn’t pretend she needed to know something just to touch base with him.
  • didn’t send funny videos she wanted him to see.
  • She didn’t like his comments and pics on social media.
  • She didn’t send sexy flirtatious texts, emojis or pictures of yourself so just he knows “you care.”
  • She didn’t hint about possible meetups.
  • She just did nothing and he had to put in the effort which he did.  That’s how he invested in her again.

get back together with your ex husbandSome of you did the initial contact and kept courting him and he is sitting on his ass while you’re doing all the work.   In fact one of the ladies in the group is doing just that.  Let’s call her Ashley.  He disappeared after a few months of dating thanks to her “craziness” and then she found me and initiated contact 3 months later.  Now they’ve been “in relationship” for the last 9 months in which 100% of contacts were initiated by her.  She thought doing it her ways was working just fine.

She didn’t need to lean back after all, there were exceptions apparently….or not!

She came back to the group recently with her tail between her legs and admitted she needed help cause she was feeling insecure.

She was crazy before, now she’s just a doormat cause she refuses to rotate him still and she’s walking on eggshells being the one-down in the arrangement.   And doormats are really not high value and easy to lose, something guys find extremely attractive.

She’s a ticking time bomb.

Of course she would be feeling insecure.  You would know deep down when a guy is truly into you and is cherishing you.  He doesn’t do that cause she’s the guy in this situasionship and all this advice the group has been giving her hasn’t worked on her at all cause she’s resisting.

Nine months after that first contact Kimi got engaged.  Nine months after that first contact Ashley got more confused about where she stood.  See the contrast here?

So want to do it right?  Do it like Kimi did and she’ll be the happiest bride come August.  You can’t go wrong if you are always on the same page as him at all time.

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  • Everything you write is so spot on Katarina. Oh what a fool I have been in the past… I’m so glad I found your blog. Words can’t describe how immensely you have helped me just by reading your blog posts.

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