13. Why Talking Less Makes You An Enigma To Be Unwrapped That Makes Him Smitten

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Are you the Queen Of Feeling Messages? The Queen Of Talking Like There’s No Tomorrow? How has it been working for you? This class is designed just for you!  You need this class like yesterday (and you wouldn’t have seen him fading like a rainbow).

Talking less is one of the whys my method works like a charm. Much relationship advice centers around communication, how to express yourself so you get what you want, etc… And truth be told none of that advice ever works with men! If it had I wouldn’t have been here on my soapbox. Men see talking from a woman as a means of control, more often than not. The more masculine you are the less you are inclined to hear what people have to say about what you should do. So this class will address why using a female POV on a guy will only backfire. You gotta meet them at their level which means to communicate in a way they understand: not with words but distance and actions!

This class specifically addresses a term widely used in my method: downgrading. Many women are too scared to downgrade without having the talk first. I explain why it works so much better if you just keep your mouth shut.  Counterintuive?  You bet.

“Ladies, just listened to “Why Talking Less Makes You an Enigma To Be Unwrapped That Makes Him Smitten” for the second time. It’s pure gold! I am inspired to embrace the silence. In fact, I started listening while getting ready with my headphones in. My BF interrupted me to talk and I was already feeling the vibe of the class. He was all flirty like, “what are you smiling about?” and drew me into a big, tight hug! I just said “bye babe,” kissed him and headed out the door to work. Already working! <3″ ~Kenzie, Atlanta

“Ok, I’ve just finished listening to this class. Seriously – if you don’t already have it, you need to get it now. It is worth the money. I am not joking, it is an instant energy shift. The class will make you realise why things you have been doing haven’t been working and why you are feeling distance in relationships with guys. Amazing!!!! Thank you, Katarina Phang.

And I feel like I’m on IDGAF island after listening. Just hope I can stay there, this is much nicer than a balled up anxious mess!!

It took me ages to get it. I should’ve bought it 6 months ago, do not delay!! I’d rather eat Ramen for a week and get the class then continue wasting my energy!

I’ve been in this group for months now and always thought I could get by with the info on the blog and the support of the group (they are both great btw), but it doesn’t compare to the class. I honestly did not expect the mind shift to be so quick :).

Oh please please please get Kat’s class Talking Less! It will seriously save your sanity and likely your relationship!!” ~Lulu, Australia

“I just finished listening to this class last night.  Such a foreign concept as I can suffer from word vomit.  It makes a lot of sense though.  I’ve been playing with the idea this past week but now I have a much clearer understanding of the science behind it.  Way easier and less stressful than my old non-serving way.  Now I even understand why I was talking so much also. I’m learning. I’ll be listening to this a few more times too.  This stuff is literally changing my life in every way.  Thank you Katarina Phang.” ~Tiara, Melbourne

“Holy WOW. Just listened to the “Talk Less” goddess monthly and all I can say is WOW WOW WOW. So many things were on point and clicked. Highly recommend any of you ladies who aren’t monthly subscribers to purchase this one! Katarina Phang, you always amaze me, but this one was so spot on about the male psyche and us females not taking things personally. The best one yet!

“It will take men time to feel comfortable with you, enough where they are willing to let go of their safety cushion (other women/dating accts) to fall back on. But this isn’t about him not loving you, it’s his own issues and fear of losing his independence.” ~Leslie, Ontario

“I got the Talking Less class… and it only took about 20 minutes of listening to feel a HUGE amount of relief from my EUM anxiety and like, “okay, I can do this!” I’m going to listen again as I pack up my office (we’re moving) and take notes this time! Katarina just makes so much sense! (I also now know that there is a good chunk of common posters that clearly haven’t listened to her classes, at least this one!) LADIES! GET THE CLASSES!

I feel better that he still has his profile up after hearing the rationale behind it… (especially since we’re still *undefined* despite his “fishing”)…” ~Judy, Texas

An awesome call!  All these classes are worth every cent. And when I slip up I relisten.  This is probably your best class yet.” ~Lily, New Mexico

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