How Feminine Magnetism Could Improve Meghan Markle’s Relationship With British People

Meghan Markle’s disastrous PR moves -one after another- could have been avoided had she listened to my advice.

As a part of my recent trip to England, I naturally got immersed with the cultural aspects of the United Kingdom that aren’t separate from their most prestigious representative: the Royal Family.

Though I’m an “uncultured” person myself as I don’t belong or practice any culture, as an avid globe trotter I’m drawn to every people’s cultural heritage as a showcase for our evolution of consciousness.  European cultural heritage in general, and the British in particular, is especially fascinating to me.  I consider them the cradle of world’s civilizations.

Meghan Markle didn’t originally capture my interest until the weeks before the trip as she was fumbling with a series of faux pas that enraged her subjects.  So I wrote a FB post that garnered hundreds of comments -pros and cons- below.

Her journey from being an exciting new royal to a royal pain in the arse could have been mitigated had she been less tone deaf and more sensitive to her new country’s traditions and culture.  Instead, she continues on being stubborn and self-absorbed playing victim and driving a wedge further between her husband and his family manipulating his unresolved mommy issues.

Her problem is she wants to shine on a global level and it’s okay to aspire for such greatness, however marrying into a royal family isn’t conducive to such ambition because being royal is about DUTY, not self-expression.  It’s a job especially unfit for a highly ambitious alpha woman who always seeks to aim higher and higher and craves constant exposure.  She’ll be bored out of her mind cause she has to mind her steps so she doesn’t trample on the feet of other members of the family before advancing her own agenda (she’s not supposed to have any personal agenda, in fact!).

She thinks she can do that by instigating a court separation from William and Kate and overseeing her own Instagram account (she really treats the account as her own fan page,  a total no no for a royal but of course she can’t help herself).

She wants the cake and eat it.  She wants the freedom and autonomy to do whatever she wants to do when she wants it and yet she wants the perks of being royal as well.  She wants to portray herself as a selfless humanitarian but she forgets that charity starts at home (she disowns her own father who raised and supported her and the entire family on her father’s side including an uncle who got her a gig in the American embassy in Argentina for very feeble reasons in exchange of cavorting with virtual stranger A-listers who didn’t care about her before she married Harry and just like her, their motives for any kind of associations with anyone are what they can get out of them).

Her main interest as it has become obvious ultimately isn’t to stay within the royal fold because as she has learned the hard way it’s really not what it’s cracked to be: her fantasy of it doesn’t align with reality, but to use it as a stepping stone to her ambition to be a world celebrity unrestricted by anything.  She wants the jetsetting lifestyle she hopes her association with the rich and famous will afford her,  with or -most likely- without Harry.

And that is what makes her the least popular royal after Prince Andrew on a recent poll.  She in fact helps Camilla to be more accepted by the public as she’s traditionally the least liked among them all, that’s how bad her “performance” has been in just 19 months after her wedding.

I’d like to believe that she could still save the day but seeing how petulant and unwise she has been with her tacky moves most likely advised by her tone deaf disastrous PR firm, I think her days as royal are numbered.  She’s fighting a losing battle by acting like a loose cannon and being so disrespectful of the exceptional 1000 years of tradition that is the Guardian of British Culture as soon as she was admitted with such open arms into the family.  She got in fact special treatments that not even Kate received but her sense of entitlement and narcissism has betrayed the family to the point that I don’t see how she can stay in the family and not being frosted.

Her unruly behaviors in such a short time being royal cheapen the monarchy in an unprecedented way that even Fergie’s toe sucking episode pales in comparison.  It’s an undeserving slap to Her Majesty the Queen who is the embodiment of Feminine Magnetism herself in perhaps her last decade of her life and truly remarkable reign, the longest in the 1000 year history spanning over 6.5 decades.

So that’s my update of the piece.  You can check on the post above and participate in the conversation if you’re so inclined.

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