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Frolic with Kat in her hot tub overlooking her stunningly picturesque back yard

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“Kat’s teaching helps me learn awareness, humility and equanimity. As a result, I was able to ignore men who I was attracted to but didn’t step up, and pay genuine attention to the ones who clearly chose me.
One stood out as emotionally independent, self-aware, kind man who -like me- was in a very similar spiritual path. Months later, we’re now partners, best friends and spiritual buddies. We feed each other with insights and epiphanies, we have our own “satsang”, and we inspire each other to do shadow work (facing own demons). We’re comfortable to say to each other “my ego is thick today”, and feel happy when the other “cracks open” (temporary states of having no ego at all and everything feels brilliant).
Kat’s not my only teacher but she has a special place in my heart because all these rotating, leaning back, no resistance are true and work wonders. It felt true when I was still in an abusive marriage, it was still true when I was newly single and dating, and it remains true now that I’m in a relationship.
I’m not saying that being in a loving and spiritual relationship is the grand indicator of Kat’s teaching success. The real indicator is how much of a love one becomes. Men, relationships, jobs, money, all come and go. We and our happiness are not defined by these stuff. We’re not even defined by our thoughts, desires and personalities. We are balls of love, whose natural state is to follow the flow of life in equanimity. We only respond to life situations, instead of react. We choose things and actions that are the most inevitable because we have clarity on what-is, due to our quiet mind.
Kat, thank you for exposing me to Wei Wu Wei. You’re showing me the easiest path to real happiness. My gratitude.
I found you last summer when I was struggling to walk away from a toxic marriage. My self esteem and worth was under zero, due to a life time of self-abandonment and victimisation. I had never own my shit and was a total co-dependent (including blaming everyone else for my shitty life).
This wei wu wei thing changes my life, you have no idea!! Thank you for writing about your father sweeping your garden for hours, that’s hugely inspiring! I resented cleaning up, now I spend time everyday to do it without resistance, but as a way to meditate. True story!” ~Fiona, UK

On the brink of a divorce?

Or losing the love of your life?

Or confused about the direction of your life?

Stressed, anxious and depressed? 

Yes, I’m opening my home for premium clients who want to delve deep into my miraculous method and profound teachings to solve every life and relationship issue they’re facing.  Spend a weekend with Joe, me and our dog Freckles and be pampered in a resort setting with three gourmet meals/day and free flow of tea, coffee or wine and champagne if you so choose.

You can come with a friend or two, three, four so you can spread the cost (additional cost of $750/person will be applied to cover certain benefits like food & beverages, massage or post-event coaching sessions) or maybe your partner if couple counseling/retreat is what you aim for.

You’ll be staying with me in my home starting Thursday or Friday afternoon/evening and go home on Sunday afternoon (or you can choose any combination of days) and share my sacred heavenly space from which I generate the inspirations for my work helping tens of thousands of women around the globe with stellar results (currently at 6 engagements/month track record, unheard of anywhere else in the world).

It does take serious investment (and expect serious results) as I envision I can only entertain a handful requests a year.


I’m going to work before and after the weekend to help you solve your issues whatever they are.  Here’s what you can expect:

  1. A serious help to your romantic/life issues.  Over the years my method has proven to be the last resort, which means people come to me after trying everything else under the sun with tepid results.  So if engagement, marriage, getting your ex back or saving your marriage/relationship are your deepest burning desire, you have come to the right place.  You are in the BEST hands.  My teachings focus on personal transformation, hence it’s no gimmicks and it ALWAYS works because it zeroes in on the source of the problems: your own mindset and uncentered mind.
  2. Prioritized email coaching from the minute you sign up and after the event to make sure you’re implementing the steps I advise you to take, amounting to 4 months first priority email coaching value at $597/month (total value: $1,988).
  3. Five one-hour Skype coaching sessions before and after the event so I could “feel” you before the event and to re-enforce what you have learnt after, value at $499/hr (total value: 2,495).
  4. One 60-minute massage during the event by a professional Masseuse, so this is going to be an enlightening spa experience that will relax your body and mind and enliven your spirit.
  5. $500 voucher toward my products/programs that will help you further getting a hold of my teachings (or $200 off if you pick option 3).  I will most probably choose a program for you based on the assessment of what you need.
  6. $500 off my future retreat to refresh what you have learned (or $300 off if you pick option 3).  I envision at least twice/year retreat, possibly every quarter starting 2017.

