10. How To Turn Jealousy Into An Opportunity To Inspire Him To Fall Deeper In Love With You

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Everyday I read in the group how many of you are playing the worst case scenarios cause he’s really not where you are emotionally and you expect him to! You think you can demand this and express your displeasure left and right. You are bummed when he’s not responding and instead pulling away from your further. You’re disrupting the process of him getting boiled each time you are having a jealousy fit. This class -like all my previous classes- will get to the nitty gritty of the situation and solve it once and for all.

Even when you’re in relationship many of you often find yourself in the situation in which you feel entitled to control your partner so you can be spared from that jealousy rage.  That is certainly not dealing with the roots of the problem heads on, you are just treating the symptoms.  And the same problem will still rear its ugly head in different time and different places.

Remember, through this class you will learn that each time you feel jealousy rage is bubbling up inside of you, it is actually an opportunity to show him how different a woman you are and through that recognition, he’ll admire you and fall deeper in love with you.

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