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importance of space in a relationship

I stress to my clients daily the importance of space in a relationship.  Clinging to your lover doesn’t give the relationship room for growth and depth.

I just got back from a 6-week trip in Asia just less than 2 weeks ago.  Starting with the Phillipines, I visited 4 countries including my home country Indonesia and the last leg of my trip was taking my parents to China.

I’m living large (I’d love to travel more next year when I get my citizenship)…yet I’m a very simple person too.  Guys love me for my simplicity and easy-to-please-ness.  That’s what I teach to you all and it’s proven that being me works LOL…

During my 6-week trip I in fact earned 40% more than before my trip.  How is that even possible?


importance of space in a relationshipRaising your vibration or energetic frequency will make you a powerful creator of your own reality.  Though the context of my teaching is relationship related, what I teach also works for other aspects of life.

Get to happy and you will get more happiness.

And being happy is a choice you consciously pick every waking moment of the day.

But even being me doesn’t stop a guy from questioning himself for his readiness and decision to go deeper into this relationship.  Yes my boyfriend was having his missing-his-single-life moment just before I left.  So what would a man whisperer do? She would recognize the importance of space in a relationship and for her self.

importance of space in a relationship

That was what I did.  As the Brits would say, I buggered off and had fun on my own.  I arrived in Manila, the Phillipines a few weeks later.

We both couldn’t wait for this trip even though it was a solo trip for me.  We wanted to miss each other.  We needed to. We understand the importance of space in a relationship.

And missing each other we did.

10346048_791132844261675_5641431151623299082_nYou see, you shouldn’t be scared of space.  Space makes the heart grow fonder.  Freaking out doesn’t.  A man will go through an intimacy cycle before he can go deeper and each time he needs to get away from you to reassess his feelings, it’s the time for you to nurture yourself and create a beautiful thing with your own life.

Traveling is one of very productive things you can do to nourish and refresh your relationship.  Now we are back in each other’s arms again, we go stronger than ever.  He’s more sure now than ever that he wants this relationship.

Do you want a kind of life I live?  Being emotionally, financially and geographically independent is the highest dream one can live.  It feels free and awesome.  Being happy in your job or work life is key to your happiness, which in return will create a happy relationship.

It’s wonderful not to have a boss.  It took me a few years to build this business and to be where I am today.  I started as an affiliate marketer, now I have my own affiliate program and I am one of America’s and world’s most successful dating/relationship coaches with daily testimonials and NINE engagements this past year to prove it and thousands of students/followers scattered around the globe. I got to see a few of them in this trip.

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