What is the cost?  It’s not cheap but my products/programs span from $47 up to a few thousand dollars and they have helped tons of women from various financial backgrounds.  Many get results EVEN without spending a dime on me!  Yes by just reading my blog, be in my groups, tune in my daily Facebook posts they turn their love life around.

I am for EVERYONE and throughout the years I have proven just that.  I have the power of VOLUME many new vanity coaches don’t hence they charge unreasonable amount of money for who knows what.  My business model is strictly based on RESULTS that are backed up by PROOF, not mere TALK or CLAIMS so common among these vanity coaches these days.

So those who want a little bit more intense attention from me can sign up for these premium OFF LINE programs.

“Hi Katarina –

I have to share this with you. I think you must be a witch, like a beautiful magical white witch. Less than 24 hours after talking to you my whole energy has shifted. I’m so happy. I feel so unburdened. I’ve had many profound spiritual experiences in my life, but this is a first. The only thing I can liken it to is a “shift,” I’ve heard others talk about it but I’ve never personally experienced it. It had something to do with you. After our talk I also did a miracle meditation and hypnosis just on my computer. Something happened through your wise words, and my opening to a miracle to transform things for me. Thank you. You are a beautiful person, doing beautiful work ” ~Penny, San Francisco

anyway I can because the Universe is abundant and generous to me.

You can’t fail with my teachings.

And I’m just happy whenever I can help

I don’t take for granted that you will need to fork $9999 OR $6999 if you remove no. 3 (5 hour Skype coaching sessions) and reduce no. 2 (prioritized email coaching) to 2 months instead of 4 months OR $4999 for a day shorter without no. 3 and with 2 months prioritized email coaching if you only come and you’ll be the center of my universe and my honorary guest during the weekend.

And if a weekend is too long for you, why don’t you just come for a one-day Intensive that starts with breakfast (9 or 10 am) and you’ll be home by dinner (7 hours) for $3500 (I will give you one month unlimited email coaching valued at $597 as a bonus).  Lunch will be of course provided.

You can write me at kat@katarinaphang.com if you have any doubt and want to ease your mind about spending that amount of money.  And I can provide up to 3 installments so long they’re all paid before the weekend.

So book your weekend now (if you can’t do weekend, two or three weekday nights are fine too).

Option 1 $9999 (Thursday – Sunday)


Option 2 $6999 (Thursday – Sunday)


Option 3 $4999 (Friday – Sunday)


Option 4 One-Day Intensive $3500 (any day)


Why meeting me and doing the work face-to-face is so MUCH MORE POWERFUL?  Take if from Conny, a participant of the 2019 retreat at my home:

“Hi my dear Kat,

Apologies for not responding earlier to your emails!

I hope you doing well and the troubles with homepage and all that are solved. Your touching Newsletter about that made me feel good. Not because you were having troubles but shared struggles are half struggles as we say in German.

I waited so long to feedback my experiences at the retreat and process after as I hoped to come up with good news (and I’m really bad in writing emails too 😉 ).

But when I start I do it excessively, LONG TEXT ALLERT, haha.

First of all I’d like to thank you for the awesome time at your place. You don’t promise too much in your promotions for it.

It’s been mind-blowing and out of this world, a truly magical experience. Thanks to you but also the other ladies of our small group and their feedback too.

I came back to Germany feeling renewed after this journey which was one of the most important ones of my life so far. Never invested so much in myself before and absolutely happy I did!

Also a big shout out to Joey who was so supportingly caring, keeping in mind all the Ladies’ needs pushing and pulling on him lol!

Please tell him greetings from me. You two been lovely hosts in this very private setting, feeling like friends.

When I told a friend, who was very critical about spending so much money for a workshop before, she said, “Wow that sounds like something that money can buy, I’m glad you did that!“

I highly recommend your retreats to all the Ladies who follow you.

Meeting in person was important for me to know where exactly I’m standing. The audios and long distance advice wasn’t enough, I needed to get a real feeling for digging deeper into what’s going on.

At the retreat I learned I’m quite good in some parts, quite in neuroses zone in others.

Let me share what happened in the meanwhile and how the learnings of the retreat helped me.

Unfortunately things with work got even more messed up when I came back.

Like I assumed this guy/company owner cancelled our agreement so I was and still am out of work enough for living.

That, in combination with the struggles I’ve had the months before, threw me deep in neurosis zone. Somehow I couldn’t do much for weeks besides in a way enjoying the summer and mingle with friends to not slip into a proper depression.

