Summer 2019 Feminine Magnetism Retreat At Katarina Phang’s Celestial Home

Rest And Recharge In An Extended Getaway Weekend Summer Retreat (incl. Wine Tasting), June 27-30, 2019 At My Home in Southern California And Come Home As A New Born

Earliest Bird Specials With Over $500 in programs or A FREE VACATION to Mexico, Thailand, Bali, Tenerife, Orlando or Vegas (see conditions on the bottom of the page) and $300 discounts.

Do you want the cheapest way to work with me one on one? Funny thing is the way to do it is LIVE by meeting me at my home. It’s 3 or 2 day event spanning for about 16-24 hours of teaching with less than $70/hr. My hourly rate on the phone/Skype is now $499/hr so imagine being wined and dined and interacting with me in such an intimate setting in my own home for 16-24 hours straight with only 25 people max.

This is a rare opportunity to learn all the essentials of my miraculous principles that have given birth to 209 engagements the last 5 years, at least.

Whatever your relationship status, this retreat will give the greatest insights on how to improve or save it. And you will also learn how to become more fulfilled in every aspect of life: your career, your business, your relationships with everyone that matters in your life


Hello, ladies.  Over the years a lot of you have asked me when we’re going to have a gathering because many of you have formed close relationships with many other members in our very active secret FB group that is a therapeutic place for most of my clients.

In late 2016 we found a celestial home in the hilly most sublime area of the San Diego county, and by the grace of God the universe picked us among a few contenders to live and enjoy this rare beauty of a home.  We moved in mid December, 2016 with one thing in mind upon seeing the idyllic nature surrounding it: RETREAT!

This is what the Universe has planned for me.  Everything falls into place so EFFORTLESSLY.

And so we did our very first retreat on Sept 1 – 4, 2017, and the 2nd one a year after and they both went magnificently beyond my expectations.  And now the third one will happen June 27-30, 2019.

“Sorry Kat, I’ve been on call and busy. But I swear you and Joey and Freckles keep popping into my mind constantly!  Ladies, if you’re hesitating about booking Kat’s Retreat, please don’t!

I hesitated before going because I’ve been in this group for almost 3 years, had bought so many of her materials (Journey Inward, Four Components of Melting His Heart, monthly membership and all the other classes this includes), and already felt very much in my feminine energy, so I wasn’t sure of the added benefit of going. Well I was wrong. The benefits of going were priceless for me!

Despite already ‘knowing’ a lot of the material, being there and hearing Kat speak in person, being able to hang out and just relax with her and her wonderful partner Joey, and exchanging in person with the other girls, had strong and unexpected long-lasting benefits.

After returning I encountered a very rough patch in my personal life, and I saw first-hand how her soothing words and advice really helped me. I was able with the tools that she ingrained in me to get a grip on myself, turn things around, and become happy and calm once again, – all on my own.

The end result is that my already successful long term relationship with my live-in BF has reached new heights that I couldn’t even imagine possible. He’s the most present and attentive partner I ever had. He shows it everyday in a multitude of small ways. 

And now he even offered to invite all my family and friends for New Years day – he will be cooking a big brunch and making mimosas for all my loved ones, on his own initiative.

So if the retreat is financially feasible for you, please don’t hesitate to join!

Sending lots of love and holiday wishes to all you Kat-girls.” ~Alexandra, Montreal


“Had such a wonderful time at the retreat this weekend. Learned so much, met lots of new friends, ate the best food, and felt so relaxed. It was better and more fun than a 5-star resort!  I learned throughout the weekend to be more feminine, relaxed, to slow down, surrender to what is and allow things to unfold naturally as well as to be vulnerable and authentic.  All I know right now is I’m very very very very relaxed and happy and in my feminine energy after being around all of you beautiful women all weekend ?.  Highly recommended.” ~Heather, Colorado

And we also found out that a week would be ideal, 2.5 days were simply not enough time.  There’s so much to share and explore and practice so this time around and perhaps in the future as well we will give options for longer stay so those who want to learn and practice more can stay a day or two longer.  One day the options will be extended to a week or more!

