45. When He Pulls Away, Comes And Goes or Blows Hot and Cold, What To Do?

I’ve been overwhelmed by the response over this class and request to listen to it from the day it was conducted and a few days after. The mystery of flaky men is solved ONCE and FOR ALL and you will never have to question him/yourself anymore when this happens.

This is number one repeated theme in our support groups.

Sometimes the reason why he acts this way if because of your masculine, pushy and demanding behaviors and the inability to tolerate grey areas in the beginning of dating. Some other times it’s perhaps nothing to do with you. It’s just he’s so flaky.

So how do you know or do you know which is which?

This class dissects this common behavior of men to pieces along with the response, what to say or not to say in such situations or how to treat a man like this without spending an ounce of energy on him anymore ONCE and FOR ALL!  You will learn 7 reasons why men do flaky things, the understanding of which will calm you down when you face this kind of common behavior in men.

And you will also understand why rotation works on two seemingly contradictory levels that trigger a strong attraction toward you.  Find out what those two are (it’s a must so a guy can deeply bond to you).

“**When He Pulls Away, Comes And Goes or Blows Hot and Cold, What To Do?** HAS CHANGED MY LIFE!!!!!! OMG. I can’t even believe how much focus I have been putting on what “should be” and the amount of time being “wasted” with him pulling away. I completely have been missing out on the fun of courting and the fun of the ACTUAL date I got to have each time.

I was so powerless in this mental state. Now I’m so powerful and relaxed in my new mental state. Now it is ok for a man to pull away cause it’s just more exciting to see him again, it is ok to look at his Facebook cause I’m just excited instead of stalking, it’s ok that he is seeing others cause what matters is our time together, it’s ok to believe everything he says cause even if he doesn’t mean it two weeks from today he really means it right now.

OMG I am awakened!!

I will be dating lots of boys and enjoying every single date with every single one of them. MOMENT TO MOMENT!!!

I know it in my heart that a great relationship is in my future and the best part is I’m not even stressing about it cause the dating is so fun now!

Just had my first date post awakening and wow I WAS MYSELF!!! Instead of trying to make him like me I was observing if I liked him.


Thank you soooo much Katarina Phang!!!

EVERYONE MUST PURCHASE AND LISTEN TO THIS ONE!!! And to those who always say they can’t afford it, money is an excuse. You can find the money. you can put $50 away a month. In 2 months you can do one class. If you want love and what you’re doing isn’t working, do this for you. A husband would only equal more income and help for you.” ~Jesenia, New Jersey


“Katarina Phang, it was a great audio.? I wish this audio was available a few years ago, I definitely would have reacted differently after the guy I was interested in pulled back. I am in that place of let him be, as I build my rotation. This audio should be up there on your must have list next to or before the “How To Manage Your Emotional Investment” audio.” ~Carmella, North Carolina


“Ladies, this class was awesome! The importance of rotation finally clicked- I never completely understood all angles previously. And now I have a rotation 🙂

Katarina Phang, follow-up question: when a guy withdraws/pulls away, isn’t he worried that she will meet another guy during his absence? Or does whatever stress/anxiety is going on in his brain override that thought?” ~Katie, Amsterdam


You can purchase this powerful class for $107 (Mind you my hourly coaching is $499/hr today and it will keep going up!):