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Kat, I want to say thank you to you for the person you helped me to be. I’m grounded with my emotions, and clear with my thoughts. I am focused on today, without replaying “yesterdays” and not thinking about “tomorrows”. I started a new job at wellness clinic, which I love. I love to make people feel better, and reduce their physical pain. By making others feel good makes me feel good. I am great at what I do. And I’m open to anything what comes my way. Love ya, Kat! ~Natalie, Arizona

(UPDATE: You still can sign up and listen to the first class’s replay as most participants did.  The next class will be Saturday Sep 21)

Cindy shared her journey after the recently finished group coaching that she’s resigning-up (yeah that’s how good it is that I have 5 ladies resign-up for this weekend’s cycle 2): “I hope everyone’s Labor Day went well. Mine was a bit rocky with work and some minor things with friends that ended up being smoothed over (thank you meditation and calm energy) , but otherwise good. 

My EUM’s birthday was this past Saturday and I felt some sadness about it. I’ll admit it. I retreated to my meditation and silently sent him a birthday prayer even though I still felt some hurt feelings, I’m able to feel more and more compassion for him. It protects me from doing “stupid things” that my old self would have inevitably done. 

I also found it interesting (coincidence?) that his friend/coworker texted me around the same time. He wasn’t mentioned at all, but I’m sure she will probably say something to him about me if he asks. I was busy with work and going out with friends that even though I did think about him, it wasn’t obsessively thinking about him like I used to 3-4 months ago (my, how fast time flies!). 

I’m a bit amazed at myself and how far I’ve come from this. While on the boat ride Sunday night, I noticed how easily I alternated between my masculine and feminine energies. Several men were drawn to me, but I danced with one gentleman because he was respectful (unfortunately for me, he was gay, but he really enjoyed dancing and wanted a partner since his date didn’t make it) and we danced on the boat while it sailed around Manhattan. 

It was magical dancing under the stars while seeing the Statue of Liberty lit up so close that I thought I could touch it. I let him lead with dancing and I let the others lead the conversation while I physically and figuratively leaned back. The other men eventually did not keep my initial interest. 

I have to say that it feels nice to be the one they are chasing, so to speak, and it feels nicer that I finally feel like I’m the prize instead of me thinking negatively, things like “why doesn’t he like me?” Oh no, never again! 

I wasn’t disappointed that the men didn’t keep my interest. I kept it moving. I had fun without having any agendas in my head. It’s the first time in a very long time that I felt that I truly enjoyed myself without agendas, drama, feeling self-pity. And it helps that the horny dude from the last cruise wasn’t there to kiss my shoulders even though his friend told me that he knew I was coming and tried to convince him to go LOL!”

I have great testimonies everyday I have a hard time putting them all on my sales pages so I have to spread them around like this.  I feel blessed that I can teach all these life-changing programs.

Sign up for the 2nd cycle of Journey Inward Group Coaching and its “spin off” Leaning Back and Cultivating Feminine Mystique Workshop.  These two programs will ground, soften you and raise your vibration so much you will become a new person -a magnetic woman- afterwards.  Natalie above “complained” about all the attention she got nowadays: “I am afraid that with this experience I’m so leaned back, and so free, I don’t need a man around. In fact, I feel quite suffocated now from attention, and need to pull back. I feel like I need space! Isn’t weird?

Why are men like that though?  It’s so weird.  They seem to go after what they can’t quite get. Like babies whose toys were taken away!  It’s funny, but an eye opening as well.  Men ARE damn simple!!!

My EUM just called two days ago, left a message to call back. Gym man wants “to know where he’s standing in my life.”  And I’m like : Ok, I’ll think about it.  Need a space right now.

Dang… Lately I don’t need to work for nothing!  It’s too much!!!  Lol…

Oh I know, Katarina! I can come across like hard to get or arrogant, but in fact, I AM tired of attention right now.” 

Here’s what being feminine is all about as beautifully put by Melissa, another participant whom her boyfriend claimed during coaching: “Katarina mentioned on the other group that I hadn’t shared much about my relationship, so here goes. I “met” C on Match at the end of June, and we texted and talked for a couple of weeks until we met in person. We’ve been together ever since.

He loves that he can tell me anything with no judgment, and he feels amazing with me (his words). I feel the same way. He is like no man I’ve ever been with – everything has progressed effortlessly. After the fourth date, he decided we were officially dating and I was his girlfriend – I found out a few days later. We’ve spent every weekend together except for this last one.

While we have not hit a rough patch yet and still have a LOT to learn about each other, we both like where things are going. All I can say is that I’m calm, peaceful, and relaxed with him. I’ve had a couple of weird moments, which we both handled perfectly… but in general, there is no anxiety like I’ve had in the past. The distance is not a big deal to us. We have things we have to take care of so we do that during the week, and the weekends are ours.

My ex brought out my masculine, which is part of the reason he’s my ex. C brings out my feminine. This is not to say I’m a doormat, far from it. But I relax into myself and into him. I don’t challenge him, I don’t lead him, and I don’t pull or push him. I don’t freak out if I don’t hear from him for a while. I just let it be, and things move forward. I appreciate him for who he is, and I love him just as he is at this moment.

If I could offer a little advice, it would be to assume he likes you. That will help you lean back and not worry about things. Remember, he is a man – not a hairy woman. He looks at things differently than you do. Let him be the man, and you be the woman. Live in the moment… don’t look forward, enjoy now. Don’t compare him to other men, and don’t expect him to do what you think he “should” do. Forget that crap, and let him write his own chapter in your book.”

That’s what femininity is all about: leading with the heart, not the head. Being less goal-oriented and more process-oriented. The commitment to my teaching has grounded and softened her so much that she’s free from her usual anxiety and becomes a magnet to men and relationship. That’s how it works, ladies….not through your pushy, controlling male energy based behaviors. Not through timeline, deadlines, sourness and ultimatums. But by becoming a high-value secure woman no man can resist.

Sign up for this life-changing program and you will become like Melissa, Jessica, Cindy, Natalie and many other women who keep pouring their hearts out every day about how much this program has changed their lives.



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  • This article is really refreshing, i wish i could be in that place that you are right now. I am involved with a guy for about 3months& its been a rollercoaster of emotions. I wish i could lean back&calm down&believe i am amazing.

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