43. Why You Are Friendzoned and How To Get Out The Friend Zone

Those of you who are confused why all of a sudden the guy you adore who was hotly pursuing you in the beginning is now treat you as if you were just a buddy? He doesn’t touch you anymore nor want to be intimate, even when you “throw yourself at him.”

He’s just stonewalling and cold or just plain ignoring you.

Find out the things you can do to reverse the situation to back where you once were.

Do you know that a man follows his feelings when it comes to romance? It’s not about logic or what he thinks you should do. Logically he should be hooked on you because you’re so hot and sexy and so passionate in bed but often those aren’t why a man wants you more.

And his feelings will be guided by how polarized you two are.

I’m known in the business as an intuitive when it comes to understanding where a man comes from and ways to inspire a man’s deepest devotion toward a woman.  This unique gift catapults me to the top of the niche with one engagement/week, AT LEAST!

In this class I’m dissecting two cases involving two ladies in the group on why they’re feeling they’re being friendzoned and coaching them live on what to do. If you feel the same way, join us and let me coach you live as well.

Brandi is too intellectual and Sally is to sexually forward (“predatorial”).  These two insights dumbfound them thinking those are what men want.

This class summarizes the FIVE things that you do that create a block to his romantic feelings and SIX exact steps to get out the friend zone and reverse it back to romantic zone.

“Hi Kat!

I’m writing you this e-mail to ask you to please, please advertise the friendzone class more!! I feel like this is so underrated, or rather that other classes always get selected – and those are amazing classes, of course! But I want to say that, FOR ME, this class was the best ever, because it helped me finally understand what was going on!

I listened to the 2 stories and I identified with both Sally and Brandy. You see, I’m tiny and I look way younger than I actually am, so I have this HUGE need to prove myself, as a human being but mostly as a woman. I have listened to other classes, read the book, read posts in the group, and I kept telling myself: well, I don’t nag, I’m not needy, not jealous, I give lots of space, do my own thing, get shit done all by myself. Then what’s missing?

And now I get it. By being desperate to prove my worth, I became super competitive WITH MEN. First I’ll show off my intellect, to let him know what a catch I am. Some guys would be turned off right away, a guy even told our mutual friend that he would’ve dated me if I hadn’t been such a nerd!

But most of them would compliment me on it, and then I’d move on to phase 2: proving I’m a sexual being, not a little girl. I got to this phase with only 3 guys, including my current bf. He was the one who told me several times, I intimidate him sexually, or I am too much and I thought damn we’re just not sexually compatible, even if he complimented me on my skills.

When you asked one of the ladies in the class why do they feel the need to always be strong and smart, I felt so relieved! I finally got it!! I was so frustrated, why doesn’t my bf share my feelings in the same way, if he always compliments my logic, my sexuality, my chill? Isn’t that what guys want??? And he never knew how to explain what was missing, it made him so confused too!!

Thank you , from the bottom of my heart for your work. So many love coaches out there feel to me like they are just trying to make money off women’s insecurities. For some it maybe works. It maybe makes you feel empowered, for a second. But with you, I feel like my HEART understands, not just my mind. And that does not last only a second!!!

So maybe it’s too late with my bf, though I know that with your teachings there is no such thing. But at least I understand, I feel peaceful now, I have my closure, if it comes to that.

Again, PLEASE advertise this class more!!!

Wishing you a great day.” ~Oana, Romania


“The insight I gained from this class that I lead with my intellect with men because I feel afraid they’ll reject me for it, but that depolarizes me from them, was PRICELESS! The other 5 steps to getting out of the friend zone will also be helpful in changing my dating life, but this one piece will make such a huge shift for me, not only with the guy I like who sees me only as a friend (right now) but also the other men I’m talking to and meeting.” ~Brandi, Ohio


“So this was such an amazing experience. Katarina Phang is professional, warm, to the point, and so easy to talk to. She was able to pinpoint my issues almost like magic. She described the mistakes I was making and explained what I was doing wrong, and more importantly how I could finally fix these ongoing problems I have been having with the man I’m most interested in.


She didn’t sugarcoat it but was so pleasant and like able to me! I’ve spent SO much money over the years on “therapists”…none of which can hold a candle to the results I got with Katarina!! I thank you so much for your insights and expertise. I know what I have to do and I feel confident for a change that I can actually do this. I know I can!!” ~Sally, New Jersey


Update from Sally almost 2 months later: 

“Katarina Phang, so the update I saw him yesterday at work and he couldn’t get enough of me. I’m leaning back doing my thing. He calls me into his office to tell me something “that cannot leave this room, between you and me only, promise”??

He goes on to tell me something very personal about something that happened between him and a business partner. I listened and didn’t speak, at his request. All while making his points he is touching me, on the knee, on the shoulder. I stayed feminine and I think helpful. Later, he calls me in again, “ I want to explain this in a different way. “ So he goes on to tell me same story!!??! I already heard it. He made some different points but I thought it weird that he summoned me back.

Super sweet again. Joking and fun. Then I had to IM him about something work related and he wrote back something that didn’t make sense, like a mistake or a joke. Still not sure so I ignored it.

I am not going to get my hopes up since I’ve been truly losing interest but I have to say this whole thing is encouraging. Kat’s guidance is magic and has made me so normal again.

No more clinging and crazy. No more seducing and desperate energy. Even if he keeps me in the friend zone at least I can say I am so much more high value and I am proud of myself!! ?” ~Sally, New Jersey

More Update 4 months later:

“Ladies it is so amazing to be able to post here how happy I am. I have been reading the posts here again these past couple of weeks and I continue to see the “old me” in so many of your posts! I am here to tell you that Katarina Phang is amazing. Please, please don’t fight her advice or be a non-believer because nothing has worked yet. She knows what she is doing. I claimed for years that I was truly following her advice, and that it couldn’t be ME, it had to be: his temperament, his mental issues, his anger, his weirdness, other women, his lies, his job, more women, etc etc.

When I finally, finally, got my shit together and followed Kat’s advice for REAL…the magic happened.

I can’t make this up. He is gentle. He is kind. He is funny. He seeks me. He wants me. He is a love. He shows me. All of these things, I could go on. I never thought he was capable of doing or giving ANY of these things. Because he didn’t.  

And it was me. It wasn’t him. It was my crazy. My expectations. My aggressive behavior. My lack of chill. He is so chill!! I could never let it be. And I could never recognize it. I was convinced it wasn’t me. Haha.


Honestly I was so done with struggling. To the point that I just said this is enough. Listened to my audios on repeat. I was just weary. Tired of it all. I let it be; and I felt a lot more at peace.

I have the book, the high value easy to lose, turn jealousy into opportunity to fall deeper in love with you, how to manage your emotional investment when he is stepping up; talking less (my fave!); doormats, you need to bitch up and of course the friendzone (my other fave!) classes.

The mirror that Kat puts in front of us, it is genius and she is a lifesaver. Please listen to her!!! ?Thank you, Katarina Phang.”

“I was there live, best class so far.??” ~ Kathy, Michigan


“Awesome class as usual, really help me to realize that I am a natural masculine woman, so changing it needs a lot of reminding and practicing. Thank you, Kat.” ~Jihane, Canada

You can purchase this powerful class for $107 (Mind you my hourly coaching is $499/hr today and it will keep going up!):