How To Make a Man Fall Madly In Love And Stay Madly In Love With You

how to make him fall madly in love

 Many of my clients have the burning question of how to make a man fall madly in love with you.  They think there is something they can do, a way to behave makes a man fall madly in love.  The reality is, it is your feminine energy that makes a man fall madly in love with them.

My client Arida wrote:  “It was my EUM’s birthday yesterday and it was exactly a year since we got to know each other.  We got into an argument about something that was not my fault the night before.  I have been helping him and his family for too many things but it was something that went bad.  Some sort of a bad deal but it wasn’t my fault.  I was so hurt with what he said that I could only manage to cover my face and cried.  Only then he realized he went too far and kept apologizing the whole night. He even held my hand telling me that it was a bad day for him.

I know he was missing his dad and he has too many problems lately but he doesn’t have the rights to make it my responsibility to help him.  I help him out of love and sincerity without any expectations and i told him that. It was the first argument we had in ages!  All this while he had always treated me with so much love, kindness and respect.  

I guess that’s why I was so shocked.  I decided to stay away from him and his drama for a few days. He was sad with my decision because he wanted to spend time with me on his special day.  I told him that we’ll celebrate it just not now.

I feel like it’s the best decision I made. I do my own thing, spend time with family and enjoy texting with new people I got to know from the dating site..,and, boy, I am popular there…lol.  I really feel tired of his drama and I feel strong by putting my needs first instead of his.  If I hadn’t found Katarina Phang, I would have still been over functioning.  I didn’t even apologize for leaving him alone. The good part is that he understands and gives me my space, telling me to take care.  

From the argument, we became emotionally closer, but from the argument too, I feel slightly detached from him because I know that I deserve more than this type of relationship.  Who knows, I might walk away from him one day.

BTW, this is a beautifully written article by Katarina Phang that changed my life.  I keep rereading it to the point I believe that I am the goddess she writes about in the article.  I think if I just read the article without getting any coaching from you, the article may seem unimportant but when I read it together with you coaching, it really transforms me into a better woman that I never thought I could be.  I love you, Kat.”

What’s been happening with Arida is the result of a profound personal transformation that my method affects in many of my most committed clients.   She is in the current Journey Inward group coaching and planning to take the next cycle of Leaning Back Workshop.

Do This and You Won’t Have to Worry About How to Make a Man Fall Madly in Love

When she puts herself on the pedestal he’ll have to look up to her and all is done without anger or jadedness but it comes from self-love and healthy boundaries that engender love, devotion, emotional attraction and respect. What she does to her EUM is the example of unconditional love as well as unwavering self-love in her surrender to her feminine radiance.  And this combo is what makes a man fall deeply in love with a woman as he is obviously so emotionally attached to her already.

This is the exact same thing that I experienced with my EUM even though eventually these guys might not be able to commit, but that’s not the point.  The point is you become a full person that is not lacking in options that it doesn’t matter in the end if he can’t commit because the next guy(s) will be more than happy to have a woman like you in his life/their lives.  What’s valuable is he actually helps you to become a healed person and lead you into a breakthrough that changes your life forever, like what Arida has been experiencing.

She’s more grounded and at peace with herself now realizing that she has options and whatever may happen she knows and she feels it in her heart that she’ll be just fine.

She is a high-value woman and a woman like her is in high demand thanks to the short supply of such women. And if she keeps doing this her self-esteem will soar further and she’ll have no problem to walk away when the time comes as she has already proven to herself that she’s capable to remove herself from drama by claiming her own space.  It used to be her that created so much drama with her unhappiness of their situation.

I don’t teach the hardening of boundaries. I teach the softening of boundaries. This is one of the myriad ways my method is so different to the generic dating advice out there that doesn’t really work.

This is what I mean by what I teach in the Leaning Back and Cultivating Feminine Mystique Workshop that by leaning back your self-esteem improves cause he has to keep leaning forward (if he’s into you enough). It evens out the imbalanced investment. Now the tables are turned you’ll know nothing/nobody can hurt your without your permission. And the hurt is caused by the hardening of boundaries.  You can now be more detached because he is more attached. And that’s how a man falls madly in love with you.  Theory proven!

The opposite will make you feel more in love and him less and less attracted to you. This is so gentle and self-transformational unlike “cutting out a limb” when you are advised to leave a man when you are not emotionally done.  And this method is so unique you won’t find it anywhere else.

It works like a charm to make a man fall madly in love.  And it works like a charm because it’s psychologically savvy.  It’s so beyond my own wildest dreams how well it works. It’s because it heavily focuses on self.  When you are committed to it, it doesn’t take months or years but days/weeks.  The longest and hardest part is to affect that permanent change in you because most women will relapse every now and then till the new patterns and mental habits take place.