As first retreat participants would attest, this estate is such a perfect place to gather your thoughts and look at them very closely.  It is quiet and very inviting.  The spectacular hilly sceneries will buoy and take your imagination far, cracking open all dormant possibilities about life in your deepest core.

This is a very definition of paradise.  I live in paradise.

“I personally learned so much about myself… it’s like Kat hit the buzzard on my subconscious and as soon as she revealed it I was like ‘OMG, you’re sooo right! ….I always knew this was the truth but didn’t realize until you said it!'” ~Melanie, North California

I want to share what I experience every day working from many different outdoor spots and how I tap into the endless reservoir of my creativity and bring it to your doorsteps every single day!

We will explore the deepest potential of your humanity and consciousness, clearing all the blocks toward sublime life and relationships.

You will learn all the secrets to magnificent life and relationships since you can’t have one without the other.

The two go hand in hand. And what I teach isn’t only working in the romantic context but also in every aspect of your life.

“I came to you in December!!! After my ex walked out on me having a miscarriage and cancer. He barely spent time with me, ignored me and was bitter towards me. He had no remorse. We got back together in January but in February we broke up again. I had enough. I packed up and left to India for cancer treatment, all this while listening to Journey Inward, Four Components of Melting His Heart and many other audios.

Kat kept me busy on those lonely nights at the hospital. She helped me fight for my life. This sped up my recovery faster. “Oh the power of self love… positive thinking and self value.”

Finally I am cancer free! I decided life is too short. Kat said live in the moment and I did. I’ve never been my happiest.

Fast forward 4 months. June 19th, there was a knock on my door… him on his knees telling me how sorry he was. I’ve been through too much and forgiveness is key. I picked him up and invited him in… he apologized so much. He said he couldn’t lose the woman he loves and he went through so much to realize that….

Then again he went on his knees… pulled out a ring and asked me to marry him and he came back a changed man. I didn’t believe him. With a smile on me, I told him I’m flattered but I need to decline. He said he wanted to continue what we had. I said I couldn’t continue what’s dead.

He then said he wanted to start over. So here I am. People might call me stupid but life’s too short. I’m taking a risk, no expectations. I don’t expect him to hurt me and I don’t expect him to make me happy. I make me happy. If he walks out again there’s no turning back… my ex has become a religious man after our break up all I have seen is prayer.

If he’s not praying, he’s catering to me. For the first time in a year and a half of our relationship he has cooked for me. He has become my personal chauffeur too lol. He’s my genie in a bottle.

Well Kat said live in the moment. I am. Good or bad, I’m enjoying my journey. God bless you and Thank you, Kat. You saved my life through sickness and revived my empty soul. I’ve never been happier.” ~ Farrah, Dubai

Results like the above are common place in my practice.  I get happy emails/testimonials EVERY SINGLE DAY since the day I published my ebook in 2012 and to read them you simply need to follow me on Facebook or liking my page.  

My results are a matter of when, not if.

My impact in the business isn’t because of the sheer number of my list or endless advertising/PR/publicity other than what I do myself on my FB accounts.  I barely advertised in fact, because the few times I tried the ads got flagged within hours and my accounts were frozen.  Not really sure what happened I just decided to give the very best service to all my clients.  I handle ALL client relations MYSELF.  That’s how close and personal my relationships with my clients are.

So my phenomenal success is simply through the quality of my products and services, not GIMMICKS. It happened organically and what grows organically has the strongest roots.

In other words, simply because WHAT I TEACH WORKS.  Happy clients spread the message and refer their friends to me and soon these people become my success stories as well.  Almost like clockwork.

It’s 2 + 2 = 4.

Next thing I knew I lived in paradise.  In just 4 short years, I moved from a 700 Sq foot one bedroom apartment in not-so-savory neighborhood of Hollywood in Los Angeles, to a 2-bedroom apartment in West Hollywood which I lived for 2.5 years, to a 4 bedroom 4200 Sq foot celestial home up on a hill on a 3.2 acre of land planted with avocados and citruses in the most beautiful area of Southern California.

