How To be a Seductress With Your Feminine Mystique

how to be a seductress

How to be a Seductress with men can be done overtly or subtly simply by surrendering to the magnificent power of your feminine radiance. You in fact barely do anything, other than oozing that mesmerizing feminine presence.  Masculine men are naturally drawn to feminine energy.  When men are in the presence of a very feminine woman, they can’t help but noticing again and again how they can’t get away from her.  They are being enraptured.  This is pure animal magnetism ignited by sexual polarity.


As you well know everyday I receive stories like this one from Yolanda:  “Katarina, I’d like to write a little update about my current situation.  For those who don’t remember me (most of you probably don’t, since I’m new here!) – I’ve been living with a man for more than a year now, I started renting a room at his flat and we became intimate way too early, I scared him away with my insecurities and he asked me to move out next month.

So, I actually made peace with my mind, realized that it’s better for both of us if I move out – we both need space, to spend some time separately, etc so I leaned back and started looking for a new place. I’m not sure if I was doing everything right though but I stopped texting him and calling him (only small texts from time to time like what time he’s coming home from work if i’m cooking dinner, etc).  I started meeting my friends more often, going out and smile more. Also my music studies started this week – it helped a lot too, I also started dancing again (I had to quit a few years ago because of severe back pains) and I even got a performance booked for next month!

I work on myself – stopped clinging on him and depending on him, especially for my happiness.. stopped expecting anything.. just enjoying the present moment and appreciating it. I do the same nice things to him – make dinner, breakfast, spend time with him when I can, but this time it is all coming not from that low place of desperation, but I genuinely do it and don’t expect anything back and something actually changed….  I smile more, I am nicer to him. I feel more feminine and relaxed…  It helped me to actually appreciate him more for all the things he did to me (he even refused to take money for the last month of living at his place. he told me to invest it in my new home!). and guess what…. last night he came back from work and asked me to stay and not to move out!!!  I was speechless!!

He said he wants his babies (our 2 little cats :)) – that’s how he calls them) – to live with him and also said that home wouldn’t feel the same without me! it was such a sweet thing to say.  Of course there aren’t any major changes between us yet – the same “friends” situation but I think the fact that he wants me to stay, it’s a good sign!  What do you think?

Everything is sooo true what Kat is teaching here: our mindset creates the energy which we radiate and men actually FEEL it so well and respond to it! But I really learned my lesson and I will never ever do the same mistakes again, either with him or any other man in my life.  I’m gonna do my best in staying the new me and will not let my old me to come back…never ever!”

Basically when Yolanda has done is tapping into the seductive power of her feminine energy.  When she stops being so needy and pushy and starts nurturing herself without an apology and gives without expectations, something fundamental shifts in her and her guy couldn’t mistake or resist it. (Do these meditations before every date and be naturally mesmerizing!)

Fact is a man can’t resist feminine energy because like I always say it’s like the source of life itself.  That’s how powerful we are as a woman.  If only we embrace our femininity wholly…truly, this is how to be a seductress.

My boyfriend is so totally smitten by me and when we are together there is no mistake on how well-polarized we are.  How we are into each other.  If being with a man who can’t get enough of you is what you want, surrendering to your feminine essence is the route to go.

In my coaching programs (Journey Inward and Leaning Back Workshop) tapping into the deep vast of our feminine power is always a part of each and every class.  The reason why my method works so well is that these women under my guidance have means and tools to stay grounded even when the going gets rough.  They can find solace in their inner power.

As a result these women are among the most grounded, self-aware and sane in my entire time spending so much time in relationship blogs/forums.  I am so immensely proud of them and I have no doubt in my heart each one of them will be able to turn their relationships around with the commitment to personal growth they are showing.

