Heal Your Wounded Feminine To Have The Relationship You Want

This is what many women who are still struggling in their masculine energy fail to comprehend.  It really doesn’t take masculine force to make a guy want to give you everything you want.  It’s the TOTAL opposite.  Heal your wounded feminine and your relationship will shift.   Last week I posted a status update on Facebook as follows:  “A guy

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How To Heal a Painful Relationship And Attract More Love

I work with my clients to heal a painful relationship and attract more love in their life.  I teach them that love grows often when they just surrender, let go of control and go with what is. “Okay Kat, I am becoming a believer for sure!  Ex found yet another reason to text again out of the blue.  I dare

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A Brand New Program: Four Components Of Melting His Heart

“Katarina, I have to say I came across your online articles and book in December 2013 and your philosophy was unique and eye-opening. It has completely changed the way I view men, dating, relationships, and myself. Your combo techniques of doing/resolving intensive inner work plus finding our feminine plus mirroring plus leaning back does wonders, and has created a shift

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Getting Your Ex Back by Softening Your Boundaries

traits of a high value woman

We will never get anything we want from a man with emasculation and masculine forcefulness. Each time you use masculine energy on a man, you will lose and be left broken-hearted because he has much more of it.  When you are hardened the last thing a man wants to do is to commit to you.  This is the basis of

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Replay Of “How To Overcome Anxiety And Triggers Without Pushing Him Away” Teleclass

It was a wonderful and packed 2-hour class today. If you like this teleclass, you might want to check the Valentine’s Day Special Four Week Teleclass that will explore this issue further and in more detail. And to remind you the new cycles of Journey Inward and Leaning Back workshop will commence on February 8 and 9 respectively. Also look

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How to be a Irresistible Woman and Melt A Man’s Heart

How to be a Irresistible Woman using my Counter-intuitive Ways   So…another goddess has been born. Another Woman has discovered how to be a irresistible woman. Gina signed up for both my previous cycles of Leaning Back workshop (we’ll start Cycle 3 February 9). She is now among my star students who just get it (read her Holiday Blues story

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The Gift To Yourself This Valentine’s Day: Invest In Yourself

“Guess who just got claimed!! We went on a date last night and he told me he wanted me to be his girlfriend, to be “his” only and no guy can get near me. He asked if I had been on dates since we started dating and I told him yes. He was really jealous asking if I got physical

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How My Method Differs To Rori Raye’s

My method in the end, as many women have attested, is so much easier and simpler.  Less is more.  Do less to get more.  Let him work for your love and affection and shower him with your gratitude, joy and feminine softness every waking day/every chance you get.  Focus on and encourage the positives and see them grow.  Curb your

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Why are Women Attracted to Emotionally Unavailable Men?

why are women attracted to emotionally unavailabel men

Why are Women Attracted to Emotionally Unavailable Men? Have you considered you are emotionally unavailable yourself.  Have you always been chasing unrequited love or turned off by available guys?  Do guys that show interest towards you seem clingy or needy?  Perhaps you need to ask yourself, am I emotionally unavailable. Signs you are emotionally unavailable yourself: falling for elusive men

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Yes, You Can Make Him Chase And Want You More After Sex

how many dates before sex

Women in my opinion get way to hung up on how many dates before sex.  They over think it and often use sex as a bargaining chip to get commitment. They have an agenda and men can fell that unappealing energy from miles away.    Chelsea is one of the most successful clients I have.  She’s displaying the seven traits

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