How to Be Indispensable At Work and Love

How to be indispensable at both work and love is very straightforward and obvious. Be the very person you want to hire or be with. It’s like DUH! 🙂

When I first started in the business as a part-time blogger/affiliate marketer in 2010 I didn’t think or plan or expect that I would be where I am today.  It was just a hobby.

Having been fresh of a painful breakup, I didn’t have any ambition, didn’t follow any “success formula,” didn’t look around for business coaches to help me launch my business.  I just did my own thing, did anything that I liked to help me sooth my pain (cause I found doing this very therapeutic), went through the trials and errors and even fell flat on my face a few times trying to apply shortcuts thinking they might help me get further than where I was at the time which wasn’t very far at all (of course shortcuts never help so don’t ever think about it 🙂 ).

I share All these experiences in my ongoing program Midas Touch, Exploration of Your Genius Zones.

Truly, I just hit the jackpot.  I didn’t know how I ended where I am today.

The natural evolution took over without any interference on my part so unlike everyone who teaches you to plan for success, I followed none of it.

And as far as I recall none of my “plan for success” has ever panned out.  It more often than not just frustrated me and made me unhappy.

The excruciating pain and anxiety I was experiencing was in fact the “drive” for me to decode this ever eternal romantic puzzle and find cure to the common debilitating malaise of a heart break anyone will experience in their life at some point or another.

So instead of feeling self-pity or resorted on anti anxiety medications, I made myself date around like there was no tomorrow even though most of the time I felt nothing for these men -and not only that, also felt miserable during the dates.

I just knew one thing: only I could help myself.  And only by moving on I could eventually heal this wounded heart.

And in the process, I found my bliss.  I wrote my little ebook not expecting anything other than selling a few copies here and there and just made enough to pay rent.

It’s nothing like the bombastic ways many new (vanity) coaches these days are trying to project an exaggerated image of themselves as being more successful than they actually are.

Suffice it to say I’m a person of substance.  My work and results speak for me, not hypes through spending tons of money on publicity so you can appear on this magazine or that magazine so you can overcharge for your products and services.  I was never into that gimmick myself because I thought people could see through your thin veneer despite the thick sugarcoating.

I barely was ever impressed by these pseudo celebrities even as a newbie. You can’t sugarcoat shallow and vapid.  And there are so many shallow and vapid coaches out there since there is no barrier to entry in the industry.

And yeah I have no problem pointing that out because it’s the truth.  My position hasn’t changed since the first days I entered the business and saw how dismal the state of dating and relationship coaching was.

When I practiced what they taught, they just made me more neurotic and pushy than what was necessary so yeah I have seen the lack of results of their advice, needless to say.

And my work ethics spill over my coaching fundamentals as well.  Basically I teach all my clients to be a person/woman of substance, not a dime-in-a-dozen average neurotic mind that is too doormatic or narcissistic to be a true partner to any -relatively- emotionally healthy man.

And to be honest the only advice that works 100% of the time in the industry is my own. Again, this is coming from someone who refused to claim expertise in men or relationship the first 3 years in the business.

I was a very bad bragger, never claimed anything, faked anything and just saw reality square in its face.  Didn’t even care to take professional pictures either.  I just never thought I was that interesting as a flesh.  Having been obsessed of wanting to be a model throughout my teenaged years and my 20’s, by then I had realized I didn’t have the looks nor the passion/gift.

And *reality* was after the publication of my ebook in 2012, I received so many unsolicited testimonials like nothing I had ever seen in my entire life, not of me before then or anyone else in the business.

These long heartfelt emails detailing the authors’ personal transformation were so touching and eye-opening of the power of my teachings.  I didn’t realize it was that soul-healing, life-changing and mind-expanding.

I didn’t know that.

And these women made this be known because the changes they experienced were so radical and fundamental their entire lives had been saved.

And from then on I never had to do what everyone else has to do: taking glamorous pictures, having this clichéd humongous  “As seen on CBS, NBC, CNN, BBC, Animal Planet, Huffington Post, Cosmopolitan, Forbes” banner, on your homepage, soliciting (vapid) testimonials from clients, focusing on list building, employing arm-twisting sales tactics, hiring publicists, business coach, social media managers, a sales team, etc..etc…

I already worked around the clock helping clients at a dime -and then gradually at a very reasonable rate- and the only marketing I did was posting daily testimonials from my clients.  They made it easy for me.

