How To Be A Irresistible Woman With Self-Knowledge And Self-Awareness

how to be an irresistible goddess

The more self-aware you are, the more irresistible you become.  One of the hallmarks of self-awareness is the capacity to distinguish between judgment and discernment.

Here’s one of my most recent FB live videos I’ve done. This time I talked about the difference between judgment and discernment and why it’s so self-expanding to master the skill to know the difference.

All I ever teach is for you to become whole because the path to wholeness and holiness is one and the same.  Wholeness is about embracing every part of ourselves: the saint and the sinner, the prude and the promiscuous, the selfish and the selfless.

Judgment is based on prejudice so it’s about you even when what you judge maybe right. Discernment is based on understanding and direct seeing so it’s about “what is.” You will know the difference through your emotional reaction. Two people can say the same thing about someone, one will be judgment and the other will be discernment based on those two’s internal experiences.

There is resistance in judgment. There is only acceptance in discernment. So check with yourself each time you make a value/moral assessment of someone, do you feel resistance or not? If you do, that is your shadow side right there just lurking. Moral judgment is in the way of clarity. It diminishes the capacity for direct seeing.

You will become more irresistible, naturally, when you grow in self-awareness.  With self-awareness you’ll be less prone to be swayed by negative emotions that usually come from judgment.

In judgment there is a tacit assumption of being better than the other person, or at least you’re trying to convince yourself that you are better but a lot of times you don’t really believe it hence you feel resistance in you.  Watch that resistance, where does that come from?

It comes from trying to justify your assessment of the other person (and thus, yourself).

This is why judgment is about you because the motive is about feeling better about oneself.  It’s about self-aggrandizement/elevation in the act of putting down another person. There is something unresolved that this other person triggers/stirs up inside of you.

Discernment, on the other hand, isn’t self-motivated hence it’s about “what is.”  If it’s not accurate then it will just be an “inaccurate assessment” based on incomplete information.

There is “I” -lots of it” in judgment and there is no “I” in discernment.  Judgment implies resistance (cause you resist the denied aspects of yourself that you project unto the other person) and discernment implies acceptance (understanding always leads to surrendering to reality).

There is, thus, no “I” in acceptance and “I” creeps in in resistance, both figuratively and literally.

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  • I truly have to say that I have read every single article that you have in your blog. Your advice came at such a great time. This year I have began my spiritual journey and all of your advice is so in alignment with everything. I had done the work and felt so confident in myself “until” I met a guy that I was sooooo into. I was completely lost again as to how to handle him and our situation. I started off with reframing from sex because I had believed that was the problem with my other relationships but I could tell that he was getting rather impatient. I decided that after the 4th date that I was ready because frankly, I hadnt had sex in a year and I wanted him worse than a kid in a candy store. However this time I actually did it with the pure idea that I wanted it and It was about “my” pleasure and I truly was not concerned if he was still there after it or not (this was prior to finding your site). OMG it felt so liberating and stress free. I still had a small feeling about “what now” but I remain focused on me and just let him be…I was able to do this because I had already did the inner work and at that point really wasnt concerned with whether or not he would like me. Then I stumbled across your website and I have been hooked ever since. Every single thing you said we shouldnt do I have done. I have given and given and given to a man from the door, surprise parties, helping with their kids, giving them money and the whole nine and then I expected their devotion and love in return, only to be disappointed. I was DEFINITELY leading with my masculine Leo energy. Now it feels so good to do nothing, I have always been a very loving and open person anyway so now I just live in the present moment. I appreciate everything a man does, even down to the simple text because I know that they chose to take the time to send that to me. I have always LOVED sex and always wanted to explore more of my sexuality and all that it can bring me. I have always thought of it to be so special and just such a place of fun and exploration, however after reading so many things I started to equate it with a negative undertone unless I was in a committed relationship. The energy I was putting off was horrible and very strong. I actually realized today that every single one of my exes loved me, I just didnt love myself….that was so profound to realize that and all this time I thought I was not loveable.

    So I just wanted to thank you again for your blog, it came at a great time to reinforce my current path. I am dating “seeing” a great guy that for the first time it seems that the balance is good. He told me early on that he is a hardcore Alpha male that likes to lead and does not do well with women that are like him, its so funny to know that most Alpha males feel the same way. I had to adjust my strongness to be able to flow with him. It wasnt so easy at first cause I was guarded and not wanting to get hurt or played. However after reading your articles I realized that there is no way for me to get played unless I want to and if I give him his polar opposite he will be so attracted to me and he is. I just sit back and let him lead, I give him his space, I dont ask questions, I truly let him be him and I go on with my life.

    Life is good, full of love all around me… ohh and SEX is even better. Thank you so much again and I will be getting your book!

    • Wowza, thank you for such kind endorsement, dear fellow Leonista. 🙂 Did you read the ebook yet? You’ll be even more unstoppable!

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