How To Connect To The Heart And Get All The Answers You Need Each And Every Time

When you discover how to connect to the heart, life becomes effortless, flowing. This is what a restless mind does: always anticipating something, bad or good, in the future instead of welcoming any moment with a child-like sense of curiosity. Till you have that child-like curiosity, life is a bore and/or trepidation to you. A grounded mind stays where the body and experience is. It doesn’t live in psychological time. It’s not wishing to repeat a past experience or for the future to come faster.  A grounded mind is connected to the heart and the heart knows all the answers.

I haven’t written in a while.  I’ve been practicing connecting to heart which means everything I do comes from the heart, not the mind.  So when my heart isn’t feeling it, there is nothing I “should” do. Do you know how to connect to the heart?

The heart is your inner compass.  It is where your divine intelligence is connected to, not the mind. The heart comes fully alive when your mind is quiet.

You get all the answers you need when you silence all the questions, paradoxically.  And the mind is full of confusion because its job is to ask questions and seek answers to these questions that will never have any definitive answers cause language is dualistic and limited.

What I mean by that is language, more often than not, will open the pandora box.  Hence this is why we can’t summarize truth in one short sentence without ifs and buts.

Words always require disclaimers because words are never enough to capture the entire nuances, the entire truth, the unbroken whole.

“The Heart is another name for Reality and this is neither inside nor outside the body.” ~Ramana Maharshi

So the more you wonder, the less clear things become.

How to Connect to the Heart, Your Compass of Truth!

how to connect to heartThe heart, on the other hand, doesn’t ask questions.  The heart only knows.  And knowing doesn’t require a language.

So since my mind isn’t busy, the drive to do things out of the movement of the mind that colors our perception of the world is no longer there.  Whenever I do things it is out of necessity and it’s spontaneous.

This heart-centered process is also at work now as I am in the midst of teaching Module 1 of Feminine Magnetism Group Coaching which is Journey Inward.  I literally have no idea what I’m going to teach week to week till one day it just crystallizes and I put my insights in writing or on the slides, usually one or two days prior to the coaching day.

The rest of the time it’s cooking inside of me.  So all I need just space.  I need a lot of time to myself to reflect and look inside.  It’s not the same as thinking -or worrying- about it.

In fact, I don’t think about it.  It just pops in and out of my consciousness.  I just be.  And it’s delivered to me in time.

The Path of Least Resistance Opens to the Heart Connected

connect to the heartOnce you learn to connect to heart, you find yourself  stress and anxiety-free.  It’s the same as trusting nature to take its own course.  What feels natural to us is the way of nature.  How many of us living in resistance against what is inevitable?  Like, for instance, your nature is to be a painter.  You’re good at it yet you are being discouraged by messages around you that very few painters can earn proper living so now you live in conflicts between what your heart and your mind are telling you.

The two are often contradictory, aren’t they?

Then the conflicts eat away at the very core of your being.  You ended up doing poorly either in painting and other things you think you should be doing instead.  The conflicts are the problem.

So how to just be and get the job done at the same time?  What I have found out is life has already created a path for you.  You just have to surrender with the flow of life.  Being is a state of mind that is without resistance.  So you can do and accomplish a lot of things in life while still “be” simply because you carry no resistance inside of you because you’re connected to the heart.

When you know how to connect to heart, you master the silencing of the mind.  The heart is deactivated when the mind is busy and loud.  You can’t hear your heart unless you silence the mind first.  So when a question bothers you so much you don’t know the answer to, shut off the mind and hear the heart.

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It will become much clearer to you as the heart will discern if the question is valid to begin with.  Most of the time our questions are even a non-issue.  They only become real when you start dissecting them in your head.  Then you start worrying about a problem that is not there to begin with had your mind not thought about it.

Is this relatable?  I bet it is.  So next time you are confused because some questions seem to have very elusive answers, silence the mind.  When you realize you have forgotten some stuff that have bothered you earlier on you will see that forgetting is the answer!

Slide71Be forgetful….which means don’t hang onto an experience or a memory.  Let them go and be directly experiencing the now moment to moment.  This is the kind of life not bound to psychological time that keeps you trapped in sorrow.

This is why it’s taxing to live with the mind and all its content.  It is exhaustive to the nervous system.  The mind is old and often rotten.  The heart, on the other hand, is always fresh, innocent and new.  When you are connected to the heart, the mind empties its content moment to moment so in the tranquil mind possibilities arise.  Innovations.  Creativity.  And solutions to real problems that don’t originate from the mind.

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