I never needed to embellish myself.  What you see is what you get with me.  I’m as real as it gets.

In the world in which “fake it till you make it” is the creed, I advocate you to be as real, vulnerable and authentic as possible.  You’re different when you’re real, vulnerable and authentic.

That was and still is my trademark nobody can emulate…

Be a person of substance and you’ll be indispensable.  Then money and success follow you like a shadow without you even trying.

I never tried to be rich.  I was just grateful for anything I received and when the testimonials began to pour in, I was just grateful that I could help people out of their pain and suffering.

It was a reward in itself.  And the fact that I made $47 of out of each one them was icing on the cake.

I helped thousands of women out their suffering with $47, what is cooler than that?

And if I can be honest with you all, when I look back at my journey, there was only one thing that helped me figure this all out.

One thing only.

Do you know what that is?

It’s looking within.  It’s the Journey Inward.  My signature inner work program is called Journey Inward for that very reason.

Because it was a documentation of my inner process/evolution.

One day the name just “descended” upon me, I heard my divine guidance whisper at my ears: “Do this Journey Inward program.”

Everything I did in my business was the result of in-the-moment INTUITION, not FORMULA borrowed from others.  Divine Intelligence is clear, in-the-moment and direct.  It’s as sharp and fast as an arrow being shot from a well-cultivated arch.

“Those who look outside fall asleep and dream, those who look inside wake up (while still dreaming and enjoying the dreams).” ~ Katarina Phang

We are awakened in the dreams.  Let’s play this Barbie together.  Life is so grand when you are empty inside.

Then you become a “Wonder Woman” because you never know anything and you thrive in the not knowing simply because you’re emotionally free (the “simply” isn’t that simple, obviously 🙂 ).

You’re at the pinnacle of what ever possible for a human being to be so conscious that they are free from all forms of mental suffering.

That’s all I teach – in a nutshell.

So when you’re ready for such heights and depths check this outFollow My Process Coach Certification Program is the highway and stairway to heaven.  It’s existence on the highest level of frequency.

I want to inspire you on what is possible in life with this one-of-a-kind program. I want to show you what freedom really means.

I live a freedom lifestyle.  I am free geographically, financially and emotionally.

It’s the pinnacle of a human experience.

Included in this program is retreat in an exotic location (we pick Ireland for the first year and some other locations for the next ones) so you can taste the kind of abundance you can have in your life.

We will even have annual retreats all over the world for all the coaches as a continued education/refresher.  We will share all these great experiences life has to offer because seriously to me, the more the merrier.

I want to include you all, or at least those of you who are ready to carry the torch with me.

How To Stay Awake In The Process of Dating and Falling In Love

And if you want to know how to be awake in the process of life, I will have a 3-day workshop on How to Date and Love Meditatively on September 15, 22 and 29 at 2 pm EST.

This workshop will guide you to stay conscious in the process of dating and relating so you will never fall asleep and be lost in a nightmare.  This is the only way to safeguard your precious little heart.

In it I will teach exercises to keep you awake and aware so you aren’t being led astray by your dreamy mind.  This will help you smoothen the process of a guy bonds to you emotionally with as little drama and as few barriers as possible.

Imagine how this entire wakefulness will make your EUM see how indispensable of a woman you are!  Each class will run between 90-120 minutes depending on how active you are in participating.

Only $299!!  Sign up now because this is the lowest price you’re going to ever get.  Typically, with all my programs they’ll go up in prices to adjust to inflation and because I never overcharge.

Day 1: How to date meditatively

Day 2: How to make love and fall in love meditatively

Day 3: How to relate and love meditatively



This workshop will be explored in depth in Bali Retreat in November as well as part of Remove the Barriers (fears) curriculum.

The Road to Inner Healing and Inner Freedom

The wide reaching of my work has been recognized by Facebook and as a response to my audience’s enthusiasm, my page has been picked to have the privilege of the fan subscriptions.

