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  • Dear Kat, In following your advice and being this really laid back, fun, open girl, Im worried I’m sending the impression that Im just a good-time girl who wants something casual. We’ve been dating 4 months and although we are sleeping together, I’m not bringing up the exclusivity talk etc. I’m just going with the flow. I’m scared that I have placed myself in this “casual” relationship indefinitely especially since I was willing to sleep with him without a commitment. He is a really nice guy, but is recently divorced and lives in another city. The long distance thing is what made me ok with seeing other people (I still am). We do see each other multiple times a month, and he is moving to my city in a few weeks. So it will be interesting to see what happens then. My main question is, how do I make sure he isn’t looking at me like a casual fling? How do I make him take me seriously? He makes an effort to see me and we go on real dates, he just seems so emotionally closed off. He never shares his feelings about me like most guys do and shows little physical affection. I’m not used to that and am not sure if that’s just how he is or if he is making a point not to get close to me.

    • Katarina Phang

      Jess, this is a typical question tons of women ask me: if we don’t bitch how would a guy respect us? Would you respect anyone who puts demands on you? Ask yourself that. Or would you feel more drawn toward someone who is kind, understanding and relaxed? A man doesn’t need the talk to commit. In fact thousands of come to me in droves cause they talk too much it drives their guys away. Get my book and be the rare woman that men commit to.

  • Forgot to mention that after I told him I was moving on, he removed himself from the online dating site.

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