Today my garage is larger than those two apartments.  I’m living in my dream home.  Ever since I was a kid the one thing I wanted the most was to live in a beautiful large home with majestic scenery.  What I have today is even better than that!

It’s beyond my wildest dreams: someone who comes from a third world and a very traditional country/society with a very modest background makes it big in America!

I am still not believing what I see when I wake up every day.  And to be honest, I’m not quite sure how all this happened. 🙂

It is by Grace.  And it is because the principles of ALLOWING that I have applied on my life journey.  I never chase. I’m in fact not very ambitious.  I leaned back the entire time.  People come to me and offer me interviews, etc that later furthers my standing in the niche. I do things cause it’s a natural extension of my growth, cause I love them and they are easy for me.

I do what is natural to me.  I just be my natural self and the universe loves my natural self.  By being my natural self I’m happy and peaceful and with that serenity and joy as my default mode I manage to conserve the most powerful energy to be PRODUCTIVE and CREATIVE without feeling like work.

Life is effortless when you become your natural self.  

I just allow things to unravel organically in its own time and pace, without self-pressure, stresses and depression.

All these principles will also be the reason of your success in life and I will share with you all in our retreats.

What you will learn from this retreat:

*Feminine Magnetism principles summarized, how they can alter the entire playing field tilting to your favor.  These principles have resulted in one engagement/week on average.

*The Art of Being, how this skill will catapult you into the stratosphere of inner peace, joy and serenity and how it’s the gate toward unleashing your inner genius, whatever that may be!

*How to utilize awareness to heal all your unresolved issues and wounds.  Awareness is the powerful vast ocean that will dissolve anything that is ugly and unwholesome and transform it into a sustaining life force.  You expand yourself by expanding your awareness.  With an expanded awareness you’ll lead a happier, more peaceful, more fulfilled life.  With your inner peace and balance you’ll become so mesmerizing any man can’t afford to lose you!

*How to live life on a path of no resistance, in which you will accomplish a whole lot without striving.  What does it even mean?

*What is a split mind and how to heal it.  Split minds are why you are always in conflict with the world (watch the video above, I talked about neuroses which are what a split mind is).  Outer conflicts spring from inner conflicts.

*Quickest ways to go back to being grounded, deal with stresses and the disappointments of setbacks in life.

*To deal with anxiety and depression without medications or in conjunction with your medications.

*Mindfulness meditation and mindful living.

*Direct perception by bypassing the mind, this is the one skill that will shift your reality because remember you’re the powerful creator of your reality.

*Salvation through relationship, how relationship is the vehicle toward growth, healing and you reclaiming every part of yourself (your shadow) so you become a together, well-rounded, balanced and equanimous person

*Learn how turn those calories you burn through incessant obsessive thinking into creative genius. Unleash your inner genius the most definite way, whatever your field is.  And if you are a coach already (of any kind) this retreat will give you the empowerment and insights you need to bring your business to the next level of success.

All these profound teachings of the mind and consciousness are priceless and this is not I learn from books but from my own inner process and evolution.  I learn this through observation of my own mind and you can do the same.  You are the Kosmos mini-me.  Everything you need to learn about the universe lies within you.

Once you get the taste of a different dimension to the mundane realm of incessant and obsessive thoughts (egoic mode of consciousness), you can always tap into that more exalted and the innermost reservoir of your divine intelligence.

Whether you are single, dating or in relationship, happily or unhappily married, jobless, in a dead-end or a thriving career, you will get to learn new things in the retreat that you can bring home with you and add value into your life.

Do the work and reap the rewards. I will summarize the central tenets of all my programs and MORE….

Most importantly on how to understand the mind so you can become its master, in

stead of its slave.  Right now, you’re most probably slaves to your mind.

I am the Master to my mind.  My mind serves me.  It works for me.  It’s my most valuable tool and servant.

