Valentine’s Specials To Turn Yourself Into Goddesshood

“Do Kat’s classes for YOU on Valentine’s day instead of focusing on some guy. I think Four Components of Melting His Heart would be helpful for you too because if you understand how guys work and how much you HAVE to sit back and let them take the lead rather than pushing something, maybe you’ll stop stressing about them. Journey

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Exactly Why Your Insecurity Makes Him Run

How Your Insecurity Hurts Your Partner

Insecurity in a relationship or even just casual dating is one of the top relationship (and attraction) killers. When you are insecure in your relationship, not only do you suffer, but your partner suffers as well. Believe it or not, your partner or potential partner needs your security. A relationship will not flourish if one or both partners are insecure. 

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Why Men Pull Away And How To Keep Him Interested

why is he pulling away

There are many reasons why men pull away.  When you come to a better understanding of men as opposed to reacting out of fear and lack of knowledge, you begin to understand why men pull away and can avoid the behavior that will cause a man to pull away for good.   “Hi Katarina, Thank you again for emailing the

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Should I Text Him – Read This Before You Shoot Another Text!

should i text him

Should I text him or should I not?  Whoever thought that would be a one million dollar question in today’s dating and relating.  A lot of women are blatherers when it comes to texting.  They text long paragraphs with lots of abbreviations and repeatedly before he has a chance to respond. That takes away so much mystery out of your

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Is Your Past Sabotaging Your Relationship?

Is your past sabotaging your relationship?  The more important question here is are you even aware of how you holding onto your past or your wounds and hurts is sabotaging your relationship?  So many are oblivious to how they are allowing the past to direct their present. Take for example, the many women who feel or believe they can’t trust

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Overcome Jealousy in Relationships by Understanding the Emotion

To overcome jealousy in relationships, first we need to explore the emotion.  Jealousy in romantic relationships is a perceived threat that another can or will take away that which you perceive as yours. The fear that you will lose something that you have become very attached to feels very real.  Jealousy arises out of attachment.  Understand the difference in love

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