The Fine Line of Luring with Honey or Being a Doormat!

lure with honey or be a doormat

Katarina teaches us women about luring with honey in dating and relationships. Many however, take this concept a bit far and use it in situation where it’s not warranted.  The result is doormat behavior. Honey can be as as simple as just being warm and receptive and open (listen to the luring-with-honey class here). It can also at times be

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When He Sends Mixed Signals – Is He In or Out?

he sends mixed signals

Are you confused because you feel he sends mixed signals.  Many things feel like mixed signals when it comes to men.  Maybe he acts like a boyfriend when you are together but said he doesn’t want a relationship.  Perhaps he confessed how much he likes you, then disappeared for days or weeks.  Maybe he texts but rarely makes plans. So

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