Once you turn the tables, your life will begin to change as well.  EVERY ASPECT OF YOUR LIFE.

The published rates are $1499 without accommodations and $1899 with accommodations for 2 days OR $1999 without accommodations and $2599 with accommodations for 3 days OR $799 for the one day Overcoming Depression workshop only on Sunday June 30.  All meals (cooked by our gourmet chef) are included.  Rates DO NOT include flights and transfer from/to the airport (so you have to reserve your own flights and transfer from to hotel).

“What I learned from the retreat was that the answer to all of my problems is to begin to meditate to quiet the mind. Katarina, thank you from the bottom of my heart. I now trust myself. I’m not crazy. All I need is within me.  If you are planning a retreat after NYE, I would like to attend that one. For New Years I need to be with my family.  

I’d like to go on the longer days next time. I need to start planning. The food was great by the way. That last dinner with salmon and asparagus!!! Omg!!! Yum!!!” ~Natalya, NYC

Four Options To Choose From:

1. June 27 – 30, 2018, 3.5 days (3 full days of learning)

$1,799 without accommodations (for those who live nearby or have their own lodging arrangements)

$2,399 with 4 night accommodations


2. June 27-29 (or June 28-30), 2.5 full days (2 full days of learning)

$1,499 without accommodations (for those who live nearby or have their own lodging arrangements)

$1,899 with 3 night accommodations


3. June 30, 1-day Workshop on Overcoming Depression

$599 without accommodations (for those who live nearby or have their own lodging arrangements)

$749 with 1 night accommodations (please tell me which night June 29 or 30)

$899 with 2 night accommodations (June 29 and 30)


Write me at for any query or plans or any other methods of payment including PayPal.

“Wow, Katarina really is the genius of all geniuses!!! I’ve been following her for about six months now, because of a recommendation from another good friend of mine who is a relationship coach.

In the beginning I really thought all hope was gone. I was leaning forward so bad that my face was in the sand and I was oblivious. We just got back from our first vacation to California, visiting my dad and brothers and sisters. Today was our second day home and when I woke up at his house I relaxed for a few then went home and got busy. I didn’t bother him all day and he emailed me that he missed me and then even after our good night phone call ( after spending the evening together) he called back again to remind me how much he missed me today and that when he gets his tax return he wants to take us on another trip.

Now, this is Coming from the man who NEVER wanted to travel and said he never would. In fact he almost bailed out on our trip last minute. Was just going to give me the cash to go by myself. But we talked it through calmly and he decided to go even though we came back earlier than we originally were going to. I didn’t fall apart over it and argue, and It’s all because of this program. I’m not perfect I still relapse once in a while, but I’m completely shocked and excited. Thank you again for everybody’s advice and encouragement since I’ve started here. I literally would not be here without it. Love you all! ” ~Britney, New York on April 21, 2016

“Hi Kat!!! Just wanted to let you know he bought a ring. He has not proposed to me yet, as apparently he is planning something BIG and won’t even tell my family about it. I’m not sure what he has planned or when but the ring is beautiful. He wanted to make sure I liked it since I’m going to be stuck with it forever lol.” ~Britney, New York on May 29, 2017

“Something amazing and exciting happened to us today. We bought our first house in Texas! We are so excited as this is going to be a big adventure. It’s a very big change for us but we couldn’t be more happy with our choice. Leaving upstate NY in just over a month, right before my 30th birthday! I was really hesitant about posting this because I don’t want to seem like we’re bragging at all…it’s just a big deal for us and a big life change. Very exciting but also very nervous! Giving God all the credit here! The way this all developed for us was nothing short of a miracle! Thank you Jesus! and thank you Katarina Phang!!!” ~Britney, New York on June 24, 2017

What you will get with the investment:

