How Feminine Magnetism Is The Solution To Every Relationship Problem You Have

 “So, last night I married the man of my dreams. Dreams come true. Thank you, Katarina Phang! I’m on my honeymoon but would be happy to share details when I have more time. It was just important that I let you know, Kat!” ~Jenna, Atlanta

Jenna is one of my many miracles.  She was engagement #42 last year (out of 50!).  

She managed to hook a recently divorced man to fall so deeply in love with her and married her 1 year and 3 months after they met!  Talking about against all odds…

And if you read the chronology of her journey and listen to the class on the very subject of this blog post below, you will understand why.

Here’s Jenna’s first post on January 22, 2015

“I need some advice – new here 

I met an amazing guy, perhaps one I connect and fit with more than any other man I’ve ever been with – I’m 39. We connect on every level..lots of chemistry and connection but we’re not sleeping together – his choice until we decide if we’re ready to go to the next level in our relationship. However, lots of making out, etc.

Anyhow, he’s out of a 17 yr marriage, no kids, divorced 7 months, after years of no sex and no connection, and he told me immediately he wasn’t ready for a relationship. And I told him I was looking for the right relationship with the right person. I was/have been leaning back the whole time. It’s only been a month – but its been pretty intense. We connect spiritually, communicate and share emotions freely, etc.

It’s obvious that this would be something real and incredible right now but he’s just not ready. He’s told me he’ll get there and to hang in there with him, be patient, etc. He does everything – calls, texts, sets up dates (expect the occasional making him dinner (twice now) but we hit a speed bump the other night when he asked to get together after his studio session (he’s a drummer) and I said yes I’d meet him after as we both had back to back trips and we wanted to see each other before he left.

I had a drinks date (still dating others, which he knows) and while on that date texted to ask him for an estimate time and he was aloof and weird and he said maybe 11:30 – which was way later than I thought. I told him I was excited to spend time with him but with his responses made me sad and disappointed – and he freaked out. He called me from the studio and told me he was in a 17 yr marriage where he felt guilty every day and he’s not ready for a girlfriend and not to make him a priority, etc.

I apologized for making him feel that way but explained I was just letting him know I wasn’t ok with him making plans and then being aloof. We agreed texting sucks. But then we both apologized and decided to meet each other – so I went to his house and we talked for hours.. he said his head is a jumble – he said he has very intense feelings for me but he’s not ready. I told him I have dreams for my life and I’ve done a lot of work spiritually to get there and no one is going to take me off of it..if it’s him and we work out, great. And if not, than that’s fine too.

it was a very zen conversation – we both study buddhism. Anyhow, I haven’t heard from him in two days, he’s now at a music conference and I’m not going to reach out but I’m really hurting. I guess I’m just wondering how I should “be” now.

Before this I was leaning back but still very present, excited to see him, flirty, etc. and he def knew that I was liking him – in fact, he talked several times about how he felt like he was “falling,” always tells me I’m beautiful and amazing, etc. Do I change that now?

What if he says to me again to wait for him or be patient with him?? Because I believe he will since he will most likely feel my energy shift away from him, etc.  I’m concentrating again on dating sites and getting other men in my life. Do I continue to keep him in my life and believe in him – or believe that he’s not ready and we’re just in two different places for it to work?? I need some advice here. Sorry this post is so long.”

May 9, 2015

“I had worked on myself a great deal before I met Katarina Phang…but everything that she teaches really brought me to the next level the first thing I learned was to always hold onto myself. Trust myself, trust the universe. and always know that you are enough for any man right where you are.

When I met my man he was a total EUM but I used Kat’s teachings with him from day one and now four months later we are living together, we talk about marriage all the time and we’re trying to get pregnant.

Can you believe it!! He moved in A little over a month ago and it’s been complete bliss. He’s totally obsessed with me in the best way…and it’s because I have never, and will never, given up what you taught me.” 

December 21, 2015

“Engaged! :)) My love proposed last night on our 1 year anniversary. This wouldn’t have been possible without Katarina who I found, with the universe’s help, just a month or two before I met him. He was scared and wavered in the beginning – and it was with Katarina’s teaching that helped me stay centered and quickly turned him around in such a profound way that we were moved in and talking marriage just a four months into our relationship. He is the man of my dreams..well worth the wait! xoxo

Thank you, Katarina.

Can you believe it!! It was because of your teachings and meditation that I drew an amazing guy like him in in the first place. Thank you thank you!”

Surely you want to know how she pulled this off?  Do you want the solutions to relationship problems?

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  • This class is so endearing. Katarina’s voice…it is just soothing. She is speaking from her heart. You can’t deny the truth within her teachings. They(classes) help you find you, the real you. I still listen and learn all the time. The journey is beautiful when you surrender. The trip becomes exciting when you release expectations. Close your eyes, feel that you will always be ok, breathe, and live in love. Anything is truly possible without fear looming over your life. If you fall, like me, it’s okay, that’s just another chance to try again with what you’ve learned. Believe and you will indeed receive…

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