I get feedback from my biggest fans how the typical advice make them more anxious because the focus is often on the men and they have little to no control over them. An anxious woman does not know how to make a man fall madly in love with her. Or they are told to be “authentic” when authenticity is the last thing they need at the moment as they are so messed-up inside (and those “authentic” women often push men away). The women in my inner circle are among the most teachable, grounded and sane women I’ve seen in the entire time I spend on relationship blogs/forums. They are ready to receive my message and take 100% responsibility of the state of their failed relationships.

However, a lot of my advice is very counter-intuitive too.  That’s why it’s so different to most generic advice you get out there.  And I have had some clients resist my advice so much but once they open their minds and give it a try, they’re able to see what I’ve been dying to tell them. My advice is all experiential. It’s very Zen. You can intellectualize it till the cows come home based on your belief and attachment to you belief but until you see it firsthand you’ll be stuck on that level forever.

Personal growth and change are all a matter of paradigm shift. This shift is how you make a man fall madly in love with you. When you are still in resistance mode, you’re not free. It means you have some work to do to iron that out. Do something different cause obviously what you’ve been doing hasn’t worked. And screw belief and values if they are not making you happy. Tweak them.

Your fixation to ideas and belief have you stuck in that unhappy place. And until you challenge yourself out of your comfort zone, you shall remain stuck.

Wanna hear Arida’s story and learn so much from her how to turn around a dead relationship?  Click here, you’ll be blown away by her interview.   Sign up also for the Feminine Goddess Elightened Relationship monthly membership to hear future other Goddesses’ stories like her.

UPDATE:  Arida has been claimed!  They are now official.  Read her story here.  My new program Four Components Of Melting A Man’s Heart will show you how to smoothen the path toward commitment.  This is one course you can’t afford to miss!

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Have you read my book yet?  If not grab it here because you will learn so much about a lot of things that haven’t worked for you in your love life and how to fix them.  This is the primer before delving deeper into my method.  And many women have pulled their guys back from the brink through practicing the tools and principles I outline there.  And you will be included in the two lively private groups I own and see how women transform themselves there to become a high-value woman.

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  • Katarina Phang

    There’s nothing like enlightenment! This is what NY women are like and that is why many of them have a hard time attracting men and keeping them attracted. Many of my clients come from or live in NY.

  • Today was the first time I watch a few Sex in the City episodes after becoming one of Kat’s girls. Wow! Seeing the story lines from a completely different perspective!! I remember watching these episodes and getting upset thinking..”urgh, these men they date are such clueless jerks.” But now I see the 4 main woman doing LOTS of things Kat tells us not to do… leaning forward, being argumentative, emasculating, being motherly, pushing, etc. It’s interesting!!

    I stuck here watching a marathon instead of doing productive things because I’m addicted to catching this anti-Kat stuff!! Chasing men down the street, blowing up their phones, telling them how they should run their professional life, having the “where is this going convo”, trying to change them, pushing them to marriage, having expectations, lashing out on men when they don’t meet those expectations.. This is a whole different show now!

  • Received these texts last night:
    D- Guess who’s loving you behind your back?
    Me- trying out a new position? (Wink)
    D- Just appreciating your temperament.
    Me- You’re sweet and very appreciated!
    D- It’s not only about your bod, ya know.
    Me- That’s why you’re so special.
    Katarina Phang thank you so much. What you teach makes my dating life so much easier, and I feel so appreciated and appreciate my guy much more too.

  • My beautiful boyfriend has been talking marriage to me for two weeks. I know Kats theories work because I’ve seen it myself with my bf of 8 months. Lean back, be soft, be real and if he’s an ass tell him when he is without guilt and drama! It’s been beautiful to just pay attention to ways to love my life, my faith and fit him in where he decides. So far he wants to fit in everywhere. . I read everything here and pray for the wisdom of your work to work in my life through me. Thanks Kat!!

  • I arrived in Kat’s group in December of last year, torn up, depressed, on medication, anxious through the roof. My daughters father had cheated on me with a co worker, I had moved out, was on my own and dating men that just kept vanishing. I was a wreck. I knew something had to change but I was still in denial that it was me. I stumbled across Kay when looking for advice literature

    So initially, I was like some of the other women who resisted and argued. I still thought I just met loser men, and that once I found the right one, I wouldn’t be anxious. After being on here and reading Kats book a million times and actually writing the whole thing out in my journal, things started to magically “click” here and there. I realized that like attracts like so that I was essentially dating men that I saw myself in. And it’s totally true! They were wounded and not confident. And I was driving them away with my anxiety and paranoia.

