How Mind Perception Shapes Your Reality

The function of the mind is to divide, to impose limitations and restrictions, to box and categorize. The more mind oriented a person is the more divided, divisive and conflicted he/she is. Thus mind perception creates distortion but it shapes your reality in the most determinant way.  In the quiet mind resides all possibilities. In the quiet mind the whole universe surrenders.

You perceive the world through the clout of the story of the “I.” That’s not direct perception. That’s what perceiving through the mind is.  And mind perception always leads to conflicts, anguish and division.  All only exist in your limited awareness.How do you know what perceiving through the mind is?  Observe, say, when you’re talking to someone, are you busy evaluating/judging them in your head, or are you silent in your head and really listening to them?

Observe, when you meet someone, what goes through your mind? Is it judgment of their appearance, looks, the purses they carry or the brand of their shoes/clothes?

Say you have an image of someone that you concoct from one perception to another (usually coming from your conditioning and experiences), when you hear them speak or do things, do you really listen or are you busy interpreting what they say though the filter you have created in your mind about them?

Be aware of the running commentary in your head. That’s the screen that’s in the way of direct perception.

Practice these things each time you have and take notes of your observation.

When you no longer perceive though these stories, you see things as they are. You don’t create problems that never exist in the first place. You don’t start attacking people and bring discords to the world because you misperceive. (Listen to my FREE interview on this very subject here).

That’s a sure sign that your awareness has been expanded. You’re a more together (well-rounded) person now. The broken pieces are what cause you to be over reacting toward external events or people’s behaviors.

When you are one with the rhythm of life, you stop expecting anything coming from life or people because you will just observe, notice and recognize. So you allow life to unfold the way it’s supposed to unfold without your striving and efforts to make it otherwise. So instead of expecting life to fit an idea that you have of what life is (should be) you jump into life with a curiosity of a 5 year old. Bring it on! Let me see what the day has in store for me.

Your Outer World Reflects Your Inner World

perception shapes your realityThe world out there isn’t separate from the world in here. Your outer world is a mere reflection of your inner world. Whatever you believe in, you’ll find evidence of.

The more you are expanded, i.e the more aware and conscious you become, the more you become a mirror to others. You will constantly be reflecting back the unclaimed and dissociated parts of people around you at themselves. You become a catalyst to their growth and healing.

So the mind will create a lot of imaginary things to make sense of the world. The mind has created God in its own image as well. The mind can’t relax in the unknown. It has to know. It needs certainty. All of us have lived our lives through these fabricated filters that don’t really exist in reality.

That is what delusion is.

No wonder we live in a very troubled world. People are fighting their own reflection and projection all the time. Once you see this, you stop fighting. It’s most futile and ignorant. You just relax in the being seeing the world not through those dysfunctional filters for the first time in your life.

The ego will never let go. Your job is to catch it while it’s acting up and see it for what it is. Only then you can let go. Let go of the fact that the ego is acting up, don’t give it any more fuel by justifying or fighting it in your head.

That’s all.

Observe the Ego, Don’t Fight it!

perception vs. RealityWith practice the ego will rarely show up. You will struggle less fighting it, instead you will just see it for what it is. So it’s how it’s silenced for the most part. You can’t get rid of the ego through intentions or efforts cause that’s ego in the first place, you can only catch it each time it appears and be okay with it, then move on.

When you are empty/nothing inside, meaning the ego and its stories aren’t actively percolating inside, you perceive very little separation from others that causes you to violently react over certain things that trigger the ego’s woundedness.

Thus, the mind is in the way of direct experience. Can you see and experience things as they are, not through the filter of the chaotic mind? That means to see and experience things with a quiet mind, not a mind that is busy judging, comparing, measuring, justifying, etc. That’s where to start. Practice direct seeing and experiencing.

Most of you don’t get this part of my teachings cause it’s very profound and takes tons of inner work hence you react violently against that. You think that is being a doormat. The reality is cause the ego is so weakened perception of violation doesn’t happen in the first place. You don’t see a problem in the first place, it’s not a matter of tolerating bad behaviors.

You have lost all the fire to be reactionary because you perceive very little otherness when the ego boundaries have mostly dissolved. And to be reactionary requires tons of energy. An awakened person doesn’t have the egoic drive to exert him/herself in that way anymore.

perception shapes your realityThe essence of my teachings is the conservation of energy so you have enough to create beauty in your life and relationship. Only a handful of my students get this, alas. Many misperceive and misinterpret my teachings cause their awareness isn’t expanded enough to get that. Hence in my coach certification program next year I will go in depth on this very subject.

And when you are everything outside, you see commonalities with everyone. You focus on sameness, instead of differences. You turn between wisdom (I’m nothing inside) and Love (I’m everything outside) and your life will be in perfect harmony. That’s the life I live. It’s doable in this lifetime.

You have to be it to understand a lot that I’m saying. When you still “think” about it, it’s not it. It’s not an opinion, it’s a direct seeing, direct experience. Thinking is limited. Thinking is in the way of realization. Thinking is the block.

MORE: How To Drop Your Stories And Be Empty Inside, And How It Can Make You So Irresistible.

Awakening doesn’t happen when you’re thinking, when the mind is trying to understand, trying to awaken. In the trying lies the problem. It happens when the mind is silent. So cultivate the gap between thoughts, when the screen is turned off and perception is direct. Realization happens there, not in thoughts.

Mind full of thoughts isn’t awake. You’re asleep with open eyes. You’re sleep walking. To be awake is simply to remove the screen through which you perceive the world. This screen or veil is thoughts.

When the veil is lifted you will see things as they are, not through your conditioning and attachments to beliefs, opinions and memories. True intelligence is a mind that is awakened. A mind that’s no longer veiled. A mind that functions as a mirror. It doesn’t believe or disbelieve, it merely reflects.

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