How to Text With a Guy You Like to Build Attraction

text with a guy you like

Texting is one of the best tools you have in your dating arsenal.  The way you use this tool can either ignite the attraction or feel like a wet blanket to a man.  If you aren’t sure how to text with a guy you like, it’s time to learn what makes him feel good and what makes him run.

When it comes to a guy you like, many women will second guess themselves.They are often already trying harder right from the start and are texting from a place of longing for his acceptance.   If it’s a guy your aren’t so keen on, there is no pressure when it comes to texting him because you don’t care so  much.

The key to texting with a guy you like is to simply mirror him.  If he texts you, you reply!  You don’t initiate if he isn’t texting you or if he has stopped texting you.  If he texts you one sentence, don’t reply with a paragraph or try to keep the conversation going.

If you look back over your messages and his are short and one sentence and yours are long and end with questions, you are over investing into a man.  Be aware of this when you are texting with a guy you like.  Pay attention to where he is at, as opposed to focusing on where you would like it to go. 

When Texting a Guy You Like Go Easy on Lol

I can’t stress this laugh out loud use enough.  I dated a guy once and every single text he sent me practically ended with lol.  This told me he had little confidence in himself.  The lol was used as a buffer, in case I didn’t like what he said or as a buffer for the rejection he was anticipating that he may or may not have gotten.

Men like confident women and if you end your texts with ha ha or lol, you give up your power and come across as doubting yourself.  I mean if he said something genuinely funny, a lol is appropriate.  Other than that, leave it out.

Men are visual, and the texts you send can paint pictures in their heads.  If you over use lol, he may be picturing some giggling school girl.  That does nothing to build his attraction.  Start becoming more aware of how you use it!  You are a confident feminine woman, you don’t need a crutch to lean on.

When to Use Emojis Texting Guys You Like

Seriously, the same advice for the lol is the same advice for emojis.  Don’t over use them.  You aren’t in high school anymore.  Emojis are for women, really they are.  A few here and there is fine, but using them repeatedly is not attractive.  I know women that their entire texting conversation is full of these.

An occasional smiley is fine.  The words “that made me smile” however, are much more powerful.  Men want to make you smile.  So tell him if he made you smile, don’t send a smiley face every single time. Seeing the words burns into his brain much more effectively.

Don’t Ask A Bunch of Questions

When it comes to how to text with a guy you like, a bunch of questions is not your answer.  Don’t put him in the interrogation room.  If you are asking him questions, chances are you are trying to prolong the conversation, which in essence is trying to control. Lean back and allow him to lead.  Let it unfold naturally, otherwise you risk appearing needy.

One of the main turn offs that women do is use texting as a means to control an outcome.  You may not even be aware you are doing it. You really like him so you try to prolong the conversation because you want to chat with him longer.  Resist this please.  Especially pay attention to if he is asking you questions.  The name of this texting game really is mirroring the man.

What to Text a Guy You Like

texting a guy you likeWomen actually ponder this, they search it in Google looking for ideas.  If you have to sit around and ponder what to text a guy you like, your feminine energy is off.  If you are wondering what to text a guy you like, I would guess he isn’t texting you and you want to piing into his head hoping it will make him think about you.

If you have to think of something to text a guy you like to get him to think about you, you aren’t doing something right. You should never have to remind him that you exist.  He either thinks about you or he doesn’t and a text message is not going to change this.

Know When To End The Conversation

When you text with a guy you like, know when to end the conversation.  Long texting conversations don’t do much to build the attraction.  It kills your sense of mystery and having a bit of mystery keeps his imagination running in your favor.  If you blab in all day text conversations, you don’t have a lick of mystery, trust me.  Mystery is alluring!  His imagination is your best tool and texting him all day leaves little room for imagination.

If you have time to text him all day, it conveys to a man that you don’t have much of a life.  A woman with her own life and a lot going on is alluring.  Men are competitive in nature.  If he feels he has to compete for your time, even if it’s with your book reading club or yoga or whatever, he will see you as more high value. 

When you text a guy you like, really he doesn’t get special treatment until he has shown you that you are a priority to him as well.  Don’t use your texting to try to impress.  Don’t over think it or try to decode his text messages.  Guys can pick up when you are ahead of them with your texting habits and nothing makes a guy run faster than a woman who is way ahead of him on the relationship scale.

Less is more when it comes to how to text with a guy you like.  If you are over anxious, it will show in your texting habits and in the words you send.

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