    The first step was to stop making excuses. This meant leaving my comfort zone and venturing out into rotation dating and not making any excuses to NOT do it. It’s the best thing I’ve ever done

    Second was to stop blaming the world for my problems. My problems are problems because I make it that way, not because men want to screw me over. They can only do that if I let them

    I had to start focusing on NOT dating. As weird as that sounds, I found the less I concentrated on dating, the expectations seemed to fade away. So dating became more of a treat to get out and be social rather than something I dreaded. That way no agenda was involved and if it went nowhere, it was okay. Over time I noticed how much less I cared about the outcome and lived in the “now”

    Drew all if my happiness from my daughter. She makes me happy, she’s all I need in this world and I think I needed to really remind myself that she comes first at all times. So I focused on spending more quality time with her and off dating sites

    I started dressing and acting a bit more girly. I work in a warehouse type environment with mostly men so it’s difficult but it’s boosted my confidence and it shows a lot. That was a big issue for me, I thought I was not worthy of love. Deep down I’m a tomboy but on dates, with practice, I went from being the “guy” to being a delicate but sassy kind if girl (in a good way!). So when Kat says to look at dating as practice, that’s absolutely right!

    Suddenly when I focused less on dating and more on having a life, men appeared out of nowhere! I went from sort of mediocre dates to having an abundance of attention, affection, which in turns boosts confidence even more.

  • I journeyed for 19 mths with an EUM that was one foot in and out (he had just come out of a 21yr marriage and I was his first after that)…I thought my love n care etc would change him and he would be with me (anxious attacher on my behalf at the time)…..we were v compatible on so many levels and I allowed him to have me on a leash…jumping when he said go, collapsing when he said no!!! But I started to face my issues around self love n self worth with him and am v v grateful….I walked away end of 2012 (I met Kat about 9 months or more before I walked)..I didnt do the rotational dating although I told him that it may be better if he went off and found himself..he couldnt let me go so I stayed hanging waiting…..then I woke up out of my anxious stupor and said goodbye…. I then had a 4 mth relating ship with an anxious attacher and walked away…then met J (all online guys)…..we clicked straight up although LD and met after 6 weeks of talking..and got on straight equals..calm, relaxed and just cruisy….I learnt all of Katarina’s teachings and many other books after EUM and applied them slowly slowly facing my denials ..I have also done tantra workshops and spiritual work….this was about facing my father abandonment issues……..EUM helped me with that……with J I juts lean back and dont emit an anxious vibe because drum roll ***** I ahve come to a place of loving me before any man…..and I mean that ANY MAN….I am number 1 with my kids………and its from this fountain of love I flow ……I am happy in myself ..stumble from time to time but have learnt to stop driving the man’s car and just drive my own….hes big enough, capable enough to drive HIS car…J adores me,,,,says I am v v special, one in a million and this is for always and he wants me to never feel afraid to share with him EVER…..I have never had this …………I am learning to trust the masculine in the process and I speak up when I get triggered and I OWN the feeling never blame….always look inward to heal myself……I am SO HAPPY to be with this beauty full man who supports me, hears me and allows my expression …..and I allow me….I am fearless with J and without him..for the first time in 51 years I am healing the wounds n trauma from the masculine (father) that I have been hostage to for too long..SURRENDER N TRUST in the flow of life…..xxxx

  • Just wanted everyone to know…. HE CLAIMED ME!!! Finally.. 8 months later and just 2 months after finding Katarina I am officially a claimed women. He swore up and down that he wasn’t ready for a relationship and absolutely refused to do long distance, said he never would & now look. We are 10 hours apart (at least for a couple more months) and he still claimed me! I couldn’t be happier right now 🙂 )

    I don’t mean to brag… But all of you girls deserve this!! Follow your heart, be you, be feminine… & this is what you get. A guy who not only compliments you on a daily basis, but a guy who backs those words up with actions. My bf used to say he wasn’t ready and that he would never do distance but then I did the inner work and became the best feminine me I could be and he jumped at the chance to claim me despite the temporary distance. Not only did he claim me, but he’s there to support me as well. My landlord won’t allow my companion animal for my disorder so my bf said, “well, get out of your lease and just move in with me then. You won’t have to worry about anything, I’ll take care of you.” He truly is a blessing in my life

  • Last night I went on a date night with my boyfriend. He bought the tickets five weeks ago but wouldn’t tell me where we were going. The event was a fancy four course meal and wine tasting – it was a beautiful evening. This is a text he sent me when I was in the bathroom at the restaurant.

    “Gonna marry you one day. Just saying. Having a fantastic night, baby. You are stunning and I’m so lucky to be able to call you my girlfriend.”

    In November I was begging for crumbs from an EUM. For over a year I was seriously obsessed with a man who continually ignored me, played me, and would constantly blow hot and cold with me. With Kat’s teachings I took some time to do inner work. Once I recognized my own self worth I attracted a man who did as well. Six months later and I am with a man who absolutely adores me. If I can do it you can too. Stay strong and know that you are worthy of a man who thinks the world of you.

  • HELLO I just wanted to say thank you so much for doing this for me and many others. At the beginning of the break up I felt like I would never love again and that my life has ended. Thanks to all your advice, I now have the courage to face every new day. My heart has healed tremendously and I feel like I can now really move on. If it wasn’t for your words then I would probably still be in that dark place of my life. Thank you, thank you!”drlawrencespelltemple@hotmail. com

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