How To Be A High Value Woman

high value woman traits

How to be a high-value woman?  Here are seven traits of a high value woman that will make him all mushy inside.

Some women are natural Goddesses. They just automatically know how to be a high value woman. They have this certain aura that just emanates effortlessly that intrigues any man that comes across their path. It comes from unwavering self-love and self-esteem.

These women may not be stunningly beautiful. They are attractive beyond the physical. They have personality, self-confidence and charisma that make men addicted to them.

They embrace their feminine charm and sexuality. They are not using their sexuality as a bargaining chip but a vehicle for bonding and self-expression.


7 Traits of a High-Value Woman


1. A high value woman’s actions come from place of power and self-confidence.

She does not operate from a place of lack or fear or neediness.

She doesn’t bind him, instead she makes it clear that he’s free to leave any time to pursue his happiness. She cares about his happiness as much as hers, but most of all she doesn’t need him to be happy.

She loves herself deeply and a woman who loves herself instinctively knows how to love others.

This relentless self-confidence and well-roundedness is everything secure guys want in a woman. That is how he perceives “high value”, A man will move a mountain to have a woman like that in his life.

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2. A high-value woman Does Not Withhold Sex

She is passionate (yet detached) in and out of bed.  She is passionate about life and has such an aura about her that no matter what happens with her relationship with him, she will come out on top. She’s a powerful woman, yet she is soft.

Sex to high value women is not a bargaining chip. She realizes that sex or no sex will not guarantee her a commitment. She knows that a man will feel her agenda to pin him down if she withholds sex or anything in exchange for his loyalty.

The I won’t give you this until I get that feels like a trap to a man.

She captures his imagination in bed. The world fades away when they kiss. Men can connect on the most visceral level through sex if they feel safe.

If he feels you have an agenda attached to sex, a man will not feel safe. He will still have sex with you but the intimate bond will be limited.  Intimacy is about more than sex.

A high value woman knows that intimacy is inside and outside of the bedroom and does not put rules down.

When a woman can show him that he has it all to make her happy and satisfied and yearn for more in the sack, he feels so great about himself. He feels safe and closer to her as a result. And he’ll think more of her when she’s not around.

3. A high-value woman doesn’t play hard to get she is easy to lose.

She doesn’t need to. She shows interest. She thinks the world of him, in fact. She makes him flattered. He feels great being with her because she looks up to him. He feels like a man and a hero to her. She can’t get enough of him and it is contagious that he has no other choice but to reciprocate.

She isn’t hard to get but easy to be with.

On the other hand, she will not hesitate to walk away from a man who is not treating her well.

She will not make demands if he is treating her less than.She won’t have endless conversations expecting him to change. She won’t create drama.

She will withdraw her attention and down grade him with grace.

4. A high-value women has her own full life

She is as happy to see and spend time with him, yet her life does not revolve around him solely.

She has a life and interests outside of him and will not be willing to give them up for the sake of having a man.

When a woman has her own life and interests that she prioritizes a man feels comfortable as he does not have the pressure of being responsible for her happiness.

Because of her full life, he feels free to pursue his outside interests without guilt or pressure.  One of the biggest fears a man has is the loss of freedom.

A woman that has her own life takes that fear away.

5. A high value woman is aware that men have insecurities too.

Realizing that gives her the “upper hand,” hence while she thinks highly of him she doesn’t put him on a pedestal either. She has softened boundaries yet high standards and respect her own needs and feelings and make them known in a non-threatening way to him.

When she is obviously in love with herself without coming across as a narcissistic bitch, he’ll be the one who puts her on a pedestal. Every compliment she says about him will flatter him so much.

And she does compliment him when it’s due and it’s genuine. She builds him up. She is loyal and supportive. She has his back and doesn’t try to change him. She accepts him, warts and all.

And it’s addictive. He wants more of it. From you. Because you are special. Because you are a high-value woman whose opinion matters so much to him.

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6. A high Value Women Feels Safe to express her deepest feelings and desires

She’s truly grounded and sensible overall. Guys are not scared by our emotions when expressed without blame or expectations.

If they’re into you, they are addicted to your emotional expressions so long they’re done in a balanced way without the drama.

A touch of vulnerability and detachment works wonder to create a sense of mystery that will make him yearn more for you.

Women’s capacity to feel deeply and express it is fascinating to men when a woman can do this without blame or without making him feel like he has failed her.

It actually draws him closer to you. It’s not something they regularly come across among their peers.

So when she expresses her feelings it doesn’t come from a place of lack or needing reassurance but rather an expression of authenticity.  It isn’t done with expectations like many women do.

7. High Value Women Operate in the Present Moment

She has no agenda other than enjoying whatever life throws at her at any given moment. It’s a rare quality that will make him so intrigued and think more about her when she’s not around.

A woman who values herself doesn’t think ahead to rings and babies.  She realizes there are no guarantees and relaxes in the present without pushing for a future.

Women who can relax in the moment are rare as most men are accustomed to women projecting into the future and trying to fit him into a mold of permanence.

When she takes one day at a time with ease, a man can relax and move at his own pace.

A man will stick with a woman who constantly makes him feel good about himself and about being with her.

It’s a simple science.

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  • hi katrina, do you also deal with marriagr stuff? im yearning for my husband’s emotional side . i feel theres a loop hole somewhere , we dont connect on that level. also, sex isnt great

  • Hi Kat, could you tell me how to let a guy who is continuously ghosting and reappearing know in a feminine way that his actions and inactions (inconsistency) isn’t working for me? I met a guy in October and at first he was all interested … I must admit I was more communicative the first two months (masculine energy) but while I initiated some contacts then, he did most of the initiating and it was incidentally when we were getting along great. Even while traveling for work, he remaining in regular touch. Then starting early this year, he had a long work trip of almost 2.5 straight months where he began what I’ve now seen is a hot and cold cycle, with long absences of several weeks at a time, and then approaches me, just for sex. I have completely withdrawn since he began this behavior, and thats why we have weeks of silence going between us. How can I let him know that I need to feel desired, wanted and respected? Especially since we had a chat about this in March and he has once again disappeared. I know he will reappear soon, and I’m just wondering how to deal with this.

  • Hi Katarina,

    Im just confused about this..
    A high-value woman doesn’t play hard to get -if that means making him jump through hoops-, but rather she is easy to lose.

    She doesn’t need to. She shows interest. She thinks the world of him, in fact. She makes him flattered. He feels great being with her because she looks up to him. He feels like a man and a hero to her. She can’t get enough of him and it is contagious that he has no other choice but to reciprocate
    Does it not contradict the leaning back if we show interest? Kindly elaborate please.

  • high value women are much needed and undercherised in todays society

  • Hi Kat,

    If I feel my guy is pulling away and we haven’t talked in over a week should I continue to wait and give him space until he reaches out to me?

  • HI Kat I have been reading your blogs and I follow you on FB High-Value Goddess page. I really enjoy reading what all the ladies have to say. You have so many books I would like to get my hands on. I have a question for you, what is the book you can recommend to begin with I feel like I need to work on myself first so I can have a better understanding of how and why I can apply myself. I want to be myself but better. I have rotation guys and one in particular I have being seeing for almost a year he is a fwb or fuck boy he is the one I want to attract more in a different level we are great in the sack but outside of that is just good morning texts and small talk during the day and goodnight text. we don’t engage outside of that. cancel that Kat I want to be a Goddess like you!

  • Can I raise my value in a man’s eyes once he’s made the judgment that I’m not high value? I feel I check most of the traits but wasn’t living in the moment so much. I was getting ahead of myself and expecting more from him than he was ready to give.

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