    • Meet and Greet with outdoor gourmet dinner on June 27, 2019 if you come for the 3 day retreat (you can choose a 2-day or 1-day).
    • Breakfast, lunch and dinner on June 28 – 30, 2019.
    • Wine tasting on Saturday or Sunday afternoon at a Fallbrook winery (since we live in a wine country).
    • Thirty percent (30%) discount on video recordings of the event consisting all the teachings you need to hear again (we don’t have a price point yet but 30% will be significant).
    • A one or two-hour free recording of the entire teachings that might span between 12-16 hours worth of footage.
    • Sunday night party value at $250 on June 30, 2019 in which we will mingle in a relaxed, fun setting with free-flowing of wine and champagne and sumptous buffet dinner.  Bring your swimsuit so you can jump in the pool/hot tub.  Depending on how many participants, we might have live music or a DJ.  Bottom line, it’ll be an awesome party with coolest people on earth.
    • Get my Leaning Back and Feminine Mystique meditations with 3 bonus classes (Value at: $127) as a bonus for 3.5 day retreat!
    • And I won’t even stop there, you will get additional bonus for the 3 day retreat you can choose from the three listed below:1.  Cycle 2 Leaning Back workshop (value: $259)

      2.  Cycle 4 Get-Ex-Back edition of Journey Inward (value: $359)

      3.  Cycle 5 Marry -Ex edition of Journey Inward (value: $359)

      Or get a FREE VACATION to Mexico, Bali, Thailand, Tenerife or US Destinations (Vegas, Orlando), read conditions at the bottom of this page.

  • A new brain!  It truly is a one-of-a-kind retreat from a coach that truly lives her life to the fullest and is enjoy
    ing every minute of it without an apology.
  • A new understanding of a real force 
  • of life and the Kosmos.  It all starts with your mind.  As you begin to perceive directly, not through the screen of the mind, you will begin to shape your reality to become suffering-proof.
  • Bring a friend or two and talk to me about it so I can credit you with $200/friend toward your future new products/coaching programs with me or $100/friend for the 1-day workshop.  You might want to use it for the coaching certification and online business program or the retreat next year because I’m sure you want to keep coming back if just to simply recharge.

 Itinerary (tentative, more detailed program will be available soon):

Day 0, June 27: Participants arriving, check in the hotel and get ready for the meet and greet at around 5 or 6 pm.

Day 1, June 28:

8 am: Arrive at my home to start our morning session that includes breakfast and introduction to Feminine Magnetism.

10 am: coffee/tea break

12.30 pm: lunch break

1.30 pm: Afternoon session that includes meditation, practice of the Art of Being, and mindful afternoon walk in the neighborhood and aqua meditation (so bring your swimsuit!).

6.00 pm: free time, socializing.

7 pm: dinner and transfer back to the hotel.

Day 2, June 29:

8 am: Arrive at my home for breakfast and to start our morning session on salvation through relationship and Journey Inward

10 am: coffee/tea break

12.30 pm: lunch break

1.30 pm: Afternoon session that includes meditation, mountain gazing exercise, shadow work and possibly a yoga session depending on the number of participants (please bring your own mat if you want to participate).  Those who don’t want to do yoga can do the afternoon walk and

practice the walking mindfulness, or water mindfulness therapy.

6 pm – throughout the evening: dinner and free time, we might have additional sessions if most feel like it!

Day 3, June 30 (you can only come on this day for a 1-day workshop)

8 am: Arrive at my home for breakfast and to start our morning session on How to lean back in dating and relationship and cultivate your feminine mystique.

10 am: coffee/tea break

12.30 pm: lunch break

1.30 pm: Afternoon session: How To Just Be And Surrender To Your Vulnerability (a game changer) that includes meditation, mountain gazing exercise, shadow work.

6 pm: getting ready for our festivity…the party!

7 pm- till am: gourmet dinner, disco dance, hot tub frolicking, etc…  Party time!

Departure Day, July 1, 2019: Participants are flying back home.  Depending on flight schedule we might have the last chance at my place for a morning session/gathering over coffee to say goodbye.

You will be back home completely refreshed and recharged and yearn for the same experience next year!

