How to Attract Love In Your Life Using The Law of Attraction

attract love in your life

The holiday season of December 2015 has been a tumultuous time in Katarina Phang’s Feminine Magnetism Facebook group for dozens of reasons. With a hyperactive group of over 2800 women from around the world, there have been 9 wedding proposals this month (AND 7 last month!), making 50 engagements for the entire year (as of this writing!). These women have discovered how to attract love in your life.

There has also been a multitude of breakups in the group happening at the same time. As a group moderator entering my fourth holiday season in the forum, I’ve witnessed much joy and anxiety being expressed this month, more than ever. While my position offers a unique window into thousands of romantic relationships, this month in Kat’s forum taught me how “Inner Work”  activates the law of attraction and attracts love into your life.

An important part of Kat’s teachings is that we participate in “Inner Work” in order to improve our romantic relationships.  That means taking a hard and honest look at childhood issues, self-beliefs, past relationships, ANYTHING that is possibly affecting your current situation.

I’m a firm believer that our relationships are a reflection of our inner selves, and that it’s important to look within ourselves to identify the subconscious self-limiting beliefs that are running the show behind the scenes.

When a woman finds herself chasing unavailable men, subconscious limiting beliefs such as “I’m not worthy of love” are at work. While a woman may consciously reject that she believes that about herself, one deep look at her current romantic relationship(s) will reflect how she feels about herself.

Emotionally available women cannot remain in toxic relationships for long because they value themselves too highly to stay.

When new women come to the group, they are usually focused on a particular man. Many haven’t read Kat’s book He’s Really That Into You, He’s Just Not Ready yet, and their anxious posts reflect that they’re in crisis mode: “How long does leaning back take for my guy to come back?,” “Does leaning back really work?,” and “Help! Remind me why I shouldn’t call him!”

The veterans in the group quickly step in with advice and tough love, and the woman begins the journey of a lifetime – going WITHIN herself. And that is when the magic happens. After being in the group for a while, a woman learns to refocus on herself, and she experiences an energetic shift as she raises her own vibration. She finds her personal “Goddess Zone” of self-love, and begins making different choices to stay there.

attract love in your lifeThese anxious women don’t yet understand that to truly attract love in your life, you first need to surrender to how it’s going to show up.  If you are focused on one particular man and one particular outcome, you are blocking love’s path.

The first step to attract love in your life is to let go of controlling the outcome!

As a result of women making this shift, the men in their lives respond!  Sometimes, the original guy will respond by miraculously getting his act together – without her saying or doing a thing! – and claim the woman for a committed relationship. Other times, the original guy will leave altogether because he is no longer a vibrational match for a “High Value Woman.”  And many times, a brand new man will appear “out of the blue” and sweep the woman off her feet.

I’m not surprised that there have been so many engagements in Kat’s group this year, and I’ve witnessed this type of transformation too many times to chalk it up to coincidence.  When a woman gets clear on her inner beliefs about being worthy of love, THEN she attracts love in her life and gets the loving relationship. It will be with either with the man who brought her to the group in the first place, or with a brand new wonderful man she hadn’t even expected.

My personal belief is that reaching the “Goddess Zone” is what activates “The Law of Attraction.”   A woman who takes “The Journey Inward” to raise her own self-worth becomes a magnet for real love and will naturally attract love in her life with no effort!

So for me, the truth is clear: Inner Work Creates Outer Results.

If you are ready to take the journey inward, and attract real love, check out Kat’s online courses.

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  • Last month I got in touch with my first love from 21 years ago. We had a bad break up b/c my parents didn’t approve of him (wrong race), and we had a long distance phone bill between us that he left me to pay after we broke up. I was sent to the military, and he was left back in Texas. We had a wonderful relationship up until this point where my relatives threatened me and all of this bad stuff went down. I was a 19 year old emotional wreck, and I said some horrible things to him. He seemed very happy but scared to meet up last week (his idea, not mine). We met twice last week, and it was just like old times in terms of laughter, comfort, etc. Then last weekend, he called me Saturday morning, and he was busy (he has two jobs). On Sunday, I got a text from him saying, “Why haven’t I heard from you?” I laughed it off and asked how he was doing. On Monday, I texted him “I love you,” and he replied, “LOL, just out of the blue?” I haven’t heard from him since. It wasn’t the first time we’d texted “I love you,” but it was the first time I’d leaned forward. So don’t lean forward. I don’t know when I’ll ever learn.

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