How to Keep The Attraction Alive After You Get Your Ex Back?

how to keep attraction alive

“Hey ladies, I am so happy… He messaged me and said he can’t live without me anymore. He loves me a lot and said sorry for what he had done. I am so happy we are together again but it can’t be possible without you Katarina and all the group members. Thank you so much for helping me out.” ~Salma, India


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Did you get him to step up and claim you or get your ex back like Salma above? That is the easy part, the more difficult one is to keep the attraction alive so he doesn’t slack back into the same old pattern of apathy, passivity and laziness.  I have helped many women get their men to step up or get their exes back but unfortunately some of them relapse a lot and find it hard to maintain the attraction due to their personal struggles, mainly with anxiety and expectations.

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