What are you waiting for??  All these over $500 bonuses or free vacation to world’s most exotic destinations are yours upon signing up!!!  Only 5 seats each for the Early Bird Specials.  Then prices will go up each month.  This is a one-of-a-kind event that will change your life forever.  Sign up below:


Four Options To Choose From:

1. June 27 – 30, 2018, 3.5 days (3 full days of learning)

$1,799 without accommodations (for those who live nearby or have their own lodging arrangements)

$2,399 with 4 night accommodations


2. June 27-29 (or June 28-30), 2.5 full days (2 full days of learning)

$1,499 without accommodations (for those who live nearby or have their own lodging arrangements)

$1,899 with 3 night accommodations


3. June 30, 1-day Workshop on Overcoming Depression

$599 without accommodations (for those who live nearby or have their own lodging arrangements)

$749 with 1 night accommodations (please tell me which night June 29 or 30)

$899 with 2 night accommodations (June 29 and 30)

“Hello ladies. This is my review of Katarina Phang’s Feminine Magnetism retreat.

I attended her very first retreat last year and ?wow! Amazing lessons and amazing memories. Earlier today Dasha whom I met at the retreat posted her review and I agree on all she described. Katarina’s beautiful home is filled with sunlight and feel good vibes. It was a much welcome change from my hectic life in NYC. And I also made new friends!

Unlike Dasha I was not hesitant about the retreat (the only thing I was worried about was losing my hotel reservation). In 2014 I began sensing that something was going wrong in my marriage which naturally prompted me to look for ways to stop what I now understand was inevitable. Divorce.

I became obsessed with what makes love last. What makes men tick. I read many books and blogs and advice from therapists, relationship coaches, dating experts , etc. Eventually I found Kat and devoured her website because ?dayum! How can you not?! As soon as I saw Kat announce her retreat on the website, I made my decision right away to attend. And it was one of the best decisions of my life.

To the ladies reading this, each one of you have your own reasons to go to the retreat. My mission was to crack the code of love and I accomplished my mission.

Kat teaches you to work on you because everything starts with you. What are your blocks? What are your fears? I had big ones centered primarily around s.e.x (puritan upbringing). With Kat’s advice I no longer fear s.e.x. With that block now removed I am finally a complete woman.

I recommend the retreat if you are a woman who has any kind of issues with s.e.x and intimacy.

After the retreat I began dating. I was finally ready to date after 18 months passed since my divorce. I was healed. And it’s an amazing journey. Yes there are frustrating moments but without self-work I would not be able to navigate the dating world.

My life has changed for the better because I changed. I am a completely different person now. Life/universe throws punches at me all the time but I now have the ability to handle it. I am able to see my thoughts, catch them and let them go. The mind is indeed poisonous drug. Kat teaches you to break free from it.

Kat gave us many lessons. One immediate and most important effect I felt was that there is nothing wrong with me. All my life I thought that there was something wrong with me. No longer. I am finally free.

I will admit something very private. I was on anti depressants for many years. That will never happen again. Everything I need is in me, there is no need for drugs. I am complete and when I say that, I own it. I feel it in my bones.

Be patient ladies. Change is gradual.❤️” ~Natalya, New York


Write me at for any query or plans or any other methods of payment including PayPal.


Conditions for Complimentary Vacation Certificate:

1. Currently, our US and Mexico incentives can only be used by US and Canadian citizens.

Our Tenerife Spain certificates are only available to citizens of Europe (including the UK). And our certificates for Thailand vacations are available to citizens or residents of any country, except for citizens of Asian countries.

In other words, the Thailand vacation certificates can’t be redeemed by people they would consider “locals.” To use certificates in Thailand, the establishments are looking for tourists from what they consider “foreign countries” outside of Asia.

The Bali vacation is ONLY valid for residents of North America, South America, Africa, Australia, Europe, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Philippines, India, Singapore.

2. Email mail me the destination of your choice and flights are not included.   The recipient of this certificate is responsible for all expenses including but not limited to: airfare, transfers, food, gratuities, and any other miscellaneous expenses. This certificate cannot be combined with any other promotional vacation offer.