Bali Feminine Magnetism Retreat 2019

Indulge in A Rare Luxury of Beach, Sun, Delectable Cuisine and Exotic Dances derived from A Deeply Mystical Culture And A Unique Retreat into the Divine Feminine Awakening And Come Home As A Newly Born Goddess

Early Bird Specials With A FREE VACATION to Mexico, Thailand, Bali (yup so you can extend your stay), Tenerife, Orlando or Vegas (see conditions on the bottom of the page).

Do you want the most memorable way to work with world’s most insightful relationship coach one-on-one? Come to Bali with me this November 6 – 9 and explore your own feminine divinity in the island of Gods famous for its splendor and sublime culture.

This is a rare opportunity to learn all the essentials of my sacred teachings that have given birth to 253 engagements the last 5 years, at least in the luxury of one of Bali’s most breathtaking 5 star resorts Ayodya Resort Bali.

Whatever your relationship status, this retreat will give the greatest insights on how to improve or save it. And you will also learn how to become more fulfilled in every aspect of life: your career, your business, your relationships with everyone that matters in your life

Lovelies, finally…..yesssssss we’re going to Bali.  We’re going to the island of Gods to revive our inner Goddess…

What a coincidence that is!

No, the truth is there is no coincidence.  Things click because in the law of allowing you manifest what you need out of dozens or hundreds possibilities.  It’s no coincidence that you found me.  It’s no coincidence that only now I feel ready to do something as grand as this.

Everything has been aligned in the stars…  There is no time better than now for you to explore the stunning beauty of Bali, one of my favorite Holiday destinations the world has to offer, with me.  And I have a feeling that Bali is going to be on the menu every year since there are so many beautiful resorts you want experience there.

“Hello ladies. This is my review of Katarina Phang’s Feminine Magnetism retreat.

I attended her very first retreat last year and ?wow! Amazing lessons and amazing memories. Earlier today Dasha whom I met at the retreat posted her review and I agree on all she described. Katarina’s beautiful home is filled with sunlight and feel good vibes. It was a much welcome change from my hectic life in NYC. And I also made new friends!

Unlike Dasha I was not hesitant about the retreat (the only thing I was worried about was losing my hotel reservation). In 2014 I began sensing that something was going wrong in my marriage which naturally prompted me to look for ways to stop what I now understand was inevitable. Divorce.

I became obsessed with what makes love last. What makes men tick. I read many books and blogs and advice from therapists, relationship coaches, dating experts , etc. Eventually I found Kat and devoured her website because ?dayum! How can you not?! As soon as I saw Kat announce her retreat on the website, I made my decision right away to attend. And it was one of the best decisions of my life.

To the ladies reading this, each one of you have your own reasons to go to the retreat. My mission was to crack the code of love and I accomplished my mission.

Kat teaches you to work on you because everything starts with you. What are your blocks? What are your fears? I had big ones centered primarily around s.e.x (puritan upbringing). With Kat’s advice I no longer fear s.e.x. With that block now removed I am finally a complete woman.

I recommend the retreat if you are a woman who has any kind of issues with s.e.x and intimacy.

After the retreat I began dating. I was finally ready to date after 18 months passed since my divorce. I was healed. And it’s an amazing journey. Yes there are frustrating moments but without self-work I would not be able to navigate the dating world.

My life has changed for the better because I changed. I am a completely different person now. Life/universe throws punches at me all the time but I now have the ability to handle it. I am able to see my thoughts, catch them and let them go. The mind is indeed poisonous drug. Kat teaches you to break free from it.

Kat gave us many lessons. One immediate and most important effect I felt was that there is nothing wrong with me. All my life I thought that there was something wrong with me. No longer. I am finally free.

I will admit something very private. I was on anti depressants for many years. That will never happen again. Everything I need is in me, there is no need for drugs. I am complete and when I say that, I own it. I feel it in my bones.

Be patient ladies. Change is gradual.❤️” ~Natalya, New York


And I’ve been to this resort with my parents, sister, brother, nephews and nieces in 2017 and I knew back then that I would want to return again and again to this stunning resort.  And writing about this makes me so very excited that I’m going back with my Goddesses!!

What’s better than that?

The property is simply heavenly and the beach is sublime and soul-soothing, there is no better place to explore your feminine divinity.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner -including a dinner with a balinese dance show- are all included.  You can share a room with another person or have your own room.  Flights and transfers to and from airport are not included.  More detailed itinerary will be provided closer to the dates.

Sign up today for this One-Of-A-Kind Enlightening Event!!  Only $2900 (sharing) or $3300 (non sharing).


$2900 for double occupancy (if you bring another person to the retreat or request to be matched up but no guarantee we can find a roommate for you in which case you will have to add the single supplement later on, we’ll try our best though)


$3300 for single occupancy


You Can Choose One of These Plans If You Can’t Afford One Payment (hurry, cause all payments have to be settled before the event so I will remove them when it’s no longer feasible).


$1700/month for 2 months for single occupancy


$1,999 for LOCAL who doesn’t need accommodations but lunches and dinners are included


Write me at for any query or plans or any other methods of payment.


Conditions for Complimentary Vacation Certificate:

1. Currently, our US and Mexico incentives can only be used by US and Canadian citizens.

Our Tenerife Spain certificates are only available to citizens of Europe (including the UK). And our certificates for Thailand vacations are available to citizens or residents of any country, except for citizens of Asian countries.

In other words, the Thailand vacation certificates can’t be redeemed by people they would consider “locals.” To use certificates in Thailand, the establishments are looking for tourists from what they consider “foreign countries” outside of Asia.

The Bali vacation is ONLY valid for residents of North America, South America, Africa, Australia, Europe, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Philippines, India, Singapore.

2. Email mail me the destination of your choice and flights are not included.   The recipient of this certificate is responsible for all expenses including but not limited to: airfare, transfers, food, gratuities, and any other miscellaneous expenses. This certificate cannot be combined with any other promotional vacation offer.