Being seductive is your birth right as a woman. You are a natural born seductress.  You don’t have to chase a guy to be seductive, in fact that will only make him disappear faster than a lightning.  You don’t have to be overtly sexual either.  You don’t need to shove your bosom in his face.  You will just naturally ooze that sexuality through everything you do: the way you walk, smile, talk, laugh, gaze with your eyes and every pore and every part of your body -your fingers, skin, legs, toes, arms, hair…everything- is already very captivating to a man who finds you attractive.

What you need to do is to polarize yourself to him or any man you are attracted to…here’s HOW.  

As long as you stay inviting by not getting ahead of him at every stage and let him pursue you, he will be putty in your hands the way my boyfriend is in my hands.

And no you don’t have to memorize a long list of feeling messages either (I am concerned by how many women still push men away with the misleading message to be “authentic” with feeling messages when the issue isn’t about being authentic but about being grounded and “sane”).  Your femininity is palpable through your security in your leaning back mode.  I have transformed thousands of women pretty much instantly through the sheer power of leaning back and working on self-love and self-nurturing.   Feeling messages will only backfire when your energy is leaning forward and anxious.  A client who is still under the influence of this teaching recently caused her guy to break up with her thanks to this non-discriminating use of feeling messages.

Number one, deal with your anxiety.  That’s how you work on your energy, shift it and enchant any man….

And implement the 7 traits of a high-value woman, you’re then all set.  He won’t be able to resist you, I promise.

Tips on How to to a Seductress Naturally with Men:

1.  Feminine energy is “dark” and mysterious.  That’s why it’s black in the Yin symbol.  Yang is bright like day, Yin is cool and dark like night.  A guy needs to penetrate you to feel you, to reach into your heart.  It’s true both literally and figuratively.  That’s why leaning back works like magic, because it represents cool and dark.  It’s the polar opposite of Yang.  And you can only enchant and seduce a man when you are his polar opposite.

2.  Talk less, think less, do less, expect less, need less…feel more and just be.  Does feeling more entail expressing your feelings more?  Positive feelings yes, negative feelings?  Read above again.  When you are experiencing negative feelings -any resistance or struggle inside- when it’s not urgent -and most of them are not- this is you opportunity for self-exploration and self-discovery.  Find the roots of them or sometimes it’s just best to let them settle without overanalyzing (in my Journey Inward program I teach how to relate to feelings in a new and more empowering way).

3.  Feminine energy is fluid, spacious and yielding, it means it bears little resistance.  It is self-nurturing and self-sufficient.  Imagine the air or the ocean or the river.  It nourishes everything around it.

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  • Hi Kat

    Can you explain what you mean when you say your man “cherishes” you? Can you give real life concrete examples of how it appears?

    Does your man respect you? How does it he show it? If you say something that is right, does he agree with it and admit his mistake?

    When you say he leads, does it mean he makes all the decisions? e.g. which city to live, which house to buy, which curtains to pick, what to cook, when and where you will get married? Do you have a say? How does he know what you want? Do you tell him, ask him, drop hints?

    What if he “leads” you into doing something that is not right or best for you or both of you or him not because he doesn’t love you but he is not equipped or informed enough to do the right thing or is simply making a mistake as any human would? Do you still follow? How do you show your dissent?

    When you say alpha men can be bossy and controlling and one has to accept that then how do you deal with a man who wants to control who you’re friends with, what you wear and whether or not you get to have career? Is that ok/fair? Does being with an alpha mean a woman can’t have a career if that is what he Doesn’t want?

    What happens when you both want different things? Who gets to do what they want? Does being a beta woman mean its always his choice and if you’re lucky he might let you do what he wants?

    When you say he gives you all that you want because of your feminine mystique–what does that mean? What exactly does he give you? Does he take you where You want on vacation and watches Your favorite movies with you? Or does he take you where he wants or where it is cheaper to go?
    Or are you talking only about commitment, family, house, love? He gives all that but everything else is about him.

    What do you give your man? What do you do for him? What are you “in charge” of at your house? Do you pick the decor or decide what to cook or whom to invite for dinner?

    Please explain as I am trying to understand what an alpha man–beta woman relationship looks like.

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