There’s even been a time when the tax office locked my bank account because they wanted the taxes of 3 years solid, thousands of Euros, of course I couldn’t pay.

Like it always is, if things are bad there’s always a way it can get worse….

Needed to take out a loan and that’s when, funny enough, the way I’ve seen things began to brighten up.

Shortly I doubted my decision to come to California as I would’ve been able to pay at least a part of the tax loan if I didn’t.

But said to myself “No, I did it for a reason and it helped me big time, I trust my gut feeling and it was right!“

My bank took good care of the concern and my consultant even said my credit score is really good so that’s no problem at all. I was like “Really?? I feel like I’m on the financial edge all the time.”

Well, looks like I can’t be that bad just because I don’t fit well in every place, haha.

Luckily, I’ve had a booking from adidas in between that saved my ass for now but just in short terms. They valued my work a lot, complementing and thanking me for the support many times.

Guess is the Universe hinted I’m at a high level with my works and need to keep it up. This other company just wasn’t on that level…

Really want to value myself better, hard to break through the pattern of being hard to myself but getting closer.

Your teachings helped me keeping mental sanity: Surrender, let the river carry me and look for a way out. Silencing thoughts or at least watching them without attachment. Silence the doer but doing what’s necessary. Getting in touch with my Genius Zone, forgiving myself when I fail. Meditation when feeling lousy and much more.

The other ladies in the retreat taught me how obviously thoughts can change my vibration. I’m taking good care of that now, at least when realizing. That hint was overly precious to me.

Overall I’m more open when being with other people thanks to that and show my sunny side more, that feels so lovely and my friends love it too!

In regards to love, nothing relevant so far besides I feel the shifts in myself FINALLY.

When I came back home I switched off my Tinder as I ran on a low frequency. Anyway, had 3 guys in my rotation left.

Two of them are fuckboys/players but VERY handsome, sexy and smart.

But the 3rd one raised the bar and made those players loose. Even though I’m not interested in him romantically and lost sexual attraction on him too, he finally opened my eyes what a real man is supposed to do.

Consistent, caring, cooking, bringing me little things each time we met. Deep conversation, nice activities together and not afraid to share, even though he’s rebounding hard.

Now I was ready for seeing that. Some months ago I wouldn’t.

Rotation, rotation, rotation plus inner work is the best therapy. 😉

Now I know what I’m looking for. With those players I’ve been on the right track but they’ve been lacking and behaving lousy too.

I want both, the handsome and cool as well as the giving masculine.

Thinking back it’s a brand-new quality of man I’m attracting now. They’re much more masculine than ever. Of course I’m having trouble to adjust to that lol.

I’ll never be the super demure type who can be with an alpha alpha but there is still room to tone down my masculine, intimidating side when it comes to love.

Taking it step by step, forgiving myself when slipping but confess I can’t wait to get there…
Still struggling with softening boundaries while not falling into the doormat trap. Swinging to one way or another, trying to get to the sane middle. And still talk too much, aaarrgghh, hahahah.

Will go back on Tinder the next days and see what happens…

The classes I have that helped me in this situation are the How to be High Value and Easy to Lose class (of course), How to Get Out of The Friendzone, Leaning back workshop, and especially the codependent class. You should promote that it more, it’s tough but GOLD!

Reading my retreat notes as well as to the classes I bought and the freebies over and over.

It rattles me, turning around my whole world and view.

Also learned being emotionally available isn’t just not thinking about being emotionally unavailable anymore.

It’s hard work, unlearning 42 years of habits isn’t easy but I’ll make it, I swear :).
Checking on myself all the time. Where do I flake, withdraw, escape, shut down, play around, not telling my truth and all that shit?

I’m a work in progress like all of us and honor wherever I am in the journey as you always say.

Coming a long way before and after I found you, getting closer to my essence and best self each day.

At least I’ve had loads of time to study your teaching after coming back from the retreat and did that like crazy.

I’m convinced it’s been the right time to come over. Been drawn to this for a year, there’s always a reason behind such intuition.

Thank you so much for your work. Believe in you and your intention of making the world a better place with it.

I’ll definitely stick with you. Right now I can’t buy anything but plan to take a new course or sign up for the fan subscriptions when possible.

Or save for coming to another retreat?

It’s been sooo good, definitely will come to another one at a nice sunny beach.

And sorry for the long email ;P

Hugs and kiss,