He Offers Me A Relationship When I have Moved On

how to take him off the pedestal

What you resist, persists.  When you resist and fight against a break up, an ex rarely comes back to you.  It’s when you release, surrender and accept the break up that your energy changes.  Your ex naturally gravitates back to you.  This is why you get your ex back with the law of attraction.

Just as soon as I finished with the first class of my monthly membership, Gillian posted this in the group: “D has been continuing to contact me the past two weeks. He ramped it up this weekend. I was very surprised at how many times he called me. One of the many times called me was early Saturday morning.. and I didn’t answer. That, apparently, made him nervous cause he continued to try to call me. He asked, (when he finally got a hold of me) so I told him that I had been picked up (for an early morning date) for breakfast and to watch the sun come up.

D was concerned cause he said he thought I was winding my dating down. I said to him (again) that my plans were to continue dating. I said (to D) that he was not interested in a relationship with me and that he indicated to me, several times, that I had much deeper feelings for him than he would ever have for me. (I was throwing back to him what he’s been saying to me..back when he broke it off with me and also during the couple of conversations we’ve had since we’ve been talking over the past month or so.) I told him that considering all that he’s been telling me, that I would be crazy to drop everyone else to date him. I told him that I wanted a relationship and that he did not..and that I needed to make it about me now.

D shocked me. I expected today to be the final good bye. (We met for lunch) I had plans to tell him not to call me a again for a while.

D stepped it up today and told me that he definitely did have feelings for me and wanted a relationship with me. He also indicated, after I asked, that he would not be on POF anymore or attempting to date anyone else while we are dating. I am not sure what to do with all of this? I really truly had planned to see Al exclusively and to let D go.

My stomach is in knots now. I think I (more or less) got what I thought I wanted (now). But I have no idea what to do with it or if I should do anything with what D is offering me…”

A few months ago Gillian came to me highly anxious and was on the verge of a nervous breakdown.  She was an emotional basket case and a one-down in her non-relationship with a guy who claimed that “he could never feel as deep as she was feeling for him” and “he was happy the way things were.”

That devastated her to pieces.  She longed for a commitment and that pining energy, like every woman who comes to me for help, was in fact the vey reason why she wasn’t getting it.

Though many would say that he’s not really that into her, I told her that he was turned off by her neediness and clinginess.  She didn’t act high-value and a man won’t commit to a woman he doesn’t perceive as high-value.

With my coaching and programs I have helped many women turn these dead-end relationships around.  The key is in the energy shift.  She has to feel powerful first before she can get what she wants.

I’m one of the most successful dating/relationship coaches in America and the world with amazingly consistent results day after day.  The results I consistently deliver are beyond my wildest dreams. Wanna know the secret of my success in both career and love? I faked it till I made it. And I maintain positive attitude and mindset at all time.  I imagined that all that was already happening and was feeling the the feelings I would be feeling. And voila here I am….happy, successful and emotionally free. And you can do it too.

I’m writing this blog post from my 6-week long vacation in Asia.  I travel and still make money at the same time.  I’m financially and geographically independent.  My life is filled with abundance and to be honest I have zero problem.  I don’t dwell on problems.  I focus on solutions to every challenge I face (which I won’t define as a problem), moment to moment.  I’m completely present with my life.

You get your ex back with the law of attraction because of you energy and vibration.

So, feel what you want to feel through whatever goal it is you want to achieve right here right now.  So if being treated like a Goddess is what you want, you have to feel like a Goddess first.  And act like one.  If being happy is what you want, you need to feel happy right here right now.

Your feelings attract more of the same feelings.  That’s why when you feel fearful, you will manifest the very thing you fear of.  If you feel bitter and angry, you will attract more things that makes you even more bitter and angry.

Your energetic frequency from which you vibrate is a real thing.  This is the law of attraction.

Another thing you have to understand is “the art of being a teflon.”  The attachment that good things should continue or the aversion to unpleasant things is why you are trapped in your suffering/depression. If you accept whatever it is unfolding moment to moment without trying to escape or manipulating a future, you’ll be free.  Because nothing sticks to you.  You become a free empty vessel for any experience to unfold without any preconceived notion about it.

That way you will also be able to take a step or two back from your “poor me” story and then eventually drop it.

How do you drop your “poor me” story? By not allowing it to occupy your head space. You give it energy to grow bigger with every thought and resistance you are giving it. The quiet mind or the non-identification with the mind is the key to your inner peace and heightened energetic frequency. The “poor me” story keeps you in that low vibration and makes you angry, jaded and trapped in the vicious cycle of negativity that attracts more unhappiness and sorrow.

I teach all this in Journey Inward which Gillian also signed up for.

And what she and all of you can learn from this is stop trying to steer a relationship. Let it unfold naturally. Men with balls won’t follow your whim anyway. If they do you’ll lose respect for them. So drop all the conceptualization and just relate….

Forget labels.  Watch and trust his actions.  Those are much clearer indications on where you stand than words.  The ladies I coach eventually get what they want once they ease on the label thing.

Back to Gillian, she finally decided to give the new guy a chance saying goodbye to D.  You see when you are no longer focused on a man, you’re open to a healthy relationship with a man who is truly putting in the effort.  She learns to relate to men in a healthy way.  You should be like that too.  Focus on great relationship no matter with whom, instead of being hung up on a person.

Some women claim that they have changed yet nothing changes as far as men are concerned.  You know what, those women haven’t really changed. Cause they change for a man not for themselves. When they have changed they are naturally softened and see the world radically differently. They are no affected by the few men who don’t deserve them anyway. They don’t go back to the gutter just because these lame ass men don’t respond positively to their changes. They focus on and attract better men. So once again, check where you have focused your attention on. What you focus on expands. And what you resist persists. It’s the law of attraction.

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UPDATE: On Dec 30, 2016, 2 years after this post, Gillian wrote me: Good morning Kat! Happy Holidays to you and yours! Just wanted to quickly let you know that I’m engaged to Al….as of December 18th. Your membership is so large now, I’m afraid to post in the group.  I’m thinking there may be more people that may know me…  Really don’t need them to read all the nitty gritty details and how much of a mess I was back then. But, I did want to let you know! ?

Thanks so much for all you do! Congrats on your beautiful new home!”
UPDATE 2:  She married Al on September 9, 2017.  Congratulations, Gillian.

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