46. How To Save Your Relationship/Marriage Alone Even If He Has Checked Out

Some relationships/marriages are worth salvaging, even when they look so hopeless. And I’m a believer that it takes one person to save a relationship and I have proven it with my track record of helping thousands of women amend their broken relationships/marriages by simply transforming themselves and shifting their energies in the process.

When one person changes in the relationship, the other has to change as well to adjust to the new position. When a partner isn’t being resisted, whatever poses as stumbling block will eventually dissolve.

Even when the divorce happens after all, the transformation that happens won’t be for nothing.

Why does relationship become hard over time? It’s because of accumulation and resistance.

What is accumulation? Accumulation of the piling of experiences that typically involve unresolved issues and hurt feelings.

How does accumulation happen? It happens because most people don’t die to the past. They either live in the past of the future, both of which don’t exist, thus are illusions.

Why don’t people die to the past? Because the ego lives in psychological time: which involves the past or the future. The movement in the mind space is resistance of the present moment. The mind isn’t really needed in the now so dropping the mind is really about to dwell and surrender in the glorious moment.

What is resistance? Resistance happens when there is a gap between “what is” and “what should be.” “What should be” is the play of the mind, it’s the resistance of the now. It’s what expectations are. And expectations are the mother of all heartaches.

The heartaches bring to accumulation because the ego will resist the now and dying to the past.

So between those two things: accumulation and resistance, marital issues are created and exacerbated over time.

Remember this: what you resist persists, what you embrace dissolves.

So when your partner/husband has checked out from the marriage, shift your energy by stop doing those two things. It’s hard but it’s doable as many of my clients have proven.

To tame the ego and its penchant to accumulate and resist is to understand and see how the mind works. My teachings center around this very fundamental transformational power.

Don’t miss this call, my classes will crack you open so your divine feminine can float to the surface.

I have never read other dating websites or followed other coaches so I have nothing to compare it to. I have spent a lot of time reading philosophy, theology and books about ego and other such topics. Kat’s teachings are more than just dating advice. 

What I see, is a universal truth being applied to dating and relationships. It has been rewritten in way that even those not on a some deep spiritual quest can follow and it’s practical advice.

It’s brilliant.

It works because it’s basically being taught how to tap into the matrix of your relationship. It requires complete letting go to work and that is difficult for a lot of people. I have witnessed people on spiritual quests in other areas of my personal life and resistance brings up all kind of negative emotions, like anger and anxiety. That’s the ego.

The ego is fear and it doesn’t want to let go. The closer one gets to having a break thru, the louder the ego gets. That’s the moment when you just have to give in and free fall. That’s the moment when you will “just get it.”

In Timothy Leary’s version of “The Tibetan Book of the Dead,” when feeling anxiety creep up, he suggests imagining yourself floating on a river. Give into the water and flow with it until the anxiety goes away. Water is feminine. That concept has helped me a lot in dealing with anxiety of my past. I could go on about this topic for a long time. I love philosophy.

And a quick update… My marriage is still better than ever and I’m blown away daily. I practice leaning back in my marriage. I don’t text, I don’t call, I don’t plan, I talk less and I focus on me. I receive with grace and I let him lead. The more leaning back, honey and non-attachment I practice, the happier we both get. People can say what they want. This stuff works .

Thank you, Kat.? You were the missing link for me :)” ~Miranda, Philadephia

“He bought me this brand new trailer 2 weeks a go. He said and keep saying that he wants to go everywhere and spent his life with me only, until we die. Then he asked me to put on my wedding ring again. I just smile… What d’ya think Katarina Phang and ladies, should I put my wedding ring again? Or wait until our 25th anniversary in May?? *wink wink nudge nudge* 😉 ” ~Rani, British Columbia

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