Self Sabotaging Through a False Sense of Entitlement in Relationships

None of us like to think we could have a sense of entitlement in relationships, but the sad truth is most or many do.  Entitlement you see is like an expectation.  While there is nothing wrong with expecting things like a good life, a good job, good love, the danger comes when you expect it to manifest from others and

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The Beauty of Leaning Back in a Relationship -Real Examples

Leaning back in a relationship, whether it’s brand new or a well established long term or marriage is about releasing control of the outcome.  Many try to make it more complicated than that, but it’s basically just that simple. Many in Katarina’s group that haven’t been through her helpful coaching groups can’t seem to grasp this.  They want specific information

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When To Walk Away From A Relationship

when to walk away from relationship

When to walk away from a relationship shouldn’t be such a mystery.  I never advise women to walk away from a relationship when I know they are not over their guys unless there is abuse involved.  It’s a useless piece of advice that never works.  Instead of “walking away” because you’re feeling pissed and coming back a bit later that

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Is He Stringing You Along? Or Do You Allow Yourself To Be Strung Along?

is he stringing you along

Is he stringing you along? Do you not feel like a priority in his life?  Are you constantly trying to think of ways to get his attention.  The fact is, a man can’t string you along unless you allow him to do so.  Your choice is simple.  Accept or reject his “less than” behavior. Hello from Turkey!  I’m on a

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Do His Words Keep You Addicted To Unrequited Love?

i can't get over my ex

If you aren’t careful and paying attention to a man’s actions, his words may have you addicted to unrequited love.  I can’t tell you how many times women will justify a man’s actions with the sentence, “but we had such an great connection.” Below is a story from one of my clients who found out after years that she was

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Stop Self Sabotaging Relationships and Do Your Inner Work

If you have had one relationship failure after the other, it may be time to consider the common denominator is you.  When you focus on yourself and do your inner work, you naturally stop self sabotaging relationships in your life.   “I have had a long history of seemingly perfect relationships with Alpha men and have never quite had a

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