The Way to Save Your Relationship Alone By Surrendering To Your Feminine Power

way to save your relationship

There is a way to save your relationship alone. Since most who come to me are women and I’m pretty conversant with their issues, I teach them the solution to the problems. When women come to me, they are looking for a way to save their relationship by changing their partner. 

The solution is simple.  Change yourself first, and more times than not, your partner will change on his own. Stop focusing on what he is or is not doing and put that focus on you.

Tricia who participated in the cycle 2 of Journey Inward group coaching shared in the ladies group: “Update: My EUM and I had a nice weekend cooking for

friends and had a great time. Tonight I came home and he was outside with one of his good friends. After his friend leaves he tells me had a good time with me this weekend and tells me he has fun with me now. I asked him what’s changed and he replies he’s not sure but I seem less uptight and more open.

He asks me what are we doing here and asked if I wanted to give it a try again. I said sure lets try and if it doesn’t work . . . He interrupts me and says no it’s gotta work. He tells me he asked all his friends including the one that was over to ask them what they thought and they all agreed he was a better man with me in his life.

I was smiling on the inside as I realized the quick shift doing the inner work Katarina teaches made in this relationship. Tonight he’s in bed with me and not the couch. 🙂

He’s my ex, well was my ex. We have two children and we have been together off and on for 12 years.  We had a terrible break up over a year and a half ago. He was staying on my couch platonically for the past two months and convinced himself we were done..LOL. He lost his well paying job at the same moment I found out I was pregnant with our 2nd child. He turned towards the bottle I turned super critical and emasculating. I moved out of our shared home and we spent a year apart.

I love him and I’m enjoying each day as it unfolds the less expectations and pressure I bring to the situation the easier and happier he and I become. Let me tell you if Katarina method works on him it will work on any man. Lol!”

Since I have evolved so much since first I wrote my ebook last year and with the launching with my two hit programs: Journey Inward and Leaning Back Workshop, I have learnt some glaring commonalities why relationships are falling apart in the first place.

Most women I coach deal with main issues of not being able to surrender to their feminine essence and trusting their men’s leadership.  They seem to want to over-analyze situations, henpeck their men to change or do things their ways, wittingly or unwittingly emasculate them.

Bottom line is, though they are not solely responsible in this mayhem, they are unable to inspire their men to shine in their masculine by operating too much from their masculine side themselves. Two masculine energies in relationship always collide.

Sooner or later the polarization is lost, neither party gets what they need in the relationship.  The good news is, having seen these dynamics every single day, it’s pretty simple to turn this around…at least on paper, provided that the women want to change. By changing how you respond and react and by cutting off and interrupting the cycle of toxicity in your relationship is the way to save your relationship alone (learn here further on how to save your marriage/relationship alone even if he has checked out).

Yup, since most who come to me are women and I’m pretty conversant with their issues, I teach them the solution to the problems.  It’s direct, it’s simple and it’s fast.  Change yourself. And stop doing the stuff that has proven not to work.  Stop operating from the masculine energy.

The way to save your relationship needs is a balancing act of the feminine energy in action -or in being, to be precise- and since we are naturally gifted with feminine energy, it only makes sense when we change to be more feminine, or rather to return to our most natural state of being:  a woman, instead of expecting our men to become more like a woman only to later on find ourselves less and less attracted to them.  As a woman, we can’t respect a man who acts emasculated.


Men for the most part are just being men and they are responding to our energy.  If we are soft and feminine, they naturally shine in their masculine because our femininity inspires their protective and nurturing instinct.  If we are pushy and controlling, they will feel less polarized and can’t help treating us more like a man and checking out of the relationship.  Hence, we get upset further when that happens.   And the more upset we get, the less motivated they are to show up like a man we want them to be.

So when you find yourself in situation in which your man is pulling away or increasingly emotionally distant, affirm in your heart first that you can rectify the situation…alone!  Yes alone, when you’re ready to reflect on your own issues and work to change them.  He will change when you change.  It’s a given.

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UPDATE:  They got back together for 3 months but deep down she knew that she wasn’t going to get the type of relationship she wanted with him so she broke up with him again and went back to dating.  two months later a guy claimed her and she’s now in the healthiest relationship in her life (as I updated this in November 2014, they have been together for 9 months).  Meanwhile her ex won’t let her go and still offers her the marriage she always dreamed of EVERY WEEK!  Listen to her complete story in the Goddess Interview (first series, 2nd class).  And sign up for the Feminine Goddess Enlightened Relationship monthly membership to hear other Goddesses’ stories like her and to work one-on-one with the number #1 relationship expert in the world the most affordable way.

Latest update: Tricia is now married with a baby boy to a new guy, not the ex!!

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  • hi kat,
    me n my man we r best friends.we talk daily in msgs i really want commitment from him the problem is he is not serious with me i feel like, he never ask me out properly just casualy ask we will meet up. i never ask him out,n he talk to me in msgs he likes to do hot talks on phn sumtims n once we met up n we had physically involved a bit…now im counfused about him what he realy wants bcoz he never make plan to meet up prperly.i feel like am wasting my time wit him. should i allow dese benefits to him like sexy talks or physicaly involvment or leave him bcoz im not getting wot i want ?

  • Dear Katarina,

    I read your book the other day and to say that I’m impressed would be an understatement. You really, really understand men but what’s more important, you understand women too. Many women I know are completely confused with themselves-me included but not anymore- and they blame men for it, but relationships are only our mirror.

    I was operating from the masculine energy for a long time because I grew up without proper family support and it was the way of coping with life. That is the reason why your words resonate with me so much.
    Thank you for helping us have better relationships, both with ourselves and then others.

  • Really good article as always Katharina! 😉

    So If I find myself disappearing from my EUM is that operating form my masculine energy?

    He sent me a text that sounded like he was saying good bye to me just because I didnt want to have sex with him so that is why i havent contact him again and neither does he. So that is why I sense he was saying good bye, and I told myself, then good bye it is. I have dissappeared from FB as well since we are in FB together.

    • Hi Ai, thank you. I need more info to answer your questions. But if you disappear, no that’s not masculine energy necessarily.

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