How To Succeed In Career, Business And Life By Exploring Your Genius Zone

Tapping into my Genius Zone (and getting out of my Neuroses Zone) is one thing I do best in my business and life that I want to share with every online entrepreneur on the planet.  This is the very foundation and unfortunately there are not many business coaches out there who understand this principle.

I’d like to announce my soft launching or first foray into coaching the coaches venture.  But before going into that, please watch the Genius Zone video above and if it resonates please like or share it.

No, it’s not my coaching certification program yet because that one is rather huge (just like my recently finished Feminine Magnetism group coaching) and requires more exploration and reflection.  Yes i still think it will happen next year but I have no idea when.  I only do what feels right moment to moment.  I no longer live in psychological time.

I live my life not by schedule nor it being ruled by ambition.  I don’t have ambition outside what is obviously in front of me, hence I never get stressed or burned.  That’s why I’m deeply planted in my Genius Zone, out of the Neuroses Zone altogether.

I just be and even in my doing I just be.  It’s choiceless, thus effortless.

Thanks to that, I have gained considerable significance in my field.  It’s not through discipline but dedication.  It’s not through the mind, but the heart.  It’s not through the ego, but the ever expanding awareness.  It’s not through ambition but the passion of helping people and changing their lives.

So what I have in mind is to launch a group coaching program for online entrepreneurs/coaches from any field to first explore their Genius Zone the way I did mine and ended up leading a freedom lifestyle: Geographical freedom, financial freedom, freedom from schedules, freedom from stress and burnouts, freedom from neuroses, freedom of living my life the way I see fit.

“I’m a uni student, hopefully graduating next year. Not sure what I want to do with my life yet, so I’m just exploring a variety of options right now. Already feeling inspired from reading all of your stories and hope to learn more from you ladies! 🙂

Thank you for the advice- it’s funny you say that because I actually had to change the course I was doing because of this. I should really give my testimonial to you Kat, because although I’m not engaged or anything yet I still consider my story a success.

I struggled for a couple of years studying engineering which sooo wasn’t me and I only really chose it because my parents told me to. I was considering dropping out of uni altogether because I was seriously depressed and failing despite trying so hard (this was when I found you!).

I had also been raped at the time, my self-esteem had hit rock bottom and I was completely miserable in my dating life, so I bought Journey Inward in desperation hoping that it would at least help solve the latter. I had no idea at the time how expansive and life changing your teachings would be, but because they worked so well with men I started taking the path of least resistance in all aspects of my life.

Now I’m doing an essay subject and can relax because I find it really easy. Passing with flying colours despite not really studying much. I’m very lazy these days, lol. I’ll definitely continue trusting that if I do what I’m actually good at, the success will follow. Thank you so much <3

I learnt so many things from Journey Inward…off the top of my head, the biggest thing Journey Inward introduced me to is meditation. Being able to watch my thoughts/feelings/emotions all day every day has been so empowering and I think it should be taught to everyone.

Disidentifying in this way has allowed me to process a lot of my trauma and release old toxic patterns. I (un)learnt to stop fighting myself and have become far more compassionate as a result. I’m much better at listening to my intuition because there’s no longer all this egoic ‘noise’ distracting me from it.

Journey Inward also inspired me to go on my own spiritual journey which has been amazing for my awareness…speaking of which, do you reckon you’ll ever release individual classes of your group coaching modules? Although I’ve done some of my own inner work relating to the newer topics added to Journey Inward, I’d still be really interested in hearing your insight. But if not, I’ll buy the entire module again once I’m making money. ;)” ~Ursula, London

Freedom to drop everything to travel in a moment’s notice and still serve my clients and make money (this one is a hoot, I can tell you!).

So this is what being handsomely paid for your hobby looks like.  I’m living it!  It’s the best way to exist in the world, hands down.

I have talked to at least 3 ladies who work in 3 different fields who are also my clients so they have followed and known me a while and are taken by my approach to my own business (two of them are in happy relationship/engaged thanks to my teachings) and they have shown much interest in the coaching.