I don’t know if anybody else in the relationship niche has been given the same privilege but to me this is the sign that the path has been laid out so I can reach more people with less cost. Overtime with only $99 per month you can get access to hundreds of hours of my discourses on variety of subjects on love, men, relationship and consciousness.

And not only that you will also get 15% off for all my programs in the first month of subscription!!


It’s like getting my Journey Inward or coming to my retreat with 1 to 4 months free in the fan subscriptions.

We have had 21 satsangs or soul nourishments so far and you can listen to the 32 hours of teachings upon signing up and attend live the next one!

Here’s the list of classes you can listen to upon signing up (total 32 hours):

1. Attachment and How It Messes Up Everything, 60 mins

2. How Emotional Abuse Happens In Relationship and How to Stop It, 90 mins

3. When To Speak Up and How To Communicate In A Way that He Can Listen to and Make Him Love You Even More, 90 mins

4. Financial Sharing in Dating and Relationship, the Ideal and Reality of it, 60 mins

5. Trusting Yourself and Your Intuition, 80 mins

6. Abandonment, Fears, Anxiety and A Journey to True Inner Healing, 80 mins

7. What Is Cheating and How Cheating Happens and how to cheat-proof your relationship, 80 mins

8. Abandonment, Fears, Anxiety and A Journey to True Inner Healing part 2 with coach Dasha, 90 mins

9. How to Cultivate Emotional Attraction with Your EUM/Guy, 90 mins

10. Goddess Interview: Chiemeri, The Power of Thoughts, 60 mins

11. How to Create Magnetic Allure Thru Sex and Sensuality with coach Dasha, 140 mins!!

12. When Is Relationship Exclusive and What to Do When You’re An Exclusive with A Guy Who Doesn’t Act Like a Boyfriend, 90 mins

13. How to Create Magnetic Allure Thru Sex and Sensuality part 2 with coach Dasha, 80 mins!!

14. Seven Moves to Charm, Entice and Captivate your Man without Leaning Forward, 140 mins!!

15. How to Move On after a Breakup, And Attract Him Back in The Process If That’s What You Want, 100 mins

16. How to Lean Back and Be High Value Even When You Feel He’s Friend Zoning You, 60 mins

17. How to Create and Build Solid Trust in a Relationship with Coach Dasha, 90 mins

18. Will Leaning Back Work Now After Leaning Forward for 10 Years?, 90 mins

19. How to Merge Two Families and Handle Conflicts with His Kids, 90 mins

20. How to Forget and Forgive After He Cheated On Me or Should I, 90 mins

21. How to Survive and Thrive After A difficult Break Up with Coach Dasha, 90 mins

And here are the upcoming classes every Wednesday, Saturday or Sunday at 3 or or 6 pm EST (we’re still adjusting the timing to adjust to best time that most can attend):

22. Goddess Interview: Laura, How She Heals Her Anxiety and Depression and Lost 168 lbs with Journey Inward, September 11

Only $99/month and you can cancel anytime. No down payment of $2,000 and $500/month some vanity/newbies coaches with no credentials twist your arm to pay. It’s like therapy with a Buddha for less than $10/hour. There is simply NO EQUIVALENCE out there in terms of QUALITY, RESULTS and AFFORDABILITY. It’s so DIRT CHEAP, ladies…seriously sign up!!

Bring your own topic for next months. I promise you, you will be as chilled as a cucumber being in the commune of Goddesses and mentored by the Awakened Goddess par extraordinaire and whichever guy or guys who find you attractive will melt in your divine presence because you’re simply a unicorn. All these men will go gaga on you and eat out the palm of your hand.

It goes without saying, my fan subscriptions will help you a great deal with whatever issue you have in your relationship or life and you get to support my work so I can help more women. We’re on the path of building a commune that will create an alternative society in which inner freedom is the state of being.

Only $99 per month you’ll get the wealth of information that works 100% of the time from the one and only Man Whisperer and the Last Resort:

Katarina Phang’s Fan Subscriptions

See you in class next week as the topic is needless to say the kind of wisdom you also need that most of you got it all wrong that caused your relationship to stall instead of flourish.

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