So here is what I offer in the Midas Touch: Exploration of Your Genius Zone group coaching.  This is my first foray into the business coaching niche and what I have seen available so far doesn’t really appeal to me for these reasons:

  1.  It’s heavily focused on technicalities: how to create an email sequence, how to grow an email list, how to get testimonials, how to use latest technology/automation in marketing (read: hustling for clients), how to launch a program, and a bunch of how to’s that are pretty much secondary.  I didn’t follow any of these strategies and I made it just fine…and even beyond anyone’s wildest dreams!  I haven’t even taken professional photographs of myself after 7 years!  And I ventured to videos only recently.  So obviously, it’s not in the strategy necessarily.  It’s in the substance of your business and who you are as an influencer/thought leader.  It’s in the strength of your message and authenticity.  It’s in what you offer.
  2. It’s heavily masculine: my approach is flowing, gentle, not very goal-oriented and very feminine hence I don’t get stressed out!  Not many business coaches know the art of running a business the feminine way and neither do they have the experience of building a business the feminine way from zero to a multiple six figure enterprise on the virtue of the solidity of the products/services and creative branding/marketing.  Most need advertising for that and they advertise for clients to teach exactly that who in return use the same strategy to get their own clients (pretty much sounds like Ponzi scheme, ain’t it?  Cause it really is).  I got to multiple six figures within 14 months of the tipping point without advertising!  Yup, ZERO advertising.
  3. Very little focus on finding one’s own authentic voice aka Genius Zone.  You can’t succeed in your niche just by being a copycat of someone before you or those who have made it (yup, I’ve been seeing a few copycats of me as well around ;).  You’ll be standing tall in your own authentic self and you’ll become a thought leader that magnetizes your own audience with the clarity and uniqueness of your message.
  4. Very little focus on enjoyment of the moment, it’s about goals and accomplishing goals and planning to accomplish goals that is very exhausting to the nervous system and creates roadblocks that make most people quit before they even try because it feels like a chore instead of a hobby.  You can’t have successful business coming from the superficiality of the mind.  You just can’t.  Every enduring enterprise springs from the heart.  Enjoyment comes from the heart.  Without enjoyment the destination becomes more important than the path and that is not going to work.

This program will run for 12 weeks with one group call a week (2 hours) and thrice weekly briefing and brainstorming in the FB group assigned for the coaching so I can focus helping you on your niche and business after you define your niche.  The group coaching itself can take as many as 50 people but the premium one with individual two hour monthly coaching can only accommodate for 6 women max.

So how much is for the regular package without individual coaching?  It’s $1,999 if paid in one payment (and it’s $500 off before the coaching starts which will be first week of March, I’ll come back with the exact date soon) or $799/month for 3 months or $500/month for 5 months from the date of sign-up (and rest assured it’ll be more once the coaching has started as my programs NEVER decrease in price, something you can also learn how to pull off).

If you want to be in the premium group with additional 2 hour/month individual coaching, the early bird rate is $3,999 ($1000 off) or $1,499/month for 3 months or $929 for 5 months.  As above, these prices will go up with time, not less.  So this time is the most affordable to get my business coaching.

This is the first stage that lays foundation of the soul of your business, the most important part.  Second part of the program might ensue after it ends to cover more technical ground.  The mindset is the first and foremost because it will define the longevity of your business.

If you have some ideas of the niche you want to do or are still exploring in what you actually want to do in your life or you already have the business but you aren’t really sure where it should be heading yet or it feels very shaky cause you are not clear in your vision/intention, this program is for you.

What you will learn in the program:

1. The Understanding of How To Access The Genius Zone

To be able to get in the Genius Zone, you first have to get out of the Neuroses Zone.  The Neuroses Zone is the zone of willy-nilly/obsessive thinking.

The realm of thoughts is filled with resistance because thoughts are dualistic. Most people’s consciousness is brimmed with I-me-mine thoughts, of what might have been and what will be or should be. That is what egoic consciousness is all about and it’s exhausting.

This kind of thoughts isn’t deliberate, it’s willy-nilly and invasive. Deliberate thinking requires awareness. It’s creative.

Willy-nilly thinking is devoid of awareness. It is the same as “worrying.” Thus, it is resistance.

If you are unhappy and not at peace with yourself, because you are a willy-nilly thinker. You worry all the time. Only when you become aware, you can transcend the mind.

You then become a detached yet curious observer of all phenomena in your mind space. You will see any movement involving “me.” Only then you can own your thoughts (or discard them when you don’t find them useful), instead of your thoughts owning you.

When you are an aware person, any friction you feel from the I-thoughts will be felt the first instances they surface. Cause you are not lost in the identification of the I-thoughts (that makes “you,” your ego or your conception of self) you are able to nip it in the bud.

Eventually your mind will naturally shy away from the I-thoughts cause when you know fire burns, you will naturally stop touching it. It’s the same thing with the mind. You know the untamed I-thoughts will hurt you so you just stay away from them.

That is how your mind becomes quiet without any effort. You become a deliberate thinker, instead of an obsessive willy-nilly one. Your mind is your tool and you are the master.

2. How To Get Out of The Anticipation Mode and Just Effortlessly Deal With What Is Needed To Be Done In The Moment

Anticipation is anxiety. When you don’t anticipate you have no anxiety. Anxiety is the by-product of willy-nilly thinking. It is the most telling of what egoic consciousness mostly entails. You sap good energy by anticipating and if you do it enough there will be little good energy left to be channeled on creative endeavors. If your life is at stand still this is probably why.

A quiet mind is, thus, the by-product of understanding that the mind is impersonal. Till you get that intuitively it will never be quiet. Till you can take a distance between you and your mind, you will always be lost in identification with the mind hence my inner work program Journey Inward is so mighty important cause it heavily focuses on this.

The mind is the enemy to those who are unaware and unconscious. My mind is my tool for all the great things I do cause I am its master. For most people they are slave to the mind. I don’t use my mind to perceive like most people do that leads to so much heartache, conflicts and suffering, but to conceive (create).

Your attachment to what you think things *should be* is your downfall. It’s the greatest delusion that is plaguing mankind. It’s the source of all conflicts in the world. Let go of that and allow things to be whatever they are in the moment, be grateful and be at peace with whatever and you’ll be surprised what you’ll learn from that lightness of being.

The separate self: “This happened *to me.*” The egoless self: It happened. There is no me or anyone there. Things just happen impersonally. The separate self is bound to suffer mercilessly thanks to this distortion of reality.

When you get to the understanding of these two points you have come to the life without resistance.  Welcome to the tribe, you are officially out of the Neuroses Zone…for good.

This, though, is beyond comprehension to those who are still lost in the identification with the mind, who are still dwelling in that painful egoic consciousness reek with fear, conflicts, separation and suffering.

3. The Ability To Be Laser Focused On Your Projects/Tasks Because Your Doing Springs From Being

This is one aspect that keeps me going like an energizer bunny.  Because I don’t get burnt out and I spend zero time in the Neuroses Zone my energy is fully intact and totally allocated on things that really matter.  That’s why and how I accomplish so much because I can leverage my time.

I have 24 hours/day just like everyone else but with leveraged time I have double or triple efficiency compared to most people or those who still are spending inordinate amount of time in their Neuroses Zone.

And funny thing is these days I sleep regularly at least 8 hours/day.  Yes at least, cause I can easily gain a 10 hour beauty sleep each day as well (and I must say my angelic dog Freckles helps cause she’s so snuggly and cuddly :D).  What can I say, I love sleeping. 🙂

Because I have restful nights I can even leverage my time even better!

4. Special Discount For The Retreat

As a student for this program we’ll have special retreat on top of the regular one we hold at least twice a year and special rates as well (at least 20% discount) so we can do all these things in person face to face over gourmet dinner and ever flowing champagne!  In the coming years we’ll hold these retreats around the globe so you can really experience the abundance that this shift in consciousness will offer.

If you are sure this is what you want you can choose your package and sign up today and You will Get A COMPLIMENTARY VACATION CERTIFICATE for most exotic holiday destinations in Mexico, Vegas, Orlando, Bali, Thailand or Tenerife (see conditions at the bottom of this page)!!

Midas Touch: Exploration of Your Genius Zone Premium: $3999



or 3 monthly payments of $1499


or 5 monthly payments of $929


Midas Touch: Exploration of Your Genius Zone: $1999


or 3 monthly payments of $799

or 5 monthly payments of $500


But if you aren’t sure and want some time to talk to me direct on Skype/the phone, please email me at to schedule your one on one preliminary session to see if this is a fit for you specifying your income and the challenges you are facing.

Please like my new page and add yourself to my new group to learn more insights into this very feminine approach to business and success.

Conditions for Complimentary Vacation Certificate:

1. Currently, our US and Mexico incentives can only be used by US and Canadian citizens.

Our Tenerife Spain certificates are only available to citizens of Europe (including the UK). And our certificates for Thailand vacations are available to citizens or residents of any country, except for citizens of Asian countries.

In other words, the Thailand vacation certificates can’t be redeemed by people they would consider “locals.” To use certificates in Thailand, the establishments are looking for tourists from what they consider “foreign countries” outside of Asia.

The Bali vacation is ONLY valid for residents of North America, South America, Africa, Australia, Europe, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Philippines, India, Singapore.

2. Email mail me the destination of your choice and flights are not included.   The recipient of this certificate is responsible for all expenses including but not limited to: airfare, transfers, food, gratuities, and any other miscellaneous expenses. This certificate cannot be combined with any other